Title – The Calm.
Summary - He said I'd always have him. What a god damn joke.
Word Count - 498
Rating - M
Disclaimer – Stephanie Meyer owns all things related to Twilight. No profit is made from this, written for fun only.

He said I'd always have him. Said we would always have each other. Turns out he was a fucking liar. Two years of being together down the fucking drain, all because he couldn't keep his fucking dick in his pants. Two fucking years of my life wasted being with a man who I thought loved me when in actual fact, he loved a hell of a lot of people. Well, that's if he even knows how to love.

If you ask me, love is being with someone, holding them, looking after them, being there for them. And most importantly, staying faithful to them. And I did all of those things for Jasper. I gave him everything! I let him into my home, I let him live off my bank balance, didn't expect anything but a little bit of love and faithfulness in return. I opened my motherfucking heart to him! And he bloody kicked the shit out of it and gave it back to me in tiny little pieces. Fucking asshole.

Clearly Jasper thought love meant something different. He obviously thought that love meant scrounging off your partner, living off their income, being a lazy cunt who expects everything done for them and last but by no means least, cheating on that person repeatedly.

I should have known really. When I first met him, everyone told me what he was like, about how he couldn't remain faithful, how he was a lay-about, how he hadn't worked a day in his life. But I stupidly thought I'd be the one to change him. I didn't even want to fall in love with him in the first place, but the heart can't exactly be controlled. I imagine I was just an easy target for him. Rich little Edward. The man with the big bank account and the even bigger level of naivety. I honestly just thought that he liked me for me, that for once someone might see past the money. Obviously I was wrong but is it so wrong to just want to meet someone and fall in love and be happy? Is that so wrong?

Two years of 'love' and then I walk in on him balls deep in my cousin, Riley. The only family I have left. Turns out though, Riley wasn't the only one. Before him there was Benjamin, and before that there was Garrett. And almost everyone knew. And didn't tell me. And their reason? They "didn't want to hurt me." Didn't they realise that walking in on him fucking my cousin's brains out would be a lot more painful?

Oh, Riley is going to regret the day he decided it would be a good idea to fuck my boyfriend.

And Jasper is going to regret the day he thought it would be a good idea to fuck around on me. I'm going to make him wish he had never been god damn born.

And I'm going to love every god damn second of it.