Note: This fic was originally written in 07. I have decided to rewrite it as my skills have grown quite a bit since then.

Author's Notes: Sailor Moon and its characters belong to Naoko Takeuchi and Toei Animation, not me. However, Miki, Yukari and Ruby do belong to me. Takes place shortly before the fall of the Moon Kingdom, after the generals and Queen Beryl were brainwashed by Queen Metallia. Will end at the English dub episode "Cruise Blues." I will be using Japanese names here, but influences of the original and the NA dub will be mixed. Rated PG-13 for the occasional mild language and violence. Flames are not welcome. Thanks to Lady1Venus for her help.

Chapter 1

Just outside Queen Beryl's castle, Yukari was in her quarters, thinking about things. It was her favorite peace and quiet place to be away from the other youma and the witch queen, Beryl. No one other than Miki came there. It also looked slightly less bland and boring, in terms of the colors used. She knew that she had left during the meeting Beryl called, but she felt like she had to. She was at her wits end where Beryl was concerned. She couldn't handle any more boring lectures, and quite frankly, she couldn't abide the sound of Beryl's voice. Not to mention that Beryl was such a nag. She always made her henchmen do stuff that she was capable of doing herself while she sat on her butt all day. Yukari found it hard to believe that Beryl was once an honorable person who was just possessed by Queen Metallia. She would have to see it to believe it. She considered some of Beryl's youma to be tolerable, but she disliked the missions given. From her point of view, she and her twin were far above being youma in training; they were both more powerful than a vast majority of Beryl's youma. Yukari longed to be a servant to someone who would take her and Miki seriously, as well as treat them with the respect they deserved. She decided that she was going to tell Miki this whenever she showed up. She knew that Miki would understand. Miki was the closest person she had to a friend, and she didn't know what she would do without her. Just then Miki walked in. Yukari didn't bother looking up. She was so busy in thought that she didn't notice the presence of her twin at first. Miki had to clear her throat. Yukari nearly jumped out of her skin.

"Earth to Yukari. Yukari, what's on your mind?"

Yukari immediately snapped out of her thoughts. She saw her twin sister Miki, looking at her with an amused look.

"Oh, it's just you, sis," the platinum blonde streaked, brunette haired young woman said, with a look of relief on her face.

"Yes. What are you thinking about?" Miki asked again. "It is unbecoming of you to daydream."

"I despise Queen Beryl with a passion. Her loudmouthed voice gives me a migraine," Yukari said, rubbing her forehead.

Miki nodded in understanding. It was not surprising to hear, and besides, she herself despised Queen Beryl.

"And she's such a nag. Oh. I wish we could get away from her," Yukari fretted. Her greatest fear was that she would be stuck with the third rate youma and working for Beryl forever, an idea that she abhorred with her being. Even a painful death was more preferable to that horrid idea.

"Maybe we can. I'll think of a way," Miki assured Yukari.

That appeased Yukari a bit, but not by much. The question was how could they be free of Beryl, and would their efforts be futile?

"I can help with that," said an unfamiliar female's voice.

Miki and Yukari looked up. A young woman with long, wavy ruby colored tresses appeared. She was wearing a short black halter neck dress with a poufy skirt. Their first impression? She looked very mature, and like a model. She was extremely slim, and the way she wore her outfit made them feel slightly younger than their estimated age of nineteen years. Their mini-dresses looked tame in comparison. They wondered how she could be of any help to them. They both questioned her at once.

"Really?" Yukari asked. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Who are you?" Miki asked. She wasn't going to trust this woman so easily, whoever she was. For all she knew, the woman could be someone Beryl sent to assassinate them.

"The name's Ruby," the woman replied in a sassy tone. Miki and Yukari introduced themselves as well.

"Well, Ruby, how could you be of any help to us?" Miki asked.

Ruby smiled at them. She found Miki's skepticism rather amusing. "Well, I'm sure you've heard about one of Beryl's shitennou, General Nephrite," she said.

