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Chapter 3: The fight

This felt weird. Weird is the only way to describe it. Never has there been such an eventful last day of summer.

So far I've had a surprisingly civil conversation with Patterson, had my first beer, been guaranteed the student assistant coach position, been called cute and danced to Wings with Spike.

Spike, who until today has been my rival and off field enemy. This is the guy who broke my arms, he's 100 percent the reason I can't play ball anymore. In fact my left arm hurts like a bitch when the weather is about to change.

Am I really considering what it would be like to kiss the boy who turned my body into a barometer?

Of course I am.

I took another sip of the bitter liquid and searched the party for someone who would lend this night some sort of normalcy.

"Do I need new glasses?" A deliberate and calculating voice reached my ears, not making any effort to be heard over the thumping bass.

Looking around it was easy to find the source, "Nubie?" I smiled, Nubie looked the same as always, a little out of place with his collared shirt and tie. Exactly the comforting familiarity I was looking for.

I placed myself on the wall he was occupying close enough that I could feel the starch in his shirt rub against the thin fabric of Debbie's sweater.

"Why do you need new glasses? Didn't you just get new ones?" I asked tapping his frames. I was surprised when he wrapped his hand around my wrist.

I'm not sure he's ever touched me before and it produced a slow burn and breathing became unnaturally hