Chapter 10-True Despair

Kurotsuchi, the news Tsuchikage of Iwa frowned at the report in front of her, as a scout had come running back to the village, and looked deathly afraid. From what the Shinobi had reported, it was good reason, as Taki had fallen recently to outside forces. And not just any outside forces either. No. The village was destroyed by the allied forces of one Ulquiorra Schiffer, the seven-tailed Jinchuriki Fu, who was once the guardian of the village, and Suna forces led by Sabaku no Temari.

Most of the village itself was kept intact, as it was clear the resources around Taki alone could bring about a new form of prosperity to Suna with a fresh water source, and the value it presented to Wind Country given how most of it was desert. A large supply of water that seemed to never end was worthy more to Suna then gold and Ulquiorra had agreed to let Taki be annexed into Wind since such resources would only benefit them in the future.

That was three days ago.

'First, highly skilled Leaf Shinobi meet their end, Orochimaru, Rice Country, then the Akatsuki organization is destroyed, Ame soon after, and now the village of Taki itself is lost. The hidden village of Kumo, Mist, and Suna are allied together to remove Iwa along with the Leaf for our past transgressions. Spring Country has fallen in with them, as has Wave Country, and the majority of their firepower are the Jinchuriki themselves. Even then, they are nothing when compared to Ulquiorra Schiffer himself, as he could easily kill them all without batting an eyelash, and had proven was possible when killing the late Sandaime Tsuchikage right in front of her.

All for the sake of those damn Jinchuriki Han and Roshi. Kurotsuchi knew it was in part to Ulquiorra's past life in being the Kyuubi's final Jinchuriki, but it was hardly fair to the rest of the Elemental Countries that they should suffer when things like this have been going on for years, and no one had complained. Okay maybe that wasn't true, as people had complained in the past, but they were in the minority, or were the Jinchuriki before measures had been taken to silence those voices.

Funny how karma had turned things around so the shoe was on the other foot.

"Afraid?" said Ulquiorra, as he appeared in front of the woman, and scaring her almost out of the Kage chair she sat on.

"You? Guards!" said Kurotsuchi with the ANBU arriving moments later with weapons drawn.

"Do all arrogant Kages in power send their Shinobi to their death so soon? And I thought the Hokage in Leaf was the only one losing her mind," said Ulquiorra seeing the female Tsuchikage quickly raised her hand to stop the ANBU from advancing.

"Why are you here?" said Kurotsuchi knowing there was a reason for the man being in her office and wanted to hear it.

"I wanted to know if you and Iwa were interested in surrendering?" said Ulquiorra seeing the ANBU tense and Kurotsuchi doing the same.

"Never! Every single Iwa Shinobi and citizen will fight you and your allies to the last person capable of fighting!" said Kurotsuchi seeing Ulquiorra nod in understanding.

He expected as much from her.

"Can't say I didn't try. Also, just so you know, Suna, and Kumo are outside your walls on one side of the village," said Ulquiorra, as the Garganta appeared behind him, and several other smaller ones acting like TVs opened to reveal the troops to the Tsuchikage.

"What?" said Kurotsuchi in surprise.

"Yes. They are attacking from one side and I am attacking from the other," said Ulquiorra before he entered the Garganta and closed with the scenes he showed with them.

"Mobilize all our forces. Prepare to defend Iwa!" said Kurotsuchi, but even as she spoke those words, explosions rocked the village, and soon the sound of fighting could be heard outside the tower.

With the growing feeling of dread becoming even larger in the deepest regions of her gut knowing this village had possibly seen its last sunrise.

(With Ulquiorra)

The Arrancar looked down at Iwa, seeing the people rushing to defend their homes from the enemies outside the walls, and some even screaming in fear when they looked up to see him staring back down. Some called him the Angel of Death. Some called him the God of Judgment? He was neither. Ulquiorra Schiffer was just a man.

A man that could kill with the strength that made the tailed beasts look like pansies, but a man nonetheless, and one with a purpose of removing one of the last remaining problems the Elemental Countries has at the moment. Slowly, Ulquiorra unsheathed his zanpakuto, holding it lazily while staring at the people below, as his allies fought Iwa, and he just continued to stare down at them while thoughts ran through his head.

