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Bella's POV

I opened my eyes and took a look at my surroundings. I had no idea where I was, but I was in some sort of paradise because it appeared as if everything around me was perfection. I closed my eyes again because I had to be dreaming. Wait a minute! I'm a vampire. I can't dream.

"Hello, Isabella," a familiar voice greeted.

"Brewmaster?" I asked.


"Am I dead?"

"Open your goddamned eyes, Bella!"

I popped open my eyes and sat up. I was in a bed, an extremely comfortable king-sized bed with clean, white sheets and a down comforter along with a high-end memory foam pillow. Someone was clearly thinking about my needs. I looked up to see a tall, Native American man dressed in pajamas and a bathrobe, alongside a beautiful woman with striking green eyes and wavy chocolate-colored locks of hair. She looked vaguely familiar.

"Um, hello," I greeted. "I'm Bella, Bella Swan."

The beautiful woman hugged me. "You're okay, my child. You have survived."

"I have?" I looked around me. "Um, yeah, I have. I…" I felt a strange urge in my bladder all of a sudden. "Excuse me, would you please direct me to the ladies room?"

"Of course, of course! The bathroom is located just through that door there."

"Thank you." I tried to hop out of the bed, but landed with a thump on my bottom. "Ouch."

I stood up and walked to where she said the bathroom was located. I reached for a doorknob and she corrected me. "Not that one, dear, that's your closet. The one on the other side."

I opened the door to a magnificent bathroom with a jacuzzi tub that could fit at least four people, a separate spa shower, a huge marble vanity, a toilet with a separate bidet, and a sauna. "Gee whiz!" I said out loud.

I pulled down my pajama pants, sat on the toilet, and peed…I actually… Hang on? Since when do I pee again? I'm a vampire and vampires don't pee. I stopped my flow of urine then started it again. No, I'm definitely peeing. Stop. Start. Stop. Start. Cool! At least my Kegel exercises have paid off, but I digress. What the hell is happening to me?

I quickly finished up my business, washed my hands, and rushed back to the room I was in. "Um, hello again."

"Hello," the couple greeted.

"Excuse me. Exactly where am I and how did I come to be here?"

"You are in the spirit world. You are here because…"

"Because I died?" I asked, both horrified and sad at the same time.

"No, you are not dead—at least not yet. We summoned you here."

"You did?" I narrowed my eyes at the couple. "Who are you anyway?"

"I am the voice you know as Brewmaster."

"Oh, yeah, you're Taha Aki in person, right?"


"Which means you're Didyme," I said to the woman.

She smiled at me. "Such an intelligent girl. So smart and beautiful. It's obvious that you are my daughter."

My eyes widened at that revelation. "Say what?"

"You are my child, my natural daughter."

"No, I am not. My father is Charlie Swan and my m…birth mother is Renee Higgenbotham."

"Charlie Swan is definitely your father, but Renee Higgenbotham is your mother on paper only. Didyme is your actual mother," Taha Aki informed me.

"Oh, that's really nice and fucked up. Thank you for telling me," I replied and collapsed straight onto my bed.

Peter's POV

I watched in horror as Bella was propelled into a tree, the sound of her skull cracking resonated throughout the forest. I couldn't think about her now. I had to consider the greater good. I dropped onto Vlad Dracul's back from the tree limb I'd been hiding in and ripped him apart. The guy didn't have a chance. I had taken him unaware. Alice, to my surprise, started a fire, and pitched Vlad's discarded body parts inside.

After, the demon was up in flames, she held both hands up and said to me, "Your mate truly has a pure heart. She will bring peace to the world." Alice smiled and rubbed her temples. "Yes, I can see that. Thank her for me, will you? Thank her for showing me genuine kindness. I'm going to my Charlotte now."

With those words, she stepped into the pyre and Alice was no more.

I rushed back to Bella. She was unconscious—completely unconscious. Vampires could never become unconscious, could they?

"Bella! Bella!" I yelled, but there was no reaction. I couldn't tell whether she was dead or alive. What the hell was going on?

"Brewmaster? Brewmaster?" I cried, but there was no answer.

"Bella, please wake up! Please! Goddamnit, Bella, wake up!" I screamed, but she didn't move. "Bella, please? I love you! Please, Bella, don't leave me here. I love you! I love you!"

Suddenly, I heard feet running towards me. "Peter, what's going on? What's wrong with Bella?"

"I don't know, Dad," I told Charlie. "She's not waking up."

And we cried in each others arms because we didn't know what else to do.

Bella's POV

"My Bella. My sweet Bella. Honey, it's time to wake up," a soft, gentle voice cooed. I felt a warm hand stroke my forehead and coax me awake.

I opened my eyes and smiled. "Aunty Sarah!"

"Oh, my Bella you've grown so much and become so beautiful."

"What are you doing here?"

"Well, I came to help. I thought you might want to see a familiar face right now."

"Oh, yes, definitely. So, why am I here?"

