Brotherly Love


(Jake Pov)

I woke up with Rachel still asleep next to me, I pulled her closer and kisses her neck and shoulder breathing her in.

I would do anything for her, I loved her that much. I knew most would say this was wrong, that it was sick. I wouldn't blame them.

I know I should have fought against what we were doing but I couldn't and honestly I didn't want to.

Her back was now against my chest and I pulled her ass against the front of me. My inner wolf was whining and growling. I kissed the back of her neck and shoulder while deeply taking her scent in.

I heard a low growl in my mind and licked her skin lightly getting the taste of her. I felt myself starting to harden and I pressed more against her ass to ease the pressure.

She was still asleep and pressed back against me but I pulled away. My breathing had picked up and I was fucking hard.

I went to the bathroom and pushed the door halfway and stripped down to nothing and turned the shower on.

I got in standing under cool water and took deep breaths. I grabbed my dick and started pumping it hard. I wanted to wake Rachel up and pound into her but she needed the rest and this would have to do.

After a little while I stopped. I still hadn't cum, fuck.

I growled low and tried again and shut my eyes tight.

(Rachel Pov)

I woke up slowly seeing the bathroom door halfway shut and saw the light peaking out from under and on the side of the door.

I got up and walked close to it hearing the shower running and also hearing light grunts. I pushed the door open more and peaked my head in. The shower curtain was practically see through, so I could perfectly see Jacob jacking off.

By his grunts he was either having trouble or enjoying himself.

I took off all my clothes and stepped in the shower quietly. He looked tense and I heard him growl a bit.

I came up touching his shoulders gently and said, "Want me to help with that?" He groaned when he heard me and turned around kissing me hard and pressing me against the shower wall.

I looked at him and saw his eyes were glassed over. He didn't look like he was Jacob, he looked different. His eyes almost had no white in them at all and he was breathing deeply.

I touched his cheek and one of his hands grabbed my wrists as he lifted me up against the wall. I felt his other hand holding my right leg around him and felt the head of his cock against my entrance.

"Jacob.." He pushed into me and I leaned my head back against the wall and moaned.

Me and Jacob had been sleeping together since the first time. We barely went without touching each other, not that I minded. I loved this and I loved him.

(Jacob Pov)

I felt her legs wrap around me and I held her wrists in each of my hands against the wall. I pushed deeper into her then pulled out and shoved back in. She moaned and I groaned loud.

I needed more of her, faster and harder.

I shoved roughly into her cunt and groaned. I felt myself harden more inside of her and felt her clenching me tightly. I heard her breathing deep and I started fucking her harder.

More...faster...harder...rough...mark her again...

My thoughts were fast but clear. I growled low fucking her faster and felt her legs tighten around me. I kissed her then her neck and up to behind her ear. "Cum..fuck please cum." I panted and felt her tighten around me again.

She moaned loud and I growled shoving into her heat deeper. "Yes...that's it Rach...cum for love getting fucked deep don't you?" Her moan was my answer as I pounded deeper into her.

"You love getting it rough from me don't you?" Another shove deep into her had her clenching around me tighter. "Don't you sister?" I gripped her wrists tightly and growled feeling her juices come out around my dick.

I slammed harder into her hearing her whimper and I bit the spot behind her ear. She yelped and I tasted a little of her blood as I pushed as deep as I could into her while cumming.

I pulled away from the spot and panted. She breathed hard and I blinked my eyes while looking at her. "Wow...Jake."

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