Did he really want to do this? To activate his Resurrección form for the first time since he became alive? To show everyone his terrifying transformation that would make children cry, women scream, and men falls to their knees in despair?

Looking back on his life, as well as what Han, and Roshi told him about their own while being Jinchuriki...absolutely!

"Enclose Murciélago," said Ulquiorra before he transformed in a blast of black with green outlined energy into his Resurrección form with large bat like wings.

Below, people looked up in horror at seeing what Ulquiorra Schiffer had become, as his coat covered him from his neck on down past his feet, his Hollow mask moved from one side of his face to becoming a center helmet piece with horns in the center, and his hair was now longer with a wild appearance behind it. His eyes now had black streaks where it looked like he had been crying and his fingernails lengthened to become almost like claws.

In short, Ulquiorra Schiffer looked like the Angel of Death, and he had his sights set on living up to that title by making an example out of Iwa.

"I'm glad he's on our side," said Baki, as he saw Ulquiorra in his Resurrección form, and would be lying if he said the Arrancar above didn't make him want to wet himself.

"No shit. I'd rather face my brother back in his psychotic days then him and that's staying something," said Kankuro, as he saw Ulquiorra Schiffer descend down upon his section of the village, and wondered if the Arrancar would ever become an enemy of Suna in the future.

He hoped not.

Many of Iwa's Shinobi converged on Ulquiorra's position, throwing weapons, Jutsus, and everything except the kitchen sink at him. It was clear they felt that with his death, the man's allies would retreat knowing they had killed their strongest powerhouse, and make them all think twice about fighting Iwa. Sadly, if they thought Ulquiorra was incredibly strong before, then they found themselves practically fighting something out of Kami's own nightmares, and were soon decimated like flies.

Each hit Ulquiorra landed caused his enemies to explode almost immediately on contact, as he ignored the Jutsus, and weapons thrown at him while focusing on close combat with his four limbs to destroy them all. They tried to bury him deep in the ground, hit him with spikes made of jagged edged rock, and drop boulders on the Arrancar's physical form in the hopes it would turn him into a blood smear. Sonido solved the burying problem, the jagged rock spikes broke on contact with his body, and the boulders shattered on contact with his form.

To further increase their despair, Ulquiorra used his Javelin Generation attack on them, as he speared his enemies into building walls around him, and the screams of pain from all his various victims echoing throughout the village. It wasn't long before the new female Tsuchikage appeared and was ready to fight him for Iwa's survival.

"So you've come to die I see," said Ulquiorra seeing Kurotsuchi with a sword at the ready to use.

"I've come to kill you!" said Kurotsuchi before charging forward, thrusting her blade at him with the intent of it piercing through his skull, but the Arrancar merely caught the tip of the weapon with his fingers, and held it there without even blinking.

"That will prove difficult for you," said Ulquiorra before flicking the sword way and then dodging the next attempt that was soon followed by several more.

Until finally, Ulquiorra has enough of the woman's attempts, and shattered the sword with the back of his hand before grabbing the woman by the throat. He lifted the woman up into the air, giving her an almost appraising look, as if pondering over the very idea of letting the woman live, and seek a life of solitude away from the Shinobi lifestyle would be possible for her.

That idea left when Kurotsuchi tried to stab him in the face with kunai. More accurately, she tried to stab him in one of his eyes, which under normal circumstance would have worked, but Ulquiorra Schiffer was not normal, and thus the rules of metal piercing soft flesh did not apply. The kunai itself broke on impact with Ulquiorra frowning at the Kage for being so stupid in lashing out against someone holding her very life in his hands. But, the Arrancar reminded himself that this woman was someone, who fought to the bitter end, and not give up until death took her.

With a flick of his wrist and snap of her did.

The rest of the fighting had ended soon after with the death of Iwa's Tsuchikage, as the people surrendered soon after word spread of the woman's death, and the spoils of the village were divided up between them evenly. Scrolls, resources, clans, territory, and everything else was divided carefully under Ulquiorra eyes since both villages helping him in this attack deserved a fair share of the spoils.

