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Chapter Ten

Leave The Train Where The Fallout Lies


Behind Safehouse #6

My eyes widen as I see the two lay on the ground, motionless. The gun in my hand almost slips out, but then I remember, that it's not them. They're not real, the real Poison and Ghoul are on their way right now. I narrow my eyes at Bob and the Dracs.

"I know that's not them. Poison talked with me just a few minutes ago," I smirk and tighten my grip on the gun. My finger on the trigger, ready to shoot him at any moment. Bob folds his arms and smirks.

"Smart boy. But we have someone else who might make you reconsider."

A third Drac, comes while forcing someone to come out. The other person is struggling, I try to see who it is, but they're still in the shadows. When they won't cooperate, the Drac grabs one their arms and throws them down on the ground. The person yells and grabs that same arm. My eyes widen as I see the person.

"Sun," My breath gets caught in my throat, then I force myself to look away from her. My eyes narrow at Bob again. "Let her go."

"Bob grins evilly, "I don't think so, she could be a very powerful addition to our Dracs." Sunshine struggles under the Drac holding her down and glares at Bob.

"Let her go," I say through my teeth. Sunshine looks at me and I see tears forming in her eyes. Bob walks over to Sunshine and grabs her chin and makes her look at him. She keeps turning her head away, but he tightens his grip on her chin.

"She's got pretty eyes. Shame to know, that we won't be seeing those, ever again."

"Get your grimy hands off of me," Sunshine snaps and Bob smirks. He moves closer.

"I can see why Mikey likes you. You're just like him," Bob leans in closer and I almost shoot Bob right there.

"Get away from her now!" I yell with venom in my voice and a Drac holds me back. Bob chuckles and lets Sunshine go.

"Mikey, I'll make you a deal. I'll let this girl go, if you come back to Battery City with me," Bob says simply. I look at Sunshine, then back at Bob.

"What if I say no?"

"The this girl of yours is exterminated. Then brainwashed and programed to kill you and and only you," Sunshine's eye widen and she looks at me.

If I go with Bob, then I could be killed or made into a Drac. Or I could be like Jet and just be sent to get Poison, Jet, and Ghoul back. Then they could try and get the real me back. But if I don't, then Sunshine goes with them. And if Sunshine goes with them, those bad things will happen to her. And even if we do get the real her back, she probably won't remember any of us, or of being a killjoy at all. And I don't want to fight Sun, I can't fight her. I'd just let her kill me. But I can't watch her die either. I think my only option is to go with Bob.

I nod and close my eyes, "I'll go, just don't take Sun. Please..."

Bob chuckles, "Say so long and goodnight Mikey. Because you'll never see her again."

My eyes snap open and my heart drops. So there is no chance of me ever going back, I won't be able to see Poison or Jet or Ghoul or Sun ever again. I look down at Sunshine, she has tears running down her face and she's looking up at me. The Drac holding me lets me go and I slowly walk to Sunshine. I carefully wrap my arms around her.

She wraps her good arm around my neck and kisses me. She whispers on my lips, "Don't go Mikey, please don't leave me."

I kiss her lips softly," It's the only way Sun. I'm sorry." I kiss her again. "I love you, I hope to see you again."There's a big chance that I won't see her, but a guy can only hope.

Sunshine cries again and looks into my eyes. For the last time, I look into her beautiful warm brown eyes. I wipe some tears away and kiss her.

"I love you. Come back to me, please," Sunshine whispers and I hold her tightly.

Bob clears his throat and says, "Times up, Mikey."

I kiss Sunshine once more, before standing up and going over to Bob. He smirks and two Draculoids hold me down on my knees. I don't struggle against them, as Bob takes out a syringe and jabs it into my neck. I yell and they tighten their grip on me. He presses down on it and I start to loose control of myself. My body goes completely numb and my eyes start to shut as I fall unconscious.

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