"Congratulations Francine!" the mayor Roland said, "Here's the key to the city!"

"Thank you! Thank you!" Francine called out to the crowd of her admiring fans. "I couldn't have done it without all of you!"

Then, a figure came out from the crowd and said,

"Wake up! Do you have any idea what time it is? WAKE UP!"

Francine sat straight up in her bed, waking up in the process. Next to her was her aunt Elmira Clamp shaking the Sim girl awake.

"Do you have any idea what time it is?" Elmira shouted.

"7 o'clock in the morning." Francine guessed, groggy and bedheaded.

"Exactly! You were supposed to be at the library half an hour ago! The Dewey Decimal System isn't going to organize books by itself!"

"Yes ma'am." Francine said with an eye roll, getting out of bed.

Francine, knowing how her aunt would get if she operated slowly, quickly got dressed and brushed her teeth. She showed herself to Elmira before leaving the house.

"Finally you're dressed." her aunt huffed. "And you look decent enough to actually LOOK like you work at a library."

Francine said nothing, and tried to keep the most unpleasant thoughts of her aunt out of her head.

"Hey Francine! PAAAAAaaaAAALLLLLL!" Francine's friend Buddy called.

"Hush Buddy!" Francine said, silencing him to the best she could, "You are yelling in a library operated by Elmira Clamp."

"Sorry pal," Buddy said, "But I'm really excited about what the mayor is doing today! Are you done enough so we can go see?"
"I have to ask my aunt first. And that hardly ever soothes out well."

"NO! You can not go! You are behind on three minutes of work!" Elmira shouted after Francine asked.

"But Aunt Elmira...!"

"I said 'No!' Francine! Do you see your cousin Ian over there? See how he does his duty in this glorious library without complaint? Do you see how he does his work without breaks?"

"You brainwashed him early." Francine mumbled. Buddy, hearing this, laughed.

"Don't think I didn't hear that missy!" Elmira said, pointing a finger at Francine. Elmira turned to Buddy and shook a finger at him saying, "And don't you think that I don't know how to report you to the mayor if you take on step out of line!"

Francine stepped in front of Buddy.

"Leave Buddy out of this Aunt Elmira. We are discussing my failure as a family member of yours, not Buddy's." she said, defending her friend.

"Yeah!" Buddy said, "It's not her fault that you work her long hours of the day and think she didn't do anything! I bet she even does more then you do!"

Upon hearing this, Francine stepped on Buddy's foot as a warning not to say anything else. He groaned in pain, but said nothing else. Elmira looked at the both of them.

"Oh really?" Elmira asked.

"Totally!" Buddy said. This gave him another step on the foot, this time much, much harder. As a result, he yelped in pain.

"I think it's time you shut up now Buddy." Francine said with clenched teeth.

"Aunt Elmira, let Francine off for the rest of the day. She HAS worked hard (not as hard as you do of course), and I don't mind doing the rest of her work." Ian said, stepping into the conversation.

"Please stay out of this Ian Arneson." Francine warned, turning her gaze to Elmira for a second.

Ian shrugged and said, "You're my cousin. I have to defend you sometime."

Everyone looked at Elmira for several second until she made her decision.

"Fine, you can go. But you better get up EARLIER tomorrow morning though."

Francine was instantly amazed at her luck.