Chapter 1-Betrayal and Return

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What was there to say about Ulquiorra Schiffer? Not much unless you knew him. Knew of his past life before his death and becoming a Hollow Vasto Lorde class to eventually become a member of the Espada. Of being ranked the fourth strongest among them with a calculating mind and held no emotions on his face to give away anything he might have felt.

Even Aizen didn't know about his past or if he did kept it to himself. The rogue Captain Class Shinigami was like that in many aspects. Always knowing when to talk to someone about something, but never anything too personal, and made sure such secrets stayed between specific parties involved with no one else knowing unless he wanted them to know.

Hey Ulquiorra! Should I kill this one too? Is this one trash?

It doesn't matter Yammy. They are all trash to me. Even the ones Lord Aizen is interested in are trash. Just interesting trash that may hold some form of value to him. Besides, we have more pressing business to attend to then deal with the likes of these humans.

In truth, Ulquiorra hated humans deep within his very being though he'd never show it, and thus no one could ask why he did! Why did he hate humans? Why did he call them trash?

No one knew...except for Ulquiorra.

Though even he kept those reasons locked away within the deep parts of his mind where they belonged and to never to resurface again.

(Flashback-Back then)

One Uzumaki Naruto was chained to a wall while sitting on a crude chair of sorts with seals on it and himself that prevented the use of chakra. It was a prison cell designed to hold S-Class Criminals of the highest level with no means to escape and right now the blonde hero of Konoha was here.

Or rather Naruto should have been a hero of Konoha. Sadly, that was not the case, and to make it worse...the people he once trusted had put him here!

It had happened after the Uchiha had been recovered during his traitorous backstabbing and leaving Konoha for Orochimaru with the Sound Four on the promise of more power. Naruto had been ordered to use excessive force to bring back Sasuke IF the Uchiha had in fact resisted, and the boy did in fact resist! However, upon returning home victorious, the Uzumaki blonde found himself restrained, thrown away in this cell, and visited only by the Hokage, and his so called sensei Hatake Kakashi.

Neither of them had anything nice to say to him.

"Damn brat! How dare you do this to the Uchiha! Do you know how badly his body is damaged? Damn near killed him!" said Tsunade looking infuriated at the blonde.

"No more then he tried to do to me. Or did the scars of the Chidori become suddenly invisible to your eyes?" said Naruto, who got a backhanded fist to his face for his trouble, and while the Hokage had restrained from using her still hurt.

"I don't care about your injuries brat. You are a Jinchuriki. You're expendable! An asset meant to be used and then thrown away when there was no further use for something like you," said Tsunade glaring at the boy, who just smiled despite the bruise on his face, and blood running down the side of his mouth.

One or two of his teeth felt loose.

"So that's how it is huh? Throwing me away like a broken weapon huh? I can't help, but wonder, what would your family think of you now, and if any of them would spit in your face?" said Naruto before being hit with another blow to his face that did knock out a few of his teeth.

"Shut your mouth brat! I've had enough of listening to the 'What would my family do in my place' speeches trash like you. You disgust me!" said Tsunade seeing Naruto still trying to keep that grin on his face.

"So what happens to me now Hokage-sama? I stay here the rest of my natural life? Or am I going to die on your orders just to appease the masses?" said Naruto giving her the "I don't give a damn" look that made the woman even more infuriated.

"That's being decided right now, but chances are, you will die, and I'm going to see that its extremely painful," said Tsunade before leaving the room.

Then Kakashi came in a few days later.

"Haven't touched your food I see," said Kakashi seeing the so called food made normal garbage look like a feast fit for a king.

"Would you eat it in my position? Its healthier for me to just starve. Why are you here Hatake? My life is more enjoyable without you in it," said Naruto seeing the man's one eye frown at him.

"I'm here to let you know your punishment has been decided by the Hokage. You are to be killed publicly in the execution square in front of everyone and being branded as a traitor to the Leaf for hurting the Uchiha," said Kakashi seeing Naruto nodding with no surprise on his face.

"I already knew that! Now tell me something I don't know," said Naruto seeing Kakashi's eye narrow again.

"Uchiha Sasuke is going to kill you himself in order to get the next stage of the Sharingan to further ensure he stays loyal to the village," said Kakashi seeing Naruto think about it for a second before letting out a cruel laugh, which shocked the Jounin, and the man now wondered if the boy had lost what was left of his mind.

"That's one Hell of a joke you just told Hatake. Sasuke getting the next level of his oh so precious Sharingan," said Naruto laughing some more before Kakashi grabbed him by the throat and squeezed tightly.

"Its not a joke demon brat! You will give Sasuke the means to have the next level or I will make sure you feel my wrath even in death!" said Kakashi before slamming the boy's head back against the wall and made Naruto see stars.