After the village was emptied, Ulquiorra in his Resurrección form went into the air, and pointed his right index finger at the empty place with his power becoming extremely thick. Normally the Arrancar wouldn't use this kind of Cero attack, but given the fact the Leaf, and the Hokage were no doubt witnessing this event in their own way...a statement of what was to come demanded such a thing be done.

"Okay. What's he doing and I why feel like crapping my pants?" said Kankuro watching from a safe distance with everyone else.

"Cero Oscuras!" said Ulquiorra before firing his Cero that shot out of his finger with a black colored beam with a thin green outline being unleashed on the empty village.

"By Kami," said Baki, as he was in shock at seeing the destruction Ulquiorra had caused to what was once Iwa.

"Okay. I just crapped my pants," said Kankuro before discreetly leaving the Shinobi army to clean himself away from eyes that could use it as blackmail against him.

Quite a few Shinobi did the same.

(Konoha-Days Later)

"Iwa was destroyed? That fast? Impossible!" said Tsunade, as she had allied with Iwa in order to combat Ulquiorra, and his allies seemingly getting stronger by the second.

"Yeah. The guy apparently transformed, grew wings, bone like helmet with horns, and after it was all over...he blew the entire village away with a single attack. He whispered it, but the name of the attack was 'Cero Oscuras' from what I have been told, and much worse then what he unleashed on Rice Country," said Jiraiya seeing Tsunade becoming more fearful at that news.

"We have to evacuate as many as we can from the Leaf. Hide them in a secret location and prepare them with a means to one day take that damn brat down!" said Tsunade, as she wasn't about to have the Leaf meet the same death as Iwa, and not have some kind of plan set in motion to kill Ulquiorra before rebuilding the Leaf.

"Not possible. Its out on what we've done to Naruto. No one wants anything to do with us. None of the Elemental Countries will let anyone from Fire Country cross over into their territory and the Fire Daimyo has basically decreed we're banned from relocating anyone out of the village. Even I'm banned from leaving Fire Country or the Leaf for that matter," said Jiraiya while seeing Tsunade slam her fist into the desk in anger.

"So we're suppose to die here? To just be exterminated? Like vermin?" said Tsunade, as she glared at Jiraiya, and he just shrugged.

"What did you expect the people in the Elemental Countries currently in power of their own territories Tsunade? They heard what we did to Naruto. The people he reached have had enough of people like the ones in Taki, Iwa, and Leaf abusing Jinchuriki. Suna has long since abandoned the policy after Gaara became Kazekage and Kumo changed things before that. What did you expect would happen when Naruto died? That those that cared about him would let us even get away with it?" said Jiraiya seeing Tsunade glare at him.

"I don't care what those fools think! They are all the same. They care, are compassionate, and act like naïve fools thinking that they know better then people like me! I'm a Senju, I'm a Sannin, a Shinobi, and I'm the Hokage of Konoha like my Grandfather before me! I don't give a damn what those insignificant bakas think of Naruto. I will not be judged by such weak morons," said Tsunade seeing Jiraiya run a hand through his long hair.

"You maybe Hokage of Konoha for the moment Tsunade, but you know damn well those people, who cared about Naruto, are not weak, and they certainly aren't morons. If we were true to the Sandaime and Yondaime's ways...we'd realize that the weak morons are in fact us," said Jiraiya seeing Tsunade had an almost insane look in her eyes.

Almost insane look.

"How dare you call me weak? Get out. Get out! The next time I see you, it better be with Ulquiorra Schiffer's head in your hands, or I'll have your heart in mine!" said Tsunade, as she saw Jiraiya flinch knowing he had pissed her off to the very brink, and wisely left the room.

"This is bad Shizune. I know what you mean. It seems with each passing day, she gets worse, and I don't know how to handle it," said Jiraiya seeing Shizune nod in agreement.

"I know. Truth be told, I wanted to leave Konoha after Naruto-kun died, but my heart just wasn't in it, and I knew Tsunade-sama would see it as a betrayal to her. She does not take such things lightly," said Shizune knowing she had nowhere to go and fleeing from the Leaf would have been impossible.

Tsunade would have seen to that.

