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"Finally, all the king's family and friends are here," Red Darkness AKA Mike Fenton said looking in the cell where Maddie, Jack, Pamela, Jeremy, Elma, Kim, Carl (Star's Parents), Helen, Nick, Tabitha (Tucker's Parents), and Danielle were held.

"Let us go!" Dani yelled.

Mike laughed, "Shut up little clone," Mike said.

Dani growled, "Don't call me that!" Dani yelled tears falling.

Maddie didn't know why, but she went over and comforted the little ghost girl (She was in Phantom form), "It's okay," Maddie said.

"I'm nothing but a clone," Dani cried turning human.

Maddie gasped along with everyone else in the cell, "Your only half ghost?" Jack asked.

Dani stopped crying and looked at herself, "Oops," Dani said.

Mike laughed, "Stupid parents," Mike said to Maddie and Jack, "You can't even see that she's a clone of-"

"No!" Dani yelled, "Be quiet!"

Maddie and Jack blinked, "Who are you a clone of?" Maddie asked the eight year old in her arms.

Dani looked down, "She's a clone of your son," Mike said.

Dani gasped, "No!" Dani said.

Everyone gasped, "Danny?" Maddie said, "You're Danny's clone?"

Dani cried again, but nodded, "Danny's half ghost?" Jack asked, "That would explain…a lot."

"He's Danny Phantom," Elma and Helen said.

Everyone gasped, "And Tucker, Sam, Jazz, and Star, for the last little bit, have been helping him fight ghosts and protecting his secret," Elma said.

"I'll leave you alone and wait for the king's arrival," Mike said.

After Mike left everyone turned to Elma and Helen, "How do you know all this?" Carl asked his mother-in-law.

"We are the daughters of the creator of the Ghost Zone, Pariah Darka," Helen said.

Carl and Pamela looked at their spouses, "Why didn't you tell us?" they asked in unison.

"For your protection," Jeremy and Kim said in unison.

"Who's this king that ghost keeps talking about?" Tabitha asked.

"The King of the Ghost Zone," Elma said, "When our mother, Crystal, was killed Pariah went on a killing rampage. He was put in a sarcophagus where his human half died."

"We managed to escape to Earth where we lived our lives," Helen continued, "Star has Crystal's brain, which is why she does so well in school."

Carl nodded, "What about Sam?" Pamela asked.

"She's a Halfa like Danny and also the Protector of him, which is why you could never pull them apart," Elma said.

Pamela looked guilty, "If Danny were to be captured or controlled the whole Ghost Zone would freeze," Helen said, "And because the Ghost Zone is connected to Earth all, but those Sam protects or have Danny would freeze in time."

"That's why when Freakshow came and took control of Danny I let Sam go," Elma said, "Because it was only a matter of time before the Earth froze."

Maddie looked down at the Dani in her arms, "What's your name?" Maddie asked.

"Danielle," Dani said, "But I prefer Dani."

Suddenly, everyone heard a crash and five screams, "Sam!"





Suddenly, Star, Sam, in her ghost form, Tucker, Jazz, and Danny, in his ghost form, fell down the stairs and Pariah phased through the wall. Everyone rubbed their heads, "Ow," Tucker said.

"Kids!" everyone in the cell, minus Dani, yelled.

The teens turned, "Mom, dad!" they yelled.

"Dani?" Danny said, "Are you okay?"

"Just get me out of here so I can rip that ghosts head off for calling me a clone!" Dani yelled.

"No, Dani," Jazz said, "Red Darkness's real name is Mike Fenton.

Everyone gasped, "What?" Maddie said in shock.

"That's new," Jack said.

"He doesn't know that we're his family," Jazz said, "He thinks we're dead, like Pariah did."

Suddenly, Mike phased into the room, "Well, at least you got to see them one more time before I destroy you," Mike said.

"Mike no!" Danny and Jazz yelled.

Mike went wide eyed, "How do you know my name?"

"We're Danny and Jazz Fenton, Mike," Jazz said, "Your son was our grandfather."

Mike went wide eyed, "You're lying," Mike said.

"We're not," Danny said turning human, "Look at me, Dani, Jazz, and my dad. You have to see some kind of resemblance."

Mike looked at Danny then at Jack then Jazz then Dani, "You-you all have Tim's eyes," Mike said.

Jazz nodded, "Grandpa Tim died of cancer, but before he died he told us that he was proud of us, mostly Danny," Jazz said, "That was about a month ago. We didn't understand what that was about, but now we do. He knew about Danny being Danny Phantom and that we were helping him, even mom and dad with their inventing, even if they didn't know about it."

Mike floated down and Sam turned human, showing him that she meant no harm either and Star threw her hair bow in the far corner. Mike looked at Pariah, "I-I'm sorry," he said.

Pariah smiled, "It's alright," Pariah said, "We both went crazy when our families went missing, me more than you."

Mike laughed and released everyone in the cell. Each family joined in a group hug repeating over and over again how proud they were of their kids. When everyone broke out of their hugs Mike and Pariah were gone. Danny turned to Dani, "Are you okay?"

Dani nodded, "Still mad at Mike for calling me a clone, but I'll get over it."

Danny smiled and hugged her tight. Danny held Dani in his arms, "Who's ready to go home?" Danny asked.

"Been ready," Sam said beside Danny.

Danny smiled at his girlfriend, "Dani we're going to need your help," Danny said.

Dani nodded and transformed along with Danny and Sam. Dani grabbed Tucker, Jazz, Star; Danny grabbed his and Tucker's parents; and Sam grabbed hers and Star's parents while Elma and Helen floated on their scooters. They flew through the Fenton portal and set everyone down gently and turned human, "Um, so everyone's okay with knowing my secret right?" Danny asked.

Everyone nodded, "We're sorry for hunting you sweetie," Maddie said.

Danny smiled, "It's okay," Danny said and picked Dani up, who snuggled into his chest, "And meet your first grandkid."

Maddie and Jack smiled, "That's my boy," Jack said.

Everyone laughed, "How about I fix us all a big dinner?" Maddie asked going upstairs.

"Wait a minute Maddie," Pamela called, "I'm helping!"

"I may want to go in there or the whole kitchen will be a war zone," Tabitha said and ran upstairs.

"You can't handle those two by yourself!" Kim cried, "Wait for me!"

"Well, this should be interesting," Sam said.

"Yeah, and if we know my dad, the food will be gone like fudge on Christmas," Danny said.

"FUDGE! WHERE!" Jack yelled and ran upstairs.

Everyone laughed and walked upstairs.

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