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Black and White vs. Dad part 2

I cursed and dodged another swing from my dad's sword. Damn he was fast. When did he get so fast?

Across the clearing, the Hollow – well I guess I should call him Hichigo now – laughed. Since he couldn't touch anyone, he decided to sit across the clearing and watch me get beaten up by my father. Stupid bastard, he should just go die in a hole.

"Yeah! Slice him up! I wanna see some blood!" What the hell? He was encouraging this? I repeat, he should go die in – not a hole – a ditch.

I turned and yelled at him, "Hey, whose side are you on!" Only to turn and quickly pull Zangetsu up in defense; my dad had swung his sword again, almost hitting my face.

The only response from my pale double was maniacal laughter.

"Ichigo! Pay attention to me!" My father had decided to go through with his original plan of trying to force us to work together, even though it was obviously not working. He said that if it didn't work, it would make me a better fighter anyway. I personally think he just wanted a reason to beat me up. You know, payback, for all the times I kicked him in the face. Or threw him out of a window.

Anyway, that's how the rest of the day went. Me getting beaten up by my dad, and Hichigo yelling for my blood until I finally collapsed in exhaustion.

When I came to, I was laying on my back in the clearing I passed out in earlier. I opened my eyes, but quickly shut them. It was way too bright out.

I opened my eyes again – slower this time – and sat up. I groaned as I got into a sitting position. I was so damn sore! Well, I guess that's to be expected, I had been fighting constantly for practically the whole day yesterday, and I had been on the losing end the whole time. How was my dad so strong?

I noted that all of the cuts I had gotten the previous day were gone too – when was my dad planning on telling me he could use healing Kido?

'Damn, I'm so sore!' The voice of my pale double snapped me out of my thoughts. It must have been the next day if he was back in my head.

"Oh, so you're back? Whoopee."

'Hmp, you sound disappointed.'

"When was you're first guess?"

While I was arguing with Hichigo, my dad had come out from where ever he had been to stand in front of me. "Ichigo."

I looked up surprised, I hadn't noticed him walk up. For a moment, I fought the urge to reflexively move to the side and kick him out of a window as he flew towards me. But, there was a few things wrong with that. First, there were no windows in the clearing. Second, he wasn't flying towards me, he was looking down at me with his arms crossed.

"We will continue with our training as soon as you eat." With that, he tossed a bag of food at me. I hadn't realized how hungry I was until I smelled the food. I hadn't eaten since lunch the previous day. Ravenously, I attacked the food, and was done in a matter of minutes.

"Ok, stand up. We're starting again." What, he couldn't give me a minute to relax? I didn't have any more time to complain though, because I had to roll to the left to avoid an incoming strike. I hadn't even stood up yet! What the hell!

I quickly jumped up, and put a bit of distance between us. I pulled Zangetsu in front of me, into my fighting stance. For a moment, we stood. Waiting for the other to make the first move.

Suddenly, I lunged. I was across the field and in front of my father in less than a second – gotta love shunpo – and swung Zangetsu in a downward arch.

My blade was stopped with my father's. He smirked up at me and pushed me away. I wasted no time in charging him, swinging Zangetsu at his side this time.

We exchanged hits, with Dad's smaller, more maneuverable sword giving me a few scrapes now and then.

I managed to give him a few cuts, but not near as many as he gave me.

As we fought, a random thought crossed my mind. "Hichigo's being kinda quiet, I thought he would like to beat my dad up. Then again, he would like to beat everyone up."

'Damn straight I would!"

"Oh darn, you heard me."

'I live in your head. Did you think I wouldn't hear ya?'

"One can hope."

'W-whoa, that actually sounded sophisticated. How'd ya do that?'

"Shut up!" After that he started laughing. And laughing, and laughing, and guess what! Laughing! God, he is so annoying!

"Ichigo! Pay attention, we're in the middle of a fight here!" Oh that's right. I was fighting.

I snapped back to reality just in time to block the incoming strike from my dad. Stupid Hichigo, and his distracting laughter. I almost got skewered! Thankfully he had calmed down and was just giggling now.

'What the fuck! I don't giggle!'


He was grumbling now. It's better than that creepy giggling at least.

He growled, "I. Don't. Giggle."

When I was talking to Hichigo this time, I made sure to keep tabs on what was going on around me. It was a little strange, to be talking – well, thinking – to someone who wasn't there, and it was a little hard to keep track of where my dad was at all times when I was talking (thinking) to Hichigo.

A few times, I got completely lost and ended up with a gash across my left arm. It wasn't very deep, and it would heal without a problem, but it sure as hell hurt.

Our blades crashed again, and as I was pushed away from my dad, something dawned on me. Hichigo wasn't trying to take control. He was just sitting there making comments.

'Is that what cha' were expecting? 'Cause I could if I want to.' Right after he said that, my body froze up. I could feel the presence of the Hollow slowly taking control.

Darkness started to creep across my vision, and I could feel my mouth move against my will, curling into a psychotic grin.

Across from me, I could see that my father had stopped, and was watching. No doubt waiting to see if we had made some sort of agreement – which we hadn't.

I started to fight back against him, but the next thing he said to me made me stop.

'Aw, no fun Ichigo. I wanted to mess with daddy for awhile.'

