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He's evil, right?

"You may be friends, but if you continue to be a Shinigami, you'll slowly be devoured by the hollow inside you, and lose your mind. When that happens, its game over. Your own power will destroy everything: your friends, your future, and yourself… everything will be ground to bits. Come join us, Ichigo."

That's what he said to me, the Visard, Shinji, that had come to me a few nights ago.

I knew he was right, even before Shinji had showed up, I could hear the Hollow's voice growing stronger, getting louder, easier to understand. Sometimes, I would only be able to hear a faint whispering, while other times I could hear the Hollow yelling at me in the back of my head; insulting me, calling me weak. Those 'other times' were getting more frequent.

I knew he was right, but that doesn't mean I had to accept that, or join them. Like hell was I gonna join them, they could go find some other human-turned-Shinigami-turned-Visard to join them.

I guess I was paying for thinking that now, maybe I did need their help.

"Ichigo, fall back now!" Rukia shouted, "Le-ea-," But her words were cut off as the Arrancar who had introduced himself as Grimmjow suddenly appeared in front of her and jabbed his hand into her gut.

"Rukia!" Ichigo yelled as he grabbed Zangetsu off of his back and charged Grimmjow. He swung, but Grimmjow stopped it with his wrist, a board expression on his face. He flicked his writs to the side, sending Ichigo flying backwards a ways, "Oi, you underestimating me Shinigami?" he said as he scratched the side of his face, "Ah well, I still don't feel like killen' you yet anyways." He paused, an evil grin crawled across his face, "Cut the crap Shinigami, and show me your Bankai! If you don't, then I'll do the same thing that I did to your little friend over there and put a fuckin' hole through ya!"

Over where he had landed, Ichigo scowled, but brought Zangetsu in front of him, resting his left arm on his right, the wrappings on Zangetsu's hilt wrapped itself around his arm. "Ban Kai!" When the dust cleared, Ichigo had a slimmer, pitch black blade in his hands, and was wearing a black long-sleeve tattered jacket that went down past his knees. It was connected at his chest, but flared out as it went down.

"That's it? That's your Bankai? That's so pitiful! It's tiny!" Grimmjow said, suppressing laughter.

In response, Ichigo disappeared and reappeared in front of Grimmjow, swinging the black Tensa Zangetsu at his head. He dodged. Swing at his legs-dodge. Swing at his head again-he caught the black blade in his hands, and smiled before throwing Ichigo backwards once again.

This time, he didn't go just a few feet backwards; he got thrown a few blocks. Ichigo hadn't even stopped moving yet, when Grimmjow appeared in front of him, ready to stab him with his hand. His grin widened when he saw the surprised look on Ichigo's face.

To his surprise though, Ichigo was suddenly behind him, swinging his black blade straight at Grimmjow's face. He caught it on his elbow. Smirking, he kicked Ichigo hard, in the head, sending him flying backwards. Before he got more than a few feet, Grimmjow appeared above him and kicked him again; this time straight down.

Grimmjow appeared next to the small crater where Ichigo had landed, "Psh, like I said, that thing's a Bankai? Pathetic."

Expecting Ichigo to be knocked out, Grimmjow walked forward a few steps, so he was standing on the edge of the rapidly dispersing dust cloud. "Getsuga Tenshou!

Grimmjow was defiantly not expecting the black-and-red-tinted attack, and hastily put up his arms in defense. He was blown back, and when the attack ended, he was left with a bloody gash across his forearms and chest. It would most likely scar.

He slowly lowered his arms, a murderous look on his face, "What sort of technique was that, cause' it defiantly wasn't in Ulquiorra's report, Shinigami."

Across from Grimmjow, Ichigo smirked, "How's that Arrancar, did I end your disappointment?"

'What's a matter Ichigo? You're lookin' kinda' tired there.' Ichigo could practically see the Hollow smirking at him, standing there, twirling his white Tensa Zangetsu by the chain at the end.

Black tendrils started creeping across his vision, he could feel the Hollow taking control, "No, not yet… Wait just a little longer, damn it!" He brought his free hand up, resting his hand on his head, but kept his eyes locked onto Grimmjow.

"Ha, it seems that it's finally worth killing you, Shinigami!" he frowned, "Stop staring into space! It's my turn now!"

When Grimmjow was saying this, Ichigo had indeed been spacing out, 'Shit, that attack was originally used by the Hollow, using it brings him out faster, at this rate, I'll only be able to use it two or three times without losing it.'

'Or, you could be nice and let me have some fun'

Ichigo ignored him, he didn't have time to be wasting arguing with the Hollow, Grimmjow had decided he had recovered enough, and had jumped at him, sword drawn. He crashed into Ichigo's black blade, forcing him back.

Ichigo winced as their blades met, his head was still pounding from hitting the sidewalk, and it didn't help that he was fighting off the growing presence of the Hollow, who was slowly gaining more and more control. His movements were sluggish, and he could hear the words whispered by the Hollow, teasing him, mocking him, calling him weak, useless.