"You can tell that to Ulquiorra when he gets here. Though don't hold your breath if he puts a hole in your chest like he did to most of his enemies," said Jiraiya seeing Shizune shiver at that fact.

(Konoha Front Gates)

"I hate guard duty. Now more then ever," said one Chuunin, who was feeling nervous for obvious reasons, and his partner was the same way.

"Same here. That Ulquiorra Schiffer guy could come out of nowhere and kill us without so much as blinking!" said the second Leaf Chuunin.

"Shut up! You'll jinx our shift," said the first Leaf Chuunin before seeing someone was walking towards them and went pale when they both saw who it was.

"Oh shit!" said the second Leaf Chuunin before the two hit the alarm and closed the gates to deny access.

"I told you not to jinx it!" said the first Leaf Chuunin.

"Hey...fuck you!" said the second Leaf Chuunin before ANBU arrived and they explained the situation.

However, no sooner had the ANBU been told of the situation did the large doors become dented from the blow landed on them by Ulquiorra Schiffer, and then go flying open on the second hit. The Arrancar began walking casually into the Leaf village, hands in his pockets, and not intimidated in the slightest by the Leaf Shinobi swarming around him.

"I thank you for coming to me. I never liked hunting for trash. There is just no...appeal to it," said Ulquiorra before using Sonido to appear in the middle of the swarm and easily destroyed them with few well placed blows from his kicks he unleashed.

Not once using his hands.

"Ulquiorra Schiffer!" said Tsume appearing with Hana, Kiba, and several others of her clan.

"Ah! The Inuzuka Clan. How are you? Still doing your traditional 'fox hunts' you enter in every year? I imagine its not as fun anymore when the 'fox' in question isn't an 6 year old child just wanting something to eat," said Ulquiorra seeing Tsume tense along with the other members of the clan.

"How do you remember that? Inoichi removed that from your mind!" said Tsume seeing Ulquiorra raise an eyebrow at her before raising his right hand to one of his eyes.

Before removing it much to their surprise.

"I never forgot. I remember everything. From my time as Uzumaki Naruto to what I am now. Do you want to see those memories? You and everyone around you needs to know my pain. Everyone needs to see things from point of view," said Ulquiorra before his eye dispersed into particles and covered the air around him with the people soon screaming out in pain at seeing the Arrancar's memories.

Memories of his life as Uzumaki Naruto, seeing his abuse, his struggles, the hate, and the fact Uchiha Sasuke was not the saint they thought him to be. They saw the memories of Ulquiorra Schiffer, his service to Sosuke Aizen, the killing of human beings, and every single battle the Arrancar fought.

'Oh Kami! Such pain. Such horror! Did we really do that to him? My Mother, my clan, and the entire village?' thought Hana, as she had never joined in those hunts, but that didn't mean she was guilty by association, and saw those large green eyes were so empty inside.

"You really think that pathetic piece of trash could remove my memories? When I was Uzumaki Naruto, the Kyuubi made sure all my memories were duplicated in the event such a thing happened, and to ensure I never forgot the abuse of the Leaf. I wanted to prove to everyone that they were wrong, but they couldn't stand the truth, and would rather live a lie to lessen their guilt," said Ulquiorra seeing Hana now shaking her head, crying, and trying to get the images out of her mind.

"I can't believe! You always told me he was a monster, but not once...not once did he lash out, and yet you still denounced him. Naruto wasn't the monster you said he was Mother. YOU ARE!" said Hana pointing at her own Mother and walked backwards into a wall.

"I know. I know I was. We were. However, it doesn't give him the right to do this now, and get his revenge," said Tsume seeing Ulquiorra tilt his head to the side.

"You are such a hypocrite. Do you know the reason why your Father ran away from your clan Inuzuka Hana? He ran because your Mother threatened to kill him if he was ever seen defending me from mobs like the one Uzumaki Naruto was saved from when he was 7 years old and denying her own revenge for the loss of her Aunt during the Kyuubi's attack," said Ulquiorra seeing Hana glaring now at her Mother.

"I want nothing to do with you. I renounce myself from the Inuzuka Clan!" said Hana before running off with Kiba calling back to her.