"Careful Hatake. If you kill me before my official execution, you're going to deny Sasuke his wish, and ruin things for everyone!" said Naruto seeing Kakashi trying to keep what short fuse of a temper he had in check.

"Just do us all a favor Naruto...die with some dignity. At least that way you can remove some of the stain you put on the village. Considering what you are," said Kakashi before leaving the room, but not before Naruto said one last thing, and made the Jounin freeze in place.

"What I am Hatake, is a boy scorned for what I have inside of me, and nothing more. You on the other hand my so called sensei...are trash. In fact, according to the so called code you preached to team 7 about, you along with everyone in Konohacurrently dancing to the tune of those on high...are worse then trash, and when you die...Hell awaits you with all the demons there waiting to take a piece out of your ass," said Naruto laughing at the Jounin, who only glared at him, and then walked away.

And trying to ignore Naruto cruel laugh that echoed into the hall.

Then the day of his execution came.

The people in the village came to the execution square, trying to see the "demon brat" finally die, and at the hands of the Uchiha no less. Naruto inwardly joked to the Kyuubi that if Tsunade was really smart, she'd sell tickets to this, and make a fortune to pay off her debts owed. The Kyuubi laughed at the joke before telling the boy how it was an honor to die in the body of someone with a spine and not cowering in the face of death.

"I'm going to miss our conversations kit," said Kyuubi while the boy just smiled and ended their mental link with each other.

"Time to die loser. Don't worry though, as your death will bring me one step closer to achieving my goal of killing Itachi, and one day...becoming Hokage! Wasn't that your dream? I hope you don't mind if I take that too!" said Sasuke grinning at Naruto, as he got his Chidori ready, and the crowd cheering for the Uchiha to kill the blonde.

"Sasuke, you can have the dream, as I'd rather be dead then be Hokage of these idiots, and I'd rather be dead then live another minute seeing your ugly duck butted hair style with your belief that everyone is inferior to you. So get it over with you bastard. Unless of're afraid!" said Naruto knowing how to bait the Uchiha by attacking the boy's ego.

"I'll show you who's afraid!" said Sasuke before running right at Naruto and slammed the Chidori into Naruto's chest that pierced the boy's heart while looking the blonde right in the eye.

"One last thing before I die teme. You told me in our fight that in order to achieve the power you wanted, your best friend has to die, and you said I was your best friend. Well let me give you some news to this grand plan of yours in getting those eyes through my death teme. I'm not your best friend. I never was. You called me loser, a nothing, and basically claimed I'm inferior to you. Maybe I am all those things, but it is through those things that I deny you the means to achieve those eyes, and laugh at your lost opportunity to gain what you've wanted from the start," said Naruto laughing at the shocked look on the Uchiha's face and waited until death took him to see Sasuke had not acquired the next level of the Sharingan.

In his last act in living and into death...Uzumaki Naruto had won against Uchiha Sasuke.

Then all went dark.

And as time past, deep within the dark abyss of Hueco Mundo, one Ulquiorra Schiffer was born in the form of a Vasto Lorde, and soon came into the service of Sosuke Aizen's army when turned into an Arrancar. In his time serving in Aizen's army, Ulquiorra had found more purpose in being an Espada then he ever did being alive, and human back during the days of being Uzumaki Naruto. In fact, his time as an Espada had made him feel humans were horrible creatures, and were nothing more then trash that should be disposed of before they stink up the world they lived in.

How that happened was mostly up to long as it didn't conflict with Aizen's own orders.

"What would you have me say? 'Don't worry, I'm sure he's still alive'? Ridiculous. I am not here to comfort you. I don't understand why are you so fixated on life and death? At any rate, your friends will soon be annihilated. So what if that's one step closer? They should have seen this coming from the start. If they couldn't see it coming, the fault lies in their own foolishness. Laughing them off as a group of idiots would be sufficient. Why can't you do that? If it were me, and my friends entered Hueco Mundo without first gauging their strength, I'd be infuriated by their stupidity."


It was when Inoue Orihime slapped him that something inside of the Espada stirred long dormant within him. For a moment, a different face appeared where the girl's had been, and it made the Arrancar frown inside as to who it was. She seemed familiar to him, but it never could truly surface within his mind, and Ulquiorra wondered who the other girl was that he saw.

His wonder last for a span of a few seconds. It was immaterial to the here and now.

Then the fights with Kurosaki Ichigo came.

The Shinigami had impressed Ulquiorra to an extent. A sense of amusement if you will, as the boy kept rising to fight him, and not giving up. Something to do with the human's "heart" as he often heard. Absurd really.