"Oh, Taha Aki brought you up for a visit. You're going to need a bit of time to heal from your injuries."

"He brought me up for a visit? How?"

"Ah, well, the great spirit warrior has many powers. He can control things on earth and in the spirit world as long as it's for the greater good. He has been waiting a long time to meet you."

"Wait a second, Taha Aki is the great spirit warrior?"

"Yes, he is. In his human form, his name is Taha Aki."

"Um, Peter told me that Taha Aki only got to the spirit world in 1850. How could he be the great spirit warrior because I'm assuming the spirit world has been around for much longer than 1850?"

"Hmm…how shall I explain this? When Taha Aki came to the spirit world in 1850, the previous great spirit warrior decided to give up his mantle and give it to Taha Aki."

"Why would he do that?"

"He sensed that the turmoil in the mythological world would come to a peak and he knew that Taha Aki would be the only one with enough creativity to tackle the problem. Part of being a great spirit warrior is knowing your limits. The previous great spirit warrior and the ones before him all knew when to say enough."

"That's kind of…well, that's quite impressive."

"Yes, it is. I suppose that's why they are great spirit warriors."

My stomach growled at that moment.

"Oh, Bella, we must get you fed. Follow me."

I did as she asked and followed her to the most awesome kitchen in the world. Sarah poked into the refrigerator, grabbed a jug of milk, and placed it on the middle of the kitchen island along with two bowls, two spoons, and a box of Cocoa Pebbles.

"Go on, honey, make yourself a bowl."

"Wait a second! How come Peter got treated to a feast and I get Cocoa Pebbles?"

"We're in Taha Aki's house, Didyme can't cook."

"Oh, that's right, she practically poisoned everyone with her cooking the last time."

"I heard that, Bella!" Didyme said, walking into the kitchen. She grabbed a bowl and a spoon and poured herself some cereal and milk. She stared into my eyes and smiled. "I can't get over how many of my features you have. You are so beautiful."

"About that? Were you serious when you said you were my mother?"

"Of course." She took a spoonful of cereal and put it into her mouth. "It was all Aki's idea."


"Are you gossiping about me, Didi?"

"No, I'm just telling my princess about her birth."

"Ah, well, go right ahead."

I stared down at Taha Aki's feet. He was wearing pink bunny slippers. I scratched my head, perplexed. "I'm sorry, why are you wearing those?"

"They're comfy and I like bunnies."

Great. Peter comes up here and gets everyone all proper and in their normal state, and I get Taha Aki dressed in pink bunny slippers and a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles as a meal.

"We're less formal in front of family. There's really no need to impress you." He then winked at me. "Trust me, you want the Cocoa Pebbles. Didi can't cook to save her life."

I narrowed my eyes at him. "How did you know what I was thinking?"

He smirked at me. "I'm Brewmaster, remember?"

"Gah! That is so unfair! Where's Peter? Is he at his parents' house?"

"No, honey, he's back on earth."

"But…am I…can I…"

"We have a lot to discuss over the next few days. You're here for a reason and big decisions need to be made. Now, you wanted to hear about how Didyme's egg came to be implanted in Renee."

"Uh…is that what happened?"

"Let me start at the beginning, Isabella. From the dawn of time, there have been forces of evil attempting to destroy mythological creatures in a quest for domination. We were constantly trying to deter one group or another from taking control because we didn't want the lives of all those on earth to become endangered. These groups included vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, you name it. Eventually, most groups decided that the best thing to do was to isolate themselves instead of working together. Meanwhile, out of the evil forces, one vampire in particular began to stand out: Vladimir Dracul. He together with Stefan Dacianesti, joined forces to gather together gifted vampires. Many joined forces with them—like Alice, Edward, and Branleur. More refused, but kept to themselves. Vladimir and Stefan had one goal—they wanted to create a dominant vampire race, in which they were leaders. You know the rest of the story, they fathered human/vampire hybrids whom they believed would be loyal to them. They stole, they cheated, lied, kidnapped, raped, manipulated, intimidated, and destroyed many families. They made a fatal error, though."

"What was that?" I asked.

"They began to rely too much on Alice and Edward. They became complacent. This, of course, gave us and opportunity. We knew that we needed someone powerful enough to keep the forces of evil at bay. This is where you come in, Isabella. We needed a child of the spirit world to bring peace to those on earth—someone pure of heart; someone with the best intentions for the greater good. We couldn't send a child directly to earth. No, this child could not know his or her purpose until the time came. The child had to be born on earth and not of my blood—no, this child had to be human. My wife Didyme has always been pure of heart and strong. Even after she was changed into a vampire and kidnapped from her first husband, she worked tirelessly to try to help the women who had been taken against their will by the Romanian vampires. She would make the perfect mother. Of course, we needed a father. There was a man in Forks, Washington who was recently married to a woman who could not have children. She was born with ovaries that could not produce viable eggs. This, of course, worked to our advantage. We used her as a gestational carrier. We used our powers to implant a viable egg from Didyme into Renee. During a coupling session, Charlie's sperm met with Didyme's egg and you were born as a result."

