Graduation Day

Ezra's POV-

The bright June sun shone across Ezra's usually dim apartment, waking him when it shone the back of his eyelids like a wild fire. He rubbed them as he slowly sits up and then he remembered: Graduation day for the class of 2012's seniors. In other words, his girlfriend of two years is now officially and legally his!

He flipped open his ancient phone that he kept on delaying to replace and quickly checked his texts. He smiled when one suddenly popped up. It was from Aria.

Hey! Happy Graduation Day! We don't have to be to the school until one. Want to hang at your place until then?

Ezra's grin widened even wider. He couldn't seem to be able to type back fast enough.

Same to you! Of course we can hang out! Come over in 45 minutes okay?

Sure! Love ya! See you then!

Ezra sighed happily as he plopped back on the bed.

Aria's POV-

Aria clutched her phone to her chest and bit her bottom lip. Ezra was a goofball in every way possible, but he was her goofball, every goofy part of him.

Two years ago, almost three actually (September 1st was their third year anniversary) , their lives had been thrown into constant nervousness when they were trying to see one another by hiding, sneaking around, and trying to keep their emotions in check in the classroom. Even though they knew the risks were really high if they ever got caught and Ezra had tried to stop the relationship from the beginning, they found a way to look past all the terrible things and just were together, from sneaking of to Philadelphia to holing up in Ezra's apartment, eating taking takeout and watching old movies.

Today was the day that was going to set both of them free and the day that they had been counting down since the day they found out they were in love.

This is the day that would make Ezra and Aria officially a couple. Yes, today was one that they are always going to remember.