Several months later, in the cool breeze, Francine and her friends enjoyed sitting at the steps of Town Hall watching different Sims go by. The doctor had discharged her under the condition that she relax most of the time. Not that she and her friends did anything outrageous to start with. Even Chaz agreed to tone down his 'rad moves' for a few weeks.

"Nice day today." Francine reflected. No one could disagree. They were the four-some group they had all become accustomed to once more. Francine felt a tap on her shoulder, and looked around to see Butter.

"Hi Francine..." Butter said shyly, as if she had never talked to Francine before.

"Hello Butter." Francine smiled. "Come sit down with us."

Normally, someone would have made up an excuse for Butter not to sit with them, but no one said anything and let her sit.

"Francine..." Butter started, not sure how to say what she was going to. "I'm sorry. I don't mean to be so rude. Promise. I don't have a lot of friends... and I don't know why."

Chaz snickered, but was silenced when Francine gave him a stern look.

"I was wondering," Butter continued. "If I could be a part of your group too. If no one minds of course."

"No one minded when Chaz first joined." Francine told her. "And some Sims think I reformed him pretty well."

Butter grimaced. She was one of the Sims Chaz used to make fun of before being friends with Francine. Most memories of Chaz she had were not pleasant. However, it's only been over two years and Chaz had changed in some subtle degree.

"What do you guys think?" Francine asked Buddy, Renee, and Chaz. They looked at each other in a silent vote, then nodded their heads. She's in. Butter squealed.

"Thank you, you guys!" she said, giving everyone a hug. Chaz flinched when Butter hugged him, but she took no notice though. Francine laughed, then looked back out onto the street. Derek was jealously watching.

"Hey Derek!" Francine shouted, "Come over here for a minute!"

Derek pretended not to hear her for a few moments, but since she and her friends were watching him, he decided to come over.

"What do you think?" she asked, smiling warmly.

"About what?" Derek asked indifferently.

"You know what; joining our group."

Derek looked at her like she was insane, but she looked at him sincerely.

"Your choice dear." Francine told him.

Derek looked at the new five-some, and then directly at Francine.

"No." he said. Francine was surprised, truly and completely surprised.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"We have benefits!" Renee offered. "Gino's pizza every Friday at nine, bowling following after, and being screamed at by Elmira when Francine comes home too late!"

"And on Sundays we get sundaes!" Buddy also offered.

"And Wednesdays we go down the the boardwalk, and I get to show off my rad moves." Chaz also added.

"We usually talk him out of it though." Francine assured Derek.

"I'm sure." Derek said, confirming that he didn't want to be part of the group.

"The offer is always out there if you change your mind." Francine told him.

"I'll keep that in mind." Derek said, not a trace of sorry or worry in his voice. And then he left, leaving Francine to feel a little sorry for him.

"Don't worry about him," Buddy told her, "Sims like that are hard to be friends with any way."

"I guess... I just feel sorry for him." Francine admitted.

"How about we show Butter our normal hang outs?" Buddy proposed, "That'll cheer you up!"

Francine looked at Buddy with happy eyes.

"I think that would."

And the new five-some spent the rest of the day having fun, until Elmira came and dragged Francine by the ear back home.