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Olivia Benson and her ex-boyfriend-turned-boyfriend-again, Andy Eckerson, have been dating about a year and three months now.

The dated before a couple years ago, but that lasted for about six months. Then Andy showed up at her precinct for the Baxter case. He wanted to get back together with her after the case had been close, but she thought it would be too complicated.

Fast forward a year after that case and they started dating again and they've been living together for two months.

It was 10 pm on a Thursday night. Olivia walked into the house she shared with Andy. She walked into their master bedroom and didn't see him.

"Babe?" she called out.

She then went into kitchen and did see him there either. He was supposed to be home two hours go. This was a normal occurrence, lately. He was working late.

She decided to watch TV until he showed up.

One hour later…

Andy was still not home so Olivia took out her phone and dialed his number.

"Eckerson?" he answered.

"It's me."

"Oh hey babe, what's up?"

"Where are you? You were supposed to be home three hours ago."

"I'll be home soon. I just had to finish a couple of things."

She sighed and rolled her eyes. She was really getting sick of that excuse. "Fine, I'm going to bed so the door will be locked. Use your key whenever you decided to come home."

He could hear the sarcasm in her voice. "Can we not get into this right now?"

"We're not. I'm going to bed," she said then hung up the phone.

Andy walked into the house an hour later. It was now two in the morning. When he walked into their bedroom, he saw Olivia sleeping. Truthfully, he was glad that she was asleep because he didn't want to argue with her tonight.

He quietly got undressed and slipped into bed with only his boxers.

Olivia started stirring. She was a very light sleeper so she would wake up from the slightest sound or movement.

"You just got home?" she asked. The anger in her voice was evident.

"It's been a long day. Can we please not fight tonight?" he asked, hoping she would let it go.

"You're the one who made it a long day. You could've been home hours ago."

"Olivia, please don't start."

She just gave him a glare and turned the other way.

He sighed and he also turned to the other side so they weren't facing each other. Lately, that's how they've been sleeping. With their backs facing each other.

Olivia tried to fall back asleep, but she couldn't keep Andy's late nights out of her head. She knows that he loves her and she loves him too, but that doesn't stop someone from cheating. He's been coming home late for the past two weeks and always said that it was work. She didn't believe him.

They cheating signs were all there. He was always coming home late, they haven't been intimate in over three weeks, and half the time he wouldn't answer her phone calls.

Andy couldn't sleep either. She should understand his work and that sometimes he needs to stay late. She's done it on more than one occasion and he always understood. He didn't know what her problem was.

Half an hour later, they were both still awake, but still haven't said a word to one another. Olivia knew that she wouldn't be able to sleep with that on her mind. She flipped the covers to the other side and got out of bed.

"Where are you going?" Andy questioned.

"Coffee," she replied, coldly. She walked into the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee.

After it finished, she poured herself a cup and sat at the kitchen table. She was expecting Andy to come out and talk to her, but he didn't. When she walked into the bedroom, he was asleep.

She started yawning. The coffee didn't help one bit, she thought. She climbed into bed and covered herself with the oversized blanket. She laid there thinking about their relationship until sleep finally took over.

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