'You're weak, you're letting this little weakling beat you up, let me have control, let me fight him, you're weak and pathetic, useless, let me out, let me have control.'

Ichigo grit his teeth, even though he didn't respond to the Hollow, he could still hear his remarks loud and clear, and they were starting to bother him, because Ichigo could see it. He was weak; Grimmjow was playing with him, swinging his sword not with the intent to hit him, but to make him see how weak he was before he finished Ichigo off.

'You're weak, I could do a much better job.'

That did it, pushing off of Grimmjow's blade, he put some distance between them. Grimmjow stood up straight and smiled, content to sit there while his opponent attempted to catch his breath.

"Fine, you think you can do a better job, then here." He mentally stepped back and pushed the Hollow forward, into control.

For a moment, the Hollow just stood there stunned, before breaking out into a shit-eating grin, "Oh, this is interesting Ichigo, very interesting indeed." The Hollow mask started forming on the left side of his face in all of its white and red glory.

Across from Hollow Ichigo, Grimmjow's grin faded slightly, "Who're you talking to, Shinigami? And what's that on your face."

The grin on Hollow Ichigo's face grew wider, and he let out a laugh, distorted and made unnecessarily creepy by his hollow voice, "You got it wrong, Arrancar, I'm no Shinigami." as he said this, he brought the black Tensa Zangetsu up to about chest height, and parallel to the ground.

Grimmjow narrowed his eyes, "If you are not a Shinigami, them what are you."

"Who knows?" was Hollow Ichigo's simple response as he slid his hand across the blade, turning it white. With no warning, Hollow Ichigo lunged at Grimmjow, slashing at him and forcing him backwards. Laughing manically the whole time.

This time, it was Grimmjow who found himself thinking he was weak, he was being pushed backwards, and it didn't even seem like Hollow Ichigo was trying.

Grimmjow blocked a slash aimed at his head from above, but was confused when Hollow Ichigo brought his hand up to about the middle of the blade. He smiled wickedly, "Getsuga Tenshou."

This time, instead of the black red-tinted wave of power, a white wave was fired at him from point-black range.

Grimmjow had managed to get a hand up in time though, and perform a Cero to counter the attack; the resulting explosion blew both Hollow Ichigo and Grimmjow backwards.

When the dust cleared, Hollow Ichigo laughed, "This is fun! I really need to do this more often!" And was about to charge Grimmjow again, when he sensed another portal to Hueco Mundo opening. He stopped and frowned, "You guys are runnin' around like little cockroaches, ain't chya?"

The portal had opened right behind Grimmjow, and the figure who had come out put his hand on Grimmjow's shoulder, "We are leaving, now."

Grimmjow's eye twitched, "Che, fine Tousen." He turned and started walking toward the portal, but stopped, "Oi, Shinigami or whatever you are, you got lucky, you would have never survived against my released form. Do not forget my name, and hope that you'll never heat it again. Grimmjow Jaguarjack!" he turned back around and walked into the portal.

Hollow Ichigo smiled, as the portal was closing, he cheerily called out, "Okaaaaay Grimmy! I won't forget youuuuu!" and waved at the, no doubt pissed, Grimmjow.

Ichigo didn't know what to do. He had been able to see the whole fight go on and had to admit, the Hollow was pretty good. Even though Ichigo hated to admit it, the Hollow was faster and was defiantly better at using Getsuga Tenshou than he was.

But that wasn't the problem right now. As the angry face of Grimmjow disappeared behind the portal to Hueco Mundo, Ichigo was faced with a new problem-getting his body back under his control. Every other time the Hollow had taken control, it had been by force, so Ichigo had felt fully justified to take back control by force. But this time, Ichigo had stepped down and let the Hollow take control. It felt...not wrong exactly, but not right either to go fight for control.

Ichigo was quiet. What do you say to the hollow that lives inside your head after you gave it control of your body, but now want that control back?

Outwardly, Hollow Ichigo laughed, "At a loss for words are we?" He paused to laugh here again, and stabbed the white Tensa Zangetsu into the ground in front of him. "Well anyway, I'm board. See ya aibou!" and he promptly pushed Ichigo back into control, disappearing back into Ichigo's Inner World somewhere.

Ichigo didn't understand, isn't that what the Hollow had wanted, freedom? Why hadn't he taken this golden opportunity to steal Ichigo's body and went on a killing rampage or something; Ichigo was defiantly weak enough were he would have lost, and the Hollow had known it. Ichigo reached forward and grabbed the white Tensa Zangetsu's hilt, turning it back to black with his touch. Wasn't he just like all other hollows; craving death and destruction all the time?

If so, then why had he given Ichigo back control of his body? He's just like all the other hollows, right? He's evil, right?

This concludes the first chapter of Orange and White Strawberries. I saw this idea out there in a few fanfics, but they weren't very well thought out, and it was kinda disappointing. There was one that I found that was planned out very good, but it hadn't been updated in forever. I was disappointed at that...