From My Standpoint

A Little Shop One Shot in the voice of Ronette

Hi I'm Ronette. For those not familiar with Little Shop of Horrors, I'm one of the three do-op singing girls that's friends with Audrey and Seymour. Have you ever wondered what Little Shop of Horrors would be like from someone else's eyes? Well here's how things happened through my eyes.

There are two other doo-op singing girls… they're names are Chiffon and Crystal. We met in Elementary School. We've been through a lot together. Right now we're 16. We only really have a 5th grade education.. the school system is not very good on Skid Row. You could say we're elementary school drop outs. You might think that since we are only educated up to 5th grade we're not smart. Sometimes street smarts make up for book smarts. Though our parents actually ended up getting us a tutor so that way we'd end up getting more book smart… up til about 10th grade then we gave up with the homeschooling.

We know these streets and these people pretty well. One person we try to avoid at all costs is Orin Scrivello. He was two years ahead of us in school and was always kind of a bully. I never really liked how he pushed the girls around.. boys I understood because they can be rough with each other sometimes but I always had at least a little general knowledge that boys were supposed to treat girls with respect. Like most people on Skid Row, Orin came from a broken home. Violence was common in his house because his dad was abusive. I think some of that abusive behavior . He was observant about how his dad treated his mom and thought that was an okay way to treat a woman. I wouldn't tolerate a guy pushing me around like that… neither would Crystal or Chiffon. If some punk pushed me I'd push right back…. then kick him in the stomach so hard he'd keel over.

We always hang out around the store from of Mushnik's Skid Row Flower Shop. Mr. Mushnik's a pretty cool guy though I think sometimes he can be a little uptight. His two employers are our age. Their names are Seymour and Audrey and they're really good friends of ours.

Seymour was in the Skid Row Home For Boys til he was 11 then Mr. Mushnik adopted him and made him an apprentice. He's a hard worker and sometimes I don't think Mr. Mushnik appreciates that as much as he should. He's always yelling at Seymour all the time.. and sometime he even puts him down. I know deep down inside he loves Seymour. We all do. He's so caring and considerate to others.

Audrey is actually not from Skid Row originally. She moved to Skid Row from Long Island a few weeks ago. Crystal, Chiffon and I actually helped her to get the job at the Flower Shop. She also works at the Gutter on her nights off. I am hoping to eventually get her a job at the club me Crystal and Chiffon sing at because The Gutter pays crappy and they don't tip real good over there. The clientele is also really sleazy. Orin hangs out there every night. He actually hooked up with Audrey and I am not happy about that. I have a feeling that relationship is going to be really horrible. I can already start to see bruises all over her face. I wonder how long it's going to take for her to realize that he's a loser.

A/N: So much for not writing Little Shop fan fictions anymore. Figured I write too many fics from Audrey and Seymour's point of view and not enough on the other characters. This oneshot is in Ronette's point of view. It describes things that happen pre-Little Shop such as has Ronette Crystal and Chiffon meet and become friends, how they meet Orin and discover his weird behavior and how they eventually meet Seymour and Audrey . Think for a second to before Skid Row Downtown when they say "We went to school til 5th grade then we split. That's how this whole fiction was least the part of how the three girls met.. the rest is all up to my speculation and deep analysis of the musical since I have watched the movie several times and seen the play.