"Okay, can you not mention my father's name and the words coupling or sperm in front of me because I think I want to gag and throw up."

"Really, it was a straight in and out procedure when you think about it." Taha Aki grinned at Bella, knowing he was driving her nuts. "Let me proceed with the story. We didn't count on Alice somehow finding out about you. That was my fault. She read my mind during one of my earthly visits to check on you and she proceeded to make your life miserable from that point. Stefan and Vladimir both became obsessed with you as well. Their goal was to take the spirit child back to their lair and impregnate you so that they would have the most powerful mythological creature on earth in their hands."


"Yes, well, that is a most unpleasant thought. As your stepfather, I could not allow that to happen, but fortunately, Quileute magic works in mysterious ways. Somehow, you were always protected; even at your darkest moment. After you met your mate, I knew everything would be okay because I knew that PJ Cunningham was a good man."

"How did you know that?"

"I had been watching the Southern Vampire Wars for many centuries—a great deal of cruel and sadistic vampires were created as a result of those wars, many of whom joined forces with the Romanians in their thirst for power. Eventually, Peter was changed and it was then that I knew that we had a man with impeccable character. Usually, vampires tend to stray down a dark path for a while, but not Peter. Not once did he stray and he was in the thick of the fight. He saw the good in Jasper, and even in Maria. He also did his best to spare other humans from his fate. He frequently gave people the chance to escape before Jasper or Maria caught up to them. And after he escaped with Charlotte, he went back for Jasper so he could leave, too."

"Yet, Charlotte took advantage of his kindness."

"Yes, she did. She was, at first, but another pawn in Alice's schemes to aid Stefan and Vladimir. She needed Charlotte so Peter would fall in love with her, escape from Maria, and then help Jasper escape. She and her masters knew how valuable Jasper would be if he could be persuaded to use his gift for their evil cause. It didn't work out that way. After Peter showed him selfless kindness by risking his life to help Jasper escape, he vowed to be a good person, and never strayed from that path. At this point, she had to step in directly to bring Jasper to her so she went undercover with Carlisle and Edward. Branleur created a false mating bond to bring them together. The one thing she couldn't predict was that Charlotte was her mate. Mates, you see, cannot be seen in a vision. Mates are only discovered in person. You, of course, know the rest of the story."

"But what of Peter? Brewmaster has been in his brain since the moment he became a vampire."

Taha Aki chuckled. "That was a fluke. I liked watching the boy and found myself focusing on him daily. One day, I laughed too loud at one of his more amusing thoughts and found that he could hear me. I realized that I had a previously unknown power and used it to my advantage from that point on."

"I've only used this power on Peter, your father, your Aunt Molly, and you. I deemed the four of you to be strong enough to withstand hearing voices in your head."

"Interesting. So can you tell me why I'm here now?"

"You are here to make some important decisions concerning your future."

"Okay, um, why do I have to do it here?"

Taha Aki's POV

It was time. I had to tell her the truth, but I didn't want to. She had a big decision to make and it involved all of the supernatural creatures.

"You haven't answered my question yet. Why do I have to decide about my future here instead of on earth?"

"Aki, you have to tell her," Didi said.

"Tell me what?"

"Isabella, your time on earth was always meant to be temporary."

"What? I don't understand."

"Isabella, you are half human and half spirit child. Your job was to bring brotherhood back to the supernatural world and you did that."

"No, I'm a vampire. Peter changed me. P…Peter, my mate, he…"

"Oh, honey, you only took the form of a vampire. You were needed to…" Bella cut Didi off. "You used me. All of you used me! How could you? You brought me into your convoluted world just so I could bring peace to the supernatural world and fix it. Well, did you ever consider the fact that I have feelings? I love my father on earth. I love my step-family, too. I have friends that I can't live without. And I have a mate whom I adore. Or is he even my mate? Did you fabricate that, too?"

I didn't answer her question. Instead, I turned on the large screen TV and switched the channel to The Earth Network, where the battle between good and evil had ended in Romania and the clean up had begun. Our side had won. The evil vampires just could not outmatch our group as far as gifts were concerned. I was more worried about what was transpiring on the other side of the forest where Peter and Charlie were slumped by a tree, crying over an unmoving Bella. They could not tell whether she was dead or alive because, as a vampire, she had no pulse.

"Oh my God! Am I dead?" Bella asked, horrified at the scene playing out in front of her.

"No, you are not, but you need to make a decision," I told her. "You need to decide whether or not you want to restore humanity to the supernatural world. These supernatural beings can live out the remainder of their existence as human beings or they can continue to live on as supernaturals. Only you can choose."

"What's the catch?"

"You will have to remain here if you decide to restore their humanity."

Bella sat down, her eyes wide, and stared at us.

I felt awful. She knew that she'd have to sacrifice herself so that everyone else could live out their lives. A single teardrop escaped from Bella's eye as she agonized over the decision she had to make.