My eye twitched when he called him 'daddy' but I decided to let him have some fun. I mean, if things got out of hand then my dad could handle it. He was strong, a lot stronger than me. Plus, I wanted to see if Hichigo would willingly give back control again.

If it could, Hichigo's smile became even more maniacal, "Ok then!" He brought Zangetsu in front of him, "Let me show ya how you're suppose ta fight!" He slid his hand down the length of the blade, a lot like Renji. The colors changed as his hand went further down, changing into the black and white version of Zangetsu.

With that, he charged.

I realized then, that the Hollow had a lot of free time. He couldn't have come up with some of these maneuvers just now, the way he was twisting around and attacking at seemingly random times. He must like, pick fights with Zangetsu or something to come up with some of these moves.

Pushing these thoughts aside, I focused on the battle going on outside.

Their blades met, and I saw that Hichigo was able to push my father back, if only slightly.

I really need to find out how he can be exactly the same as me, but still be stronger. Same exact body and everything, yet he is still stronger.

Surprisingly, I got an answer.

'Control. My control over reiatsu is better than yours, so I can focus it better. Which means that I can focus a little bit of reiatsu into my strikes, making them stronger.'

"Oh…" I said intelligently. I hadn't really been expecting an answer, especially from him. I focused back in on the fight.

Hichigo had decided to try a new tactic. He jumped back, and put some distance between them. He threw Zangetsu into the air and grabbed the black cloth hanging from the end, swinging Zangetsu in a circle.

His smile widened a bit, and then he threw the sword. Zangetsu traveled faster, and with more force than you would expect of a sword that big, so it caught dad completely off guard. He pulled his Zanpakuto up and caught Zangetsu on his blade. I think he was surprised when he was pushed back a few feet.

Hichigo wasted no time. Laughing, he pulled on the black cloth, and Zangetsu was back in his hands in a flash. He threw it again, slicing dad's arm. This time though, he started running at dad. He pulled on the black cloth once more, and caught Zangetsu.

By this time, he was directly in front of dad, and swung in a downward arch. Dad was able to block, and pushed Hichigo away, but the hollow just flashed to his side and attempted to slice his stomach.

Dad had recovered from the shock of having a sword thrown at him, and spun – faster than either of us had thought possible – crashing his blade into Hichigo's, throwing him backwards. Hichigo used the momentum to back flip, and landed on his feet, smiling like crazy.

My dad also smiled, just not as psychotically. "Oh, I see. You two might be the same, but you both have different fighting styles. Yours being more unpredictable."

Hichigo laughed, "Who cares? This is fun!" He made a move to charge again, but dad stopped him.

"It's late, we're stopping for the day. We'll continue tomorrow, you can leave, but make sure you're back here by morning." With that, he left. Probably going back home to bother Yuzu and Karin.

Looking around, I noticed that it was indeed late out – it looked around eight or nine at night.

"Damn, it was just getting fun too." Hichigo brought Zangetsu up and placed him on his back, "Oh well, we continue tomorrow!"

With that, he stepped out of control. Leaving me wondering what exactly had happened to make him so cooperative.

I was leaning against one of the many trees surrounding the clearing. Occasionally, I would yell some 'encouraging words' to aibou, like "Let's see some blood! Woo!" So what if it was aibou's blood that I wanted to see?

I had decided against going back into Ichigo's Inner World; watching these two beat each other up was much more entertaining.

Well, it was more like Isshin was pounding Ichigo. It was so obvious that Isshin had loads more experience. I wonder how old he actually is?

Oh well, back to the entertainment!

Ichigo lunged at his dad again, only to be knocked backwards. This time, when he fell on his back, he didn't get up. The little weakling had passed out.

I sighed, and I wondered what Isshin would do if I decided to try and kill Ichigo now. I mean, we couldn't touch each other, so he couldn't stop me. I stood up and started walking over towards Ichigo. I noticed that Isshin had tensed slightly when I started to approach. I wonder why?

I stopped in front of Ichigo, and reached behind me for Zangetsu. I positioned the black and white blade so it hovered over my counterpart's neck.

"You won't do it."

I turned my head to look at Isshin, narrowing my eyes. A grin started to crawl onto my face. "Oh, and why not?"

He slid his sword back into its sheath, and crossed his arms, "Because, if you wanted to kill him you would have done so right from the start. You wouldn't wait until I knocked him out."

"Che." I removed Zangetsu from Ichigo's neck, placing him back on my back, "Life would get dangerous if I killed him now." I paused, and also crossed my arms, "So, ya gonna tell me how to get back into his head?"

"Why do you not want to work with Ichigo? You're stuck with each other, whether you like it or not, so why not work together?" What the hell! He completely ignored my question!

I answered his question though, "Because! He was planning on going to the Visard so they could chain me up or something, and teach Ichigo how to use me like a tool! All's I've ever done is save his ass! And, and he's weak too!" I finished my little mini-rant with a huff.

I saw Isshin raise his eyebrow out of the corner of my eye, "From my understanding, Ichigo refused to go to the Visard in the first place. It was only when he lost control did he decide to go."

I had no comeback for that, so I just stayed quiet.

After a moment of silence, Isshin spoke up again, "If you don't decide to cooperate, I really will send him to the Visard."

With that, he disappeared into the night.

Wait! How was I supposed to get back into Ichigo's Inner World!

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