"Hana! You turned her against the clan! Like you did with Hinata against Konoha!" said Kiba seeing Ulquiorra shake his head and close his eyes.

"You have all done that yourself. I merely showed her the truth behind the actions of this village. Its not my fault her family is filled with arrogant trash," said Ulquiorra before feeling the presence Nara Shikaku's shadow trying to hold him in place and constrict his throat.

"You talk too much boy," said Nara Shikaku while trying to choke the Arrancar with his Shadow Strangulation Jutsu, but Ulquiorra wasn't budging, and showed no signs of being in pain.

"Maybe. Did you enjoy my past memories too?" said Ulquiorra before sensing Yamanaka Inoichi to his right.

"Hardly. I don't care what they show. You're time is over!" said Inoichi before using his Mind Shatter Jutsu to attack the Arrancar, but all it did was tilt the man's head to a slight fraction, and the former Espada turned his head to look at the shocked blonde.

"Surprised? You couldn't kill me with that when I was Uzumaki Naruto. What makes you think you can kill me with that Jutsu now?" said Ulquiorra seeing the man snarl at him before going for another Jutsu, but froze when the Arrancar pointed a finger at him, and saw Shikaku struggling to hold him back.

"I can't stop him!" said Shikaku seeing Choza expand his arms and fist to large sizes before bringing both limbs down on Ulquiorra.

Who caught them with one hand like they were nothing.

"You never could from the start. 'Cero!'" said Ulquiorra, as he fired the beam of energy at Inoichi, and put a hole right through his chest where the heart would have been.

"Inoichi!" said Choza before crying out in pain at the sudden strike from Ulquiorra in knocking them away while breaking them in the process.

"Fool," said Ulquiorra before turning to face Shikaku, who had retracted his shadow, and was taking several steps back.

"I guess this is checkmate," said Shikaku seeing Ulquiorra turn his right hand into a fist.

"For you? Yes. 'Bala!'" said Ulquiorra before firing his attack at Shikaku and continued walking away without even looking back.

Making his way to the center of the village, Ulquiorra Schiffer found himself surrounded on all sides by Shinobi of every rank, even the Uchiha was there, and of course Tsunade herself leading them with Jiraiya right beside her. Shizune wasn't with them, but the man sensed she was in the hospital, and filled with regret for the actions of her teacher.

"You're going to die brat! And this time you're going to stay dead!" said Tsunade seeing Ulquiorra look from her to Jiraiya to the remaining Rookies.

"Did you tell her yet Jiraiya?" said Ulquiorra ignoring Tsunade and focusing on the Toad Sannin in front of him.

"Tell me what?" said Tsunade looking from the Arrancar to Jiraiya while the Toad Sannin became nervous.

"Your little ambush party in Wave Country when the alliance between Kumo and Mist was being made didn't work due to my ability to sense them. I was informed of the plot well in advance by the Raikage and he got his information from one source by the name of Jiraiya the Toad Sannin," said Ulquiorra seeing Tsunade glaring at him and clearly not believing his words.

"Liar!" said Tsunade seeing Ulquiorra shrug slightly like it was immaterial to him.

"Believe what you want old hag, but I never lie, and find that the truth is the most painful weapon of all to use against you. Tell her Ero-Sennin. Tell her how you silently leaked out that information in order to bribe me for the forgiveness you desire and will never be given," said Ulquiorra seeing Jiraiya looking nervous while Tsunade turned her head in his direction.

"All right! I admit it! I told him because I want his forgiveness Tsunade and I'm not the only one. Several Jounin, Chuunin, and the remaining Rookies are guilt ridden over what we did to Uzumaki Naruto in the past," said Jiraiya, as his voice was filled with regret, and saw Ulquiorra draw his zanpakuto.

"I'll kill you later. Right now I want this thing killed right now!" said Tsunade pointing at the Arrancar.

"You do not regret hurting me when I was Uzumaki Naruto? Your Godson? At all?" said Ulquiorra seeing the woman spit on the ground in front of her.

"My only regret is not coming back to Konoha sooner to kill you myself when you were still a damn baby!" said Tsunade while Jiraiya just winced.

'Oh yeah Tsunade. Like that's not going to make the situation worse,' thought Jiraiya seeing Ulquiorra's eyes narrow slightly.

