Title: Speak Now
Summary: She floats down the aisle. Like a pageant queen But I know you wish it was me. You wish it was me
Word Count: 167
Rating: T
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I would get him back on time!
I just knew I would.
I saw her; she took him away from us.
He was overly obsessed about her he saw never us anymore.
We were perfect together.

Today they were getting married and I had to stop it, there was that Taylor Lautner, no, Swift song can't remember what the shit it was called where she stopped the guy from marrying.
I would do that!

I saw his family cast me sympathetic looks, I think, it was either that or they were glaring at me. Gah, it was sympathy I was sure.

After half an hour the priest said, "Speak now or hold your peace."

I was just about to speak out when Alice, his sister, yanked me down back to my seat.

"You will not ruin this for him Tanya," she growled.

I slumped down as I watched 'Edward Cullen get married to Isabella Swan.'

The man-whore was off the market and he didn't belong to me.