Hey guys! So I'm posting my first killjoy story and I'm so excited. Okay, so it's mostly in Mikey's point of view, sometimes it will go to Gerard's, but not very often. So a lot of my twitter friends have killjoys in this story. And this story has no pairing inside the band like Ferard or something like that...those stories scare the living shit out of me. So anyways, here's my story...


I'm who I got to be


The blazing sun beat down on Ghoul and I. We are patrolling the area, making sure there is no sign of any Dracs. I turn to the left and see nothing but desert. The sun washed sand stretching as far as the eye can see. The right looks basically the same, other than the car being parked and some music blasting out of it. Ghoul having my back, on the other side didn't like the idea of having us being split apart. Poison thought that it would be great...but only Ghoul disagreed. But Ghoul has to live with Poison's decision...we all have to.

"Got anything Kobra?" Ghoul shouts from the other side of the cast landscape.

"N-wait! I think I see something," I yell. My gun rising to hit the movement. Carefully I step one of my feet forward and see the outline of a person. It looks like their staggering. The closer they got, I could see that it isn't a Drac, but a girl.

Still being careful, I lower my gun and approach the girl. Ghoul's screaming doesn't stop me from reaching the girl, as she crashes to the sand. I kneel down and flip her so her face is facing up, my face starts to feel wet, and I know it's from the heat. But my heart starts to go a thousand miles per hour. In the lighting, I can tell she's been wounded, I look out and see river of blood, ending where the unconscious girl sits. Looking down at her, I see her midnight hair tied back in a braid, her face covered in grime and dirt, and in her hand lays a white Better Living gun.

"Kobra! What the hell do you think you're-oh shit! We need to get her to Dr. D!" Ghoul says to me as he tries to pick the girl up.

"Don't touch her!" A female voice shouts, I look up from the girl to see another girl with bright red curly hair, holding a pink gun at Ghoul. Three other girls and a boy are with the redhead.

"We're getting her some help! Looks like you don't know how to spot others like you," Ghoul snaps and picks up the girl.

"Look, give us Sunshine. She ran off from us and we were going to take her to a safe house," the male says.

"Come with us and we can fix her up, then all of you can leave to wherever you were headed," I mumble. The group shrugs and follows Ghoul and I. I drove all of us to the diner, where everyone is. Once the car is parked, I pick up the girl and carry her in. Ignoring all the comment, I take her to Dr. D.

"Dr. D, I-I mean this girl needs help," I say to him.

"Looks like she was shot in the leg, not bad other than she's losing blood fast. I'll see what I can do. Was she alone?"

"No, she had a group with her," I look at the girl and see something special about her...but I just can't put my finger on what it is.

"I'll try and fix her quick," Dr. Death says and motions for me to leave. When I enter the diner, I take a seat next to Poison, who looks at me curiously.

"Why did you find her?" My older brother asks. His red hair surrounding his face like a curtain, hazel eyes full of questions, that I can't help but answer.

"She isn't a Drac, so I wanted to help her. When I saw her faint, is when I panicked, I didn't know what to do...but I knew that I had to do something," I answer honestly. It kept going on this way until Dr. Death rolls himself in.

"She wants to talk to whoever saved her, I'm guessing that's you Kobra," Dr. D says to me. I nod and slip out of the booth. My boots on the tiled floor is the only sound that echos through the room. When I enter the room, I see the girl sitting on a chair, with her head in her hands.

"You wanted to see me?" I ask the girl. She looks up and I see her warm brown eyes that just make me want to stare at them all day long.

"You're the person who saved me?" I nod and she waves her hand over. I walk over to her, when I'm close to her chair, she lifts herself up and wraps her arms around me. I stiffen at her touch, but soften into it and wrap my arms around her waist. "Thanks."

"Don't mention it," I smile and pull her off. She sits down and tilts her head to the side.

"I've seen you somewhere...in Battery City. I used to live there before...things happened," she shudders at the thought she just had.

"Probably. I'm Kobra Kid by the way," I extend a hand.

"Black Sunshine," She smiles and accepts my hand. We shake and I tell her that the rest of her group is waiting.

"I want to go out there," Sunshine says.

"But you can barely walk," I respond and chuckle. "I don't think you'll be able to make your way out."

"Then carry me," Sunshine says and stands up. I sigh and pick her up. When everyone sees the two of us they give me questioning looks.

"I think Kobra found himself a girlfriend," Ghoul teases, I roll my eyes and set her down in an empty chair.

"Shut up Ghoul, I think it's good for Kobra to have a friend outside of us," Jet says. "A girlfriend, I mean."

"Will you two just shut up!" I yell at the two of them. They instantly become quiet and I laugh at them this time.

We end up talking about random things, until the sun falls. I look around the group and say, "Maybe we should stick together. Both of our groups seem to get along."

I get a few nods and yes's, and we officially become a bigger group. But the only problem that lies ahead is BL/ind. All we need to do is defeat them...if only it were that easy.

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