Even if Ichigo reminded the Arrancar of a time long ago when another boy with similar spiky hair, similar hair color, and sheer determination in his eyes to try taking on stronger people then himself regardless of the odds. That part of the Espada's memories came and went with the wind that blew through Hueco Mundo while fighting the boy. Maybe that was why he struck Ichigo in the chest the first time with his hand directly into his heart? Was it to cement some form of respect? Brotherhood that the two would now share after the boy lost to him? It didn't matter. What mattered was the boy met his end or lived to never oppose him or Aizen ever again. Either way it didn't matter to the number four in rank Espada

And then that girl interfered. Twice!

It was the second time Ulquiorra fought Ichigo did his memories of the past resurfaced, seeing himself in Ichigo when the Espada had been alive, becoming what he was never allowed by those he deemed trash in his past life, and once again saw a girl's face replace Orihime's own. Memories of that girl soon surfaced of a girl his age, back when he was still human, seeing her smile, blushing, and not hating him like the others did.

I see. This. Yes. This thing in my hand is the heart?

It was then Ulquiorra finally began to understand what the "heart" was.

Even if he was too little too late to enjoy it.

Or so he thought.

"Welcome Ulquiorra Schiffer," said a powerful voice from behind the Espada making the Arrancar turn to see a glowing white entity that screamed power.

It made Aizen seem like a low class Hollow in comparison.

"You are Kami," said Ulquiorra since he felt it could be no other.

"Correct. I have brought you here before me with an offer," said Kami seeing the pale skinned Espada look at him with a raised eyebrow.

"An offer? Interesting. Please continue," said Ulquiorra since he didn't expect this at all.

"I know of your past young one. I know who you were before becoming this form that now stands in front of me. I wish to offer you the chance to return to your world you once called home," said Kami seeing Ulquiorra narrow his eyes slightly before looking away from the deity.

"No. I decline. There is nothing in that world I could want. I have long since let go of my connection to that place and that world. I could care less if the world was destroyed and the trash there choked on their own blood. They deserve anything bad that happens to them," said Ulquiorra before walking away in the hopes Kami would just send him into Hell or someplace where the Espada could be away from such things.

Only to find himself staring at one of the secret shrines at the Hyuuga Compound where members of the clan go to mourn those they love whether they be friend, family, and/or lover lost due to tragic circumstances. In front of this particular shrine was a woman with long dark cascading hair, wearing a bulky jacket, and pants of light purple color. The woman's back was to him with her head down, but in doing so, it allowed the Espada's eyes to widen at the sight of the picture, and then look at the woman praying.

"Naruto-kun, I miss you so much. Everyday I pray you are happy. That you are in heaven with your family. Knowing that despite everything this village has done to you, the life on the other side hasn't been cruel, and can be at peace knowing no one can cause you anymore harm. I only wish that I had been able to visit you those three years ago if only for a second to tell you how I felt. How despite everyone hating you for the Kyuubi, I wasn't like them, and how I loved you. I still do love you. No matter what went wrong, you overcame the odds, and beat everyone at their own game. Uchiha Sasuke is still trying to find a way to get the next level of the Sharingan in order to beat his brother and curses you to this day in denying him. My Father wishes me to marry soon, but I told him there is only one man I wished to marry, to have children, to grow old with, and that person is dead. He wasn't amused and something tells me my Father wishes to change my views on things when it comes to love. I don't know how long it will be before I can see you again Naruto-kun, but I can wait, and when the time comes to join you on the other side...I will finally tell you how I feel. Believe it!" said Hinata, as she finished her prayer, and quickly put the picture of the boy away knowing that no one could see it since no one in the village was left that loved Naruto anymore.

"You were not meant to die that day. A mistake on my part, which is why I am giving you this chance to regain some of what was taken from your life, and a chance to fix your broken world," said Kami seeing Ulquiorra stare at Hinata's form walking away and hiding the picture inside the bulky jacket.

"If I go back, what will change about me?" said Ulquiorra seeing Kami smiling back at him for at least considering the offer.

"You will be alive. Your original body has long since been lost so you must remain in your Arrancar body. However, you will be alive again," said Kami seeing the Espada put his hand to where his heart would be if it wasn't for the hole there that signified he was a Hollow.

"Send me back then. I just hope you understand people will die at my hands should I wish to kill them," said Ulquiorra seeing Kami nod.

"I don't expect you to turn into a pacifist Ulquiorra," said Kami seeing the Espada nod his head and had an almost amused smile on his face.

'So I'm coming home. How...amusing,' thought Ulquiorra before he was consumed in a bright light and the next thing the Espada knew...he was back in the Elemental Countries.

Oh yes. Things would become amusing very soon.

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