B's pov

When Paul and I made it back, I noticed that a couple more people had come, and the music was again.

I tried to look for Jacob, but I couldn't find him, so I just hung out with Paul. He didn't mind, and I did really want to know more about him. As much as i didn't know why that might be, but i just decided that what the heck it's a party, and Paul wouldn't mind someone following him around anyway.

Paul had my dancing most of the night, and i couldn't help but notice all the envious glaring girls dancing around us, I was even shocked that some of them had tried to trip me, but that only made Paul dances close, keeping me on my feets.

"You're a pretty clumsiy dancer aren't you.?" He snickered.

I rolled my eyes at him in annoyance. "It's not like i dance often any way, this is for the first time in like years." I said, and smiled a little at his shocked expression.

"You don't know what you're missing, sometimes i feel like dancing is the only thing keeping me from killing half the people here." Paul said with a glance all around us. I was wondering what he meant by that, no one was trying to trip him.

Suddenly i felt a hand on my shoulder, and i jumped in surprise, and turned to see Jacob with an annoyed look.

"Hey, don't you think Charlie is going to be a little worried, it's like 12 in the morning, i thought you had school or something..?" Jacob asked narrowing his eyes a little at Paul.

Paul glared at him for this, wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

"In case you didn't already know Bella is staying the night with Emily, and going home in the morning, no school for her tomorrow." Paul said with a smug smile.

I was shocked by this news as i looked to him.

"When did I decide this?" I wondered with a raised brow.

Paul gave me an innocent smile.

"What can i say babe you make this party rock, theres no way I'm letting you leave just when they party gets started, it's only 9:50 any way." Paul said flipping his cell phone out, and looking at the time.

I glared at Jacob in annoyance.

"Why did you tell me it was 12?" I said with narrowed eyes.

Jacob laughed sheepishly, and began to dance like a retard.

I sighed, and rolled my eyes as i turned my back on him to look at Paul. "You have my premission to kick his ass." I teased.

Paul smirked, and cracked his knuckles as he faced Jacob.

"That's what i was waiting for, you better what yourself Black, cause now i will be kicking you're butt after this party." Paul said with a intimadating smile.

I rolled my eyes, and gently pulled Paul away from Jacob, and back over to the bon fire seats. Everyone appeared to be making out, or 'having fun' around it, which made me a little uncomfortable at first, but Paul made it all better.

He brought over a can of Bud Light with a smirk, and flopped down on the seat, pulling me into his lap to sit. I relaxed into him shyly, not minding to be this close to him, and contently i sipped on the beer.

Then we just talked, there was no kissing, or making out between us, as much as i had actually wanted there to be, but i felt that we had an even stronger connection to him then any of these couples felt for each other.

It had been a great night, one of the best nights of my life I think, but like all great things it soon came to an end, and Paul was walking me back to Emily's.

As he stopped on Emily's porch his arm hesitantly came around me, while the other cupped my face gently. I was now breathing quickly, my cheeks warming in eagerness, and i let myself relax against him.

Finally he closed his eyes, and leaned forward, stopping just inches from my face, and I couldn't help but press my lips to his. Our lips came together perfectly, filling my with a rush of heat, and sparks bouncing around everyone part of my body.

It was perfect, it just felt right, even as he slowly pulled away from my mouth, it had me begging for more, and i knew he could see that in my eyes as we stared into each others eyes.

Quickly his lips were back on mine, giving me another tender kiss that was a bit longer then the first one, before he pulled away, just holding me by the hand.

"I'll see you tomorrow babe." He said with a slight smirk, but i saw the joy, and victory dancing in his eyes as he took a step down the porch stairs.

I beamed, and squeezed his hand a little, not as bothered by his nickname at the moment, i was still in a daze from our kiss.

"Alright, see you." I said my face warming at his intense gaze.

He snickered, and nodded, before gently taking his hand away, and jogging back into the distance of the woods.

I held my heart as i watched him go. What a sweet sorrow to part ways now.. Sweet because he will be back with me tomorrow, and Sorrow because now he was not with me for the whole night.

It felt like i was flying as i walked into Emily's house.

I think I just might be in love...