Title: Renesmee's Pet
Summary: Charlie thinks every little girl should have a pet. What happens when he brings home a puppy for Renesmee?
Word Count: 473 (492 with disclaimer)
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, Stephenie Meyer does. I just enjoy finding odd situations to put her characters in.

I swear I could kill Charlie for doing this. I told him no pets. He wouldn't listen when I told him Renesmee was too little to have a pet. I told him I'd be the one who would get stuck taking care of it. If only he knew the real reason…pets and a house full of vampires do not a good match make. But what did my dear old dad go and do? He went and bought her a puppy! A four legged fur ball that while it may be cute, has managed to ruin my house since it first got here three days ago. There are pee stains all over the carpets and the damn thing managed to leave an extra special surprise on the sofa Esme special ordered for us…from France…did I mention it was a one of a kind?

Edward finally agreed with me yesterday that the dog had to go; when after the forty seventh attempt at trying to catch it to put it in its kennel, the thing was literally scared shitless from us going after it. The only problem was how attached Renesmee was to it. Thankfully the rest of the family didn't know about the dog yet…they had all been on an extended hunting trip when Charlie brought it over, lord only knows what would have happened If they had been home. I don't care how many times Charlie argues that every little girl should have a puppy, the closest thing to a dog that I will ever let in my home is Jacob…he may be messy at times, but at least Jacob is potty trained.

Finally we came up with a plan that seemed to keep everyone happy. We told Renesmee that she could keep the puppy but it had to stay at Charlie's house and that she could visit whenever she wanted, and we told Charlie that Edward was allergic to dogs. So here I was waiting in the main house for Charlie to come pick up the dog. I was double checking to make sure I had everything for Charlie when I realized I forgot the puppy food back at the cottage, so I ran back to get it.

Renesmee wanted to say goodbye to the puppy one more time so I brought her back to the house with me. When we got back, I heard the rest of the family in the kitchen so I headed there to say hello and Renesmee went straight for the living room where the puppy was.

As soon as I walked into the kitchen, I was caught off guard by Emmett when he said "Hey Bella, thanks for having dinner delivered." I was about to ask what he meant when Renesmee came walking in and asked "Mommy, I can't find my puppy. Have you seen him?"