"I see. Search your hearts for what you all value the most. For I have come to take them from you and in every form such valuables could take shape. 'Enclose Murciélago!'" said Ulquiorra before he transformed into his Resurrección form.

'Oh Kami!' thought Jiraiya sensing the intense power behind the transformation and yet sensed the man was just getting started.

"Consider this an honor. Not even Iwa saw my second transformation," said Ulquiorra seeing everyone was shaking in fear at the sight of him.

But it wasn't enough. Not nearly enough!

"You're bluffing! You couldn't possibly become even stronger then you already are?" said Sasuke in disbelief at the Arrancar's words.

"You should at least know one thing about me by now Uchiha Sasuke. I don't bluff. Now you will feel true despair upon witnessing my second form and see what only a handful in life have ever witnessed. 'Resurrección: Segunda Etapa!'" said Ulquiorra before he was once again consumed in black energy with a green outline, which after vanishing seconds later had revealed the Arrancar's terrifying form, and the thickness of his already intense spiritual pressure making his last statement of them feeling true despair becoming real when everyone around the former Espada fell to their knees.

'He's a monster!' thought Tsunade, as Ulquiorra Schiffer walked towards her, and gripped the woman by the throat before lifting her off the ground to look the woman dead in the eyes.

"You're a disgrace to your family Senju Tsunade. You betrayed so many people and even now do not regret it in the slightest. Even though some of the people in the Leaf wish to redeem themselves for their past sins, I will not let them, as they are too little too late, and have no reason to grant any of you mercy," said Ulquiorra seeing Uchiha Sasuke glaring at him hatefully while trying to fight the despair the Arrancar's spiritual pressure had created.

"And how exactly are you going to kill all of us?" said Sasuke trying to stand up, but fell back down to his knees, and could almost hear the grunt of annoyance from Ulquiorra at his question.

"Simple. I'm going to devour your souls. You will not exist anymore after today. Almost every single person in this village will have their souls sucked out and be digested within my body," said Ulquiorra seeing several people struggling to rise, but were failing to do so, and saw fearful realization grip his former Godmother's heart.

"Naruto...I'm...sorry. Don' this. mercy!" said Tsunade seeing Ulquiorra just blink once when looking at her.

"Naruto? I am not that human boy. I am not the naïve child this village spent most of his childhood life making miserable for something that wasn't his fault. In your last breath, you say that you are sorry, but I know it is lie, and a pathetic one at that. As for mercy? There is no mercy in me to give people like you. I am despair in its purest form that you all had in creating through the boy's death. Now you will die too, only in the worst way possible, and without a means to see what lies beyond on the other side. 'Gonzui!'" said Ulquiorra, as he proceeded to suck the souls out of everyone around him, and devour them into his body.

With his task done, Ulquiorra then shot a Lanza del Relámpago into the air to signal Kumo, and Mist waiting not far from the village to invade Konoha.

The Leaf would not survive this invasion.

(Epilogue-Several Years Later)

Ulquiorra smiled at his wife Hinata, as she held their beautiful baby girl in her arms, and saw the giggling child smile up at him. Yes Ulquiorra had finally learned what it meant to have emotions after so long with the help of Hinata, Fu, Killer Bee, Gaara, and the people in Wave Country he came to visit every so often.

After the fall the Leaf, the remains of it were divided evenly among Kumo, and Mist with the latter of the two acquiring more in terms of clans to bulk up their Shinobi forces. The village's Jutsus, money, and whatever couldn't be nailed down was taken by the combined allied army once again under Ulquiorra's supervision.

After the place was completely emptied out, the Arrancar quickly obliterated the entire village using his Cero Oscuras with the blast destroying everything within Konoha above, and below with the secret Root base along with all its members also wiped out too. Of course Danzo had tried to use his Sharingan Eyes mixed with the Shodaime's bloodline in his hidden arm to escape, but Ulquiorra wouldn't let him, and removed the man after the Arrancar threw him into the Garganta.

