When Rapunzel felt the breeze, everything seemed perfect. She had more than she could have ever asked for, a dashing ex-thief boyfriend, a few new thug friends, a playful horse, to hang around, along with her chameleon best friend and a real family. It was hard to believe that everything started because the infamous Flynn Rider wanted her crown all to himself.

The grass in between her toes felt so warm, so rough, and a little smooth. She embraced every moment, every feeling with open arms- even the moments that most people would consider repulsive. Everything to her was beautiful.

Eugene didn't share her exact sense of beauty, but he knew that his girlfriend was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. No one could smile as beautifully, nor could they posses a pair of sparkling jewels for eyes. They say there's no such thing as perfection, but Eugene Fitzherbert thought that Rapunzel was the closest thing.

As the pair strolled through the kingdom, Rapunzel noticed some flowers by a small clearing.

"Eugene," she cried, picking up a pink flower. "Isn't it beautiful?"

Eugene looked at the flower for a moment then someone else caught his gaze. "What I'm looking at is much more beautiful?"

Rapunzel rolled her eyes and after that a long passionate kiss.