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"Sam?" Sam's grandma, Elma, said coming in.

Sam looked up from her book and smiled, "Hi grandma," Sam said and put her book down, "What's up?"

"Oh," Elma said rolling up to Sam, "Just wanted to know how your friend Danny is?"

Sam gave her grandma a confused look, "He's fine, why?" Sam asked.

Elma sighed, "Sam there's something I've been meaning to tell you," Elma said.

"What?" Sam asked.

"Well first things first," Elma said, "I know your little friend is Danny Phantom."

Sam gasped, "What!" Sam said shocked.

"Sam listen to me," Elma said, "I know Danny's Phantom because of who he is."

Sam blinked, "What?" Sam asked confused.

"Do you remember Pariah Darka?" Elma asked.

Sam nodded, "Well, Pariah wasn't always a ghost," Elma said, "He was a Halfa like your friend. He created the Ghost Zone so the ghosts could have somewhere to live and they made him king."

Sam's mouth was open the entire time, "Since Pariah was human he meet a human girl and married her," Elma said.

"Okay?" Sam said, "Why are you telling me this? And how do you know all this?"

"Because the girl Pariah married was my mother," Elma said.

Sam fell off her bed, "Grandma say what!" Sam yelled.

"You're the great-granddaughter of Pariah Darka," Elma said.

Sam held her head, "But that would make me…" Sam trailed off.

"A Halfa," Elma said.

"But I'm not!" Sam yelled.

Elma went over to Sam her hand glowing green and touched Sam's forehead. Sam began to glow green then a purple ring formed around her waist and Sam gasped as the ring washed over her. Elma rolled back and Sam ran to her bedroom mirror and gasped. She now had green hair with red highlights and orange eyes. She now wore a black and orange dress that came to her ankles and red boots, like Danny's. Sam turned to her grandma, "Why are you telling me this?" Sam asked.

"Because of what Danny is," Elma said.

"Wait," Sam said turning human, "Pariah was a full ghost how's that possible?"

"My mother was murdered," Elma said, "Causing Pariah to go on a killing rampage. I was 10 at the time and managed to get to Earth and hide, but Pariah was put in the sarcophagus, causing his human half to die."

"W-Will the same thing happened to Danny?" Sam asked.

"No," Elma said, "It was the sarcophagus that killed his human half as long as Danny stays on his path he will die just like we will."

"I'm still confused at why you're telling me this," Sam said.

"You are the protector of Danny," Elma said.

"Protector?" Sam said.

"Danny is the new king of the Ghost Zone, which is why he was able to defeat Pariah," Elma said.

Sam gasped, "What?" Sam said.

"Listen to me Sam," Elma said, "Keep who he is away from him unless the Ghost Zone or Earth is about to die off."

Sam looked down then at her grandma and nodded, "What can I do?" Sam asked.

Elma smiled, "You have control over fire, just as Pariah did," Elma said, "You also have the power to sense when a powerful ghost is after Danny."

Sam nodded, "Do mom and dad know about this?" Sam asked.

"Your father does, but he chose to leave your mother out of it," Elma said.

Sam looked at her hands and saw Danny's symbol glowing in red. Sam gasped and Elma smiled, "You never did know where you got the idea for Danny's symbol did you?" Elma asked.

"I-I thought it was a P inside of a D?" Sam said.

Elma shook her head, "It may look like that, but it's the symbol of the Ghost King," Elma said.

Sam closed her eyes and took a shaky breathe, "This is so much," Sam said.

Elma smiled warmly, "Don't worry Sam," Elma said, "It comes natural. It's also one reason why you're so protective of Danny."

"One?" Sam asked.

Elma laughed, "You can't hide your feelings from your grandma," Elma said and rolled towards the door, "And remember Sam, protect him without letting him know."

Sam nodded and sat on her bed as her grandma closed the door. Suddenly, there was a knock on her window. Sam jumped a little, but made herself relax, "Come in Danny," Sam said.

Danny phased into Sam's room and Sam gasped, "Danny!" Sam said, "What happened!"

Danny groaned, "New ghost," Danny said, "Didn't get his name, but very powerful."

Sam pulled her first aid kit out and motioned for him to come over. Danny sat down and Sam started tending to his wounds, "You never told me where you learned how to do this," Danny said as Sam cleaned his wounds.

'It comes natural' Elma's voice rang in Sam's head, "I, um, my grandma taught me when I was little," Sam said.

"Oh," Danny said.

Sam finished and Danny got up, "Thanks Sam," Danny said transforming, "Sorry, but I'm already cutting it close to curfew; got to go."

Danny phased out the window and Sam looked at her hands again as they glowed red again. Sam gulped and looked at her window where Danny flew out. Sam put her hands in her lap then looked at them again, "I can't believe this is happening," Sam said as she put away the first aid kit.

Sam turned out her light and went to sleep half hoping she'd wake up and this would all be a dream, but she knew deep down that that wouldn't happen.

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