It was at noon

When the president got shot,

And in Spain.

The bullet penetrated his chest

But it imbedded in my soul

And perhaps in the heart of the Nation

Back in America

To witness this assassination,

Why was it my fate?

In the despair it caused,

I called my wife and kids

To give my bleeding words,

And get my heart mended.

But, it was no avail,

The bullet sunk into my heart

Even deeper.

Then came the most unexpected,

An explosion

As I was just finishing the call

As I opened my eyes

Grey ashes stood their ground

I saw

Children crying in pain

Adults aiding children.

One bodyguard still stood,

While others were tightly

embracing the Earth.

Guilt began to enwrap me

Like a giant python

Winding against my rib cage.

It was my fault

As I saw the man

Near a window in an upper floor.

But, I ignored my guts feeling.

How can I live


With my negligent guilt heart?