Title: Our Beach
Pairing: Bella/Edward
Summary: This is no ordinary vacation to Hawaii for Bella and Edward, but what makes it their own beach? Sexy times ahead. AH. M.
Word Count: 500
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns all that is Twilight. I'm just borrowing the names of the main characters.

Our Beach

"You ready to go again, Bella?" Edward asks with a sexy smirk.

"Yes," I nod with a laugh, "Always."

"Let's try something new and exciting. I heard sex on the beach is hot, and Hawaii beaches are famous. You down, baby?" Edward says with a mischievous look in his jade colored eyes.

"I don't know if I can be that bold. It sounds sexy, but... We'd have to put on clothes," I say carefully.

He pulls me from the bed as he dresses in pajama pants and he hands me his dress shirt. I button just the middle two to keep it closed.

We rush to the car with hushed giggles and the sound of our flip-flops in the quiet hotel as I clutch a beach blanket.

A short drive later, we are at a beautiful and deserted moonlit beach.

We abandon our flip-flops and walk.

My heart beats nervously.

Edward grabs my hand and squeezes my fingers and I'm at immediate ease.

Our feet sink into warm, deep sand. A few strides and Edward opens the blanket at a spot in the sand.

My hands grasp the back of bronze-colored hair. His hands reach under my shirt and buttons pop.

We kneel and then lay down as I feel the sand underneath the blanket.

Kisses are deep, passionate, and loving.

Dress shirt is discarded.

Pajama pants disappear.

Hands feel my burning wetness and desire.

Lips on my breasts, suck and nibble.

Fingers explore the warmness in between my legs causing me to gasp.

Wind swirls sand around. The scent of the ocean is near and waves crash.

Senses overload.

My hands struggle to reach out and please him.

"This is all about you today, Bella," he whispers erotically into my ear, causing chills to run up and down my body.

This is love.

He eases carefully inside me as my body stretches to accommodate his luscious large cock.

My back arches at the pleasure as he teases me slowly moving back and forth inside me.

We move together in a steady beat.

My eyes roll back, "Yes! Edward!"

Grunts from him, incoherent mumblings abound between us.

"How do you like it baby?" His voice urges. As he thrusts harder, our eyes lock on each other.

"Just like that baby. Yes! Don't. Stop!" I yell, feeling pleasure and magic build between us.

I hear thunder in the distance but I'm already too far gone to give a shit.

"Fuuuuck!"I scream as I cum loudly. He follows me into oblivion, cursing.

He pants, "I fucking love you, Bella."

"I love you too. So much."

He collapses and I roll onto him, hearing his beating heart. He clutches me to his warm body.

We enjoy sounds of hearts beating and waves crashing.

Rain drops begin to fall from the sky.

"This is now our beach, Mrs. Cullen" he whispers.

We run back naked, with hands linked and clutched clothing, and sand stuck between our toes.

Love on our beach, on our honeymoon.