Brotherly Love

Chapter One

Jacob Black was looking for his sister, Rachel. She was outside on the swing with her fingers wrapped around the swing bars. "Rachel!" She turned her head and saw her brother walking outside. She bit onto her soft, pink bottom lip and stood up.

"Yes bro?" He walked to her and hugged her close. He hated seeing her out of his sight for more than five minutes after what happened to their mother. "You could have told me you were coming out here."

"I know..I didn't want to bother you..I'm sorry." Rachel returned the hug and sighed. Her brother was much taller than her, also two years older. Their older sister, Rebecca was in town visiting but hadn't stopped by yet.

"Dad called and said Rebecca's car broke down so him and a friend is picking her up."

"Okay.." Jacob stepped back from Rachel and kissed her on the cheek. "Want to help me make dinner?" She smiled and walked into the house and to the kitchen. "What should we make?"

"Hmm...make our own pizza?" He smiled as Rachel smiled and started helping her pull out things that they would need. "Sounds yummy." They did everything how they knew, adding the sauce and extra cheese with pepperoni.

After a while, the pizza was done and they were sitting down to eat. "So what interesting stuff has happened?"

"Nothing much bro." Rachel said between bites.

(Sam pov)

"Billy, Jacob is going to phase soon and when he does he'll imprint. We need to make sure he tells us who his imprint is so we can protect her from any vampires that come into town." Sam spoke as he drove to pick up Rebecca. "I know Sam, I know.."

I'll be writing a Carlisle/Bella fanfic soon but my friend asked me to write a Jacob/Rachel and a Seth/Leah later on, so let me know what you think!