This General Nephrite was supposedly one of the highest ranked generals next to Kunzite. Miki and Yukari heard about how powerful he was. They didn't think someone like him would have time for the likes of them, but having him as a master instead of Beryl sounded very, very pleasant. So if that was the idea Ruby was getting at, they would accept her help without any more questions.

"Yes. What of him?" Miki asked. She and Yukari were looking at Ruby, eyes full of interest and curiosity.

"Well, there are times he looks very lonely. I was thinking, maybe we could be henchmen and companions to him at the same time," Ruby said. She noticed this when she would discreetly watch him in the Dark Kingdom's cafeteria. She didn't have the courage to speak to him before, until now. If she was going to help these girls, cowardice was not an option.

"Sounds like a grand idea. It'll be a great honor to serve someone as powerful as he," said Yukari.

"Yes, but we can't just go to him and say, Lord Nephrite, we'd like to be your henchmen. He might turn us away. We have to have a plan," Miki pointed out.

"Yes. I suppose you're right," said Yukari with a sigh.

"Don't worry about a thing. Leave it to me," Ruby said.

"What do you have in mind?" Miki asked Ruby.

"Never mind that. Just follow me. And I'll do the talking," Ruby replied.

"If you say so," Miki said. She and Yukari wondered just how Ruby planned to go about this. Not that they doubted her, considering how bold and sure-of-herself she seemed. They hoped that her efforts wouldn't be for nothing.

Ruby led Miki and Yukari to Nephrite's hideout. It was a large mansion surrounded by trees. Miki and Yukari were impressed by it. Who would've thought that a mansion could exist in a place like the Dark Kingdom? That was the bad thing about not being able to roam around it much; they missed out on a lot.

"We have no time to waste. Let's go," Ruby said to them.

"Oh, right," Yukari said. The three women teleported into Nephrite's mansion and went looking for him.

Meanwhile, Nephrite was sitting at his table in his massive gourmet kitchen, sipping on some apple cider. He had already completed his work for the day, regarding the preparations for the upcoming attack on the Moon Kingdom. He had been spying on all of the guards and people of the moon to see if he could uncover their strengths and weaknesses. This way, the Dark Kingdom would know which strategy would be best for obliterating the moon. He was truly grateful for this task, as mingling with the humans was a talent of his. He was actually the only general that had the patience to do so.

'Soon, the universe will crumble at the hands of the great Queen Metallia,' he thought. He took another sip. To think he was once pathetic enough to be a human and abide by their imbecilic emotions….

Soon, he heard footsteps. Nephrite spun around to see who it was. He saw three young women, two of whom which looked alike. He had seen them around, but basically refused to acknowledge their presence. He was surprised that they actually found his mansion, and slightly irritated as well. This was partially because he was hoping to have a nice relaxing evening without disturbances, and partially because they dared to enter his mansion without permission. He wondered if they had any sense of decorum. They most likely didn't, if they were Beryl's servants. Depending on what they wanted, he would have to strengthen the protective spell he put on the mansion. He silently cursed himself for not making it strong enough the first time. Before he could say anything, Ruby stepped forward and bowed respectfully.

"Forgive us if we disturbed you, but we must speak with you," Ruby said.

Nephrite gave a sigh. "Very well. What is it?" he asked.

Ruby then told him what her, Miki and Yukari's names were and explained to him their situation. Yukari and Miki eyed him for a second, and couldn't help but notice how incredibly beautiful he looked, with his long wavy chestnut colored tresses and sapphire eyes. It was enough to make their chocolate colored hair that was streaked with corn silk seem plain in comparison.

"So, we were wondering if you would let us serve you. It'll be a great honor," Ruby said.

Nephrite thought for a moment, and looked at the three women. For a moment, Miki, Ruby and Yukari were scared; they thought he would say no. But they did their best to hide their fear, as they knew that he would view it as a sign of weakness.

"All right, then," he finally replied.

"Oh, thank you!" Ruby squealed.

"Just know, we'll stand by you, no matter what," Yukari said.

Miki nodded in agreement.

Nephrite was pleased and amazed to hear that. Still, he decided not to believe it until they showed him, for he knew that there was nothing but lies and betrayal in the Dark Kingdom.