Title: Fudge Pops and Disco Sticks
Summary: Lets have some fun this beat is sick I wanna take a ride on your ... Fudge pop? Jacob stumbles upon one of Bella's deepest secret as he searches her freezer for munchies.
Word Count: 499
Rating: M

Bella and I have been together for a while now but there has always been something off about our relationship. I always thought it was because I'm a werewolf but last night I realized exactly what it was...

We had spent the day at Bella's apartment; I was starving, so I went to the freezer to see what I could find. I found a box of Fudge pops -Score! - I reached in to grab one, but unfortunately that's not what was waiting for me inside. Instead of the fudgy deliciousness I was searching for, I found a glittery dildo. At first I was really annoyed! Who the hell ate all the fudge pops? Until realized it was probably me... suddenly it hit me I had just found her dildoin the freezer and it sparkled! Now, I understand why she's always singing that Lady Gaga song about riding disco sticks. -Snicker-

I racked my brain on why she would have her dildo in the freezer, then it occurred to me – ice cold, sparkling, humongous; nine inch dildo – she was fantasizing it was Edward fucking Cullen, the fucking blood-sucking parasite who had left her.

She has all of these odd habits; she always wanted to rub me with lotion and it had to shimmer, her obsession with cold shower sex –not that I minded-, and Bella always wants her food bloody and fresh, whenever we went out to eat that's how she ordered it.

Thinking back, I tried to figure out how long this was going on, but I realized she's always been like this. I put my discovery back in the freezer and went back in to the living room. As I passed her book shelves I realized she had row after row of books all based on vampires. I took a closer look around her apartment. Most of her DVD's were about vampires too. -fuck me-

I shivered as I stood there, which says a lot, since I run at a steady 104.7, I noticed that she had all of the windows open. What? Was she expecting Edward to just come flying in a window like some superhero or sex god? I was frustrated with everything, but I reminded myself that Bella loves me; this is probably just a phase she's going through. She'll get over it soon enough.

I thought about confronting her, but how do you ask your girlfriend why she's fantasizing about fucking her undead ex-boyfriend? -talk about awkward- I sat down and smiled at her as she curled into me. I just told myself to give it time.

That same night I woke up to Bella riding me hard and fast. It was two in the morning, all the lights in the room were on, and the windows were open. Bella was rubbing glitter all over my chest as she rode me, and when she came she cried out Edward as she bit me…with fangs on.

That's when I realized…Maybe, this wasn't just a phase.