As for Kumo, they acquired the remnants of the Hyuuga Clan on the Branch Family side, as most of the Main family was killed with the exception of Hinata's sister Hanabi, who was currently in Mist with Konohamaru after they married to rebuild the Hyuuga Clan there, and start things over with a fresh start. Shizune had surrendered to Ulquiorra, as she lay before him at his mercy before being taken to Mist, but in the past few years since being there had several apprentices, who had gone out into the world, and used their medical skills to help others in need.

"What do we name her Ulquiorra-kun?" said Hinata, as she held their baby girl in her arms, and the child filled with so much love.

"Her name will be...Orihime," said Ulquiorra, as he gently brushed his finger against the newly named girl's cheek, and the child loved it.

"After that girl? The one, who didn't fear you in the end?" said Hinata, as she saw him nod, and knew the girl had started the process for Ulquiorra to understand the human heart.

"Yes. How is Anko doing? I understand her mood has been less then pleasant since she began showing in her pregnancy," said Ulquiorra seeing Hinata smile knowing that the man before her had a hand in that.

Along with Fu's too.

"Anko's doing okay given the circumstance. She still says its going to be a boy and has threatened to cause you physical harm if told otherwise," said Hinata knowing the woman was complaining each day about looking like a beached whale.

"And Fu is acting in a similar fashion too only she's saying twins," said Ulquiorra while trying to think up names for his offspring.

"How is Han doing these days? I heard from Ayame in her letter she's pregnant and that the man is the Father," said Hinata seeing Ulquiorra nod in agreement.

"He is. The man loves his wife and child to death. Only a fool would come after him now," said Ulquiorra smiling more at his daughter falling asleep.

"I still can't believe Roshi fell in love with the Mizukage. He's even starting his own clan with her, Konan, and just recently Shizune asked to be a part of it," said Hinata seeing the man nod.

"They trusted me in bringing them the happiness they desired and I delivered on it like I promised," said Ulquiorra seeing Hinata nod in agreement.

"That you did Ulquiorra-kun. That you did," said Hinata smiling at her husband while looking at the man's chest where his Hollow hole had been.

The hole wasn't there anymore. Ulquiorra Schiffer now knew what it was like to have a heart.


(Omake #1-How Maito Gai and Rock Lee Died)

"Yosh! We must stop Ulquiorra-san from achieving victory over the Leaf Gai-sensei," said Lee with Gai nodding his head vigorously in agreement.

"Yes Lee, we must! If I don't, I shall run one thousand laps around Konoha while upside down, and if I can't do that then I'll balance myself on a giant cube of ice using only my tongue!" said Gai with Lee writing his words down.

"And I will do the same. If I can't, then I will destroy one thousand training posts with a single strike of my fist, and if I can't do that then I'll clean out the Inuzuka kennels with a single feather plucked from a chicken," said Lee while Gai just gushed at his attitude.





And on cue was the Genjutsu with the sunrise and wave beach while they hugged.

"Cero!" said Ulquiorra, as his blast disintegrated them both, and the Arrancar just kept on walking.

'That was the one Genjutsu that could have possibly defeated Ulquiorra and they blow it. Energetic bakas,' thought Kami shaking his head while seeing the pile of paperwork being caused by the Arrancar's path of destruction before weeping.

All the power in the Universe and he had to do something stupid by creating paperwork!

(End Omake)

(Omake #2-Entering the Soul Society)

Ulquiorra had lived a long lasting life with his wives and his children until at last he died of old age. Hinata, Anko, and Fu had all died soon after with their children living happily in Kumo raising their children. As Ulquiorra along with the others reached the gate to enter Soul Society, the doors opened, and the former Espada stopped with wide eyes at who was there to greet them.

"Welcome to Soul Society! I'm," said Ichigo, as he stared at Ulquiorra Schiffer, and the pale skinned man stared back.

There was a lengthy silence.

An echoing silence that lingered for several more seconds after that.

"YOU!" yelled Ulquiorra and Ichigo at the same time while pointing a finger at each other.

Before Ichigo fainted while Ulquiorra recovered with a smirk.

"I win again Kurosaki Ichigo," said Ulquiorra before stepping over Ichigo and motioning the others to follow him in.

Never bet against a man who has the Devil's Luck in them twice over.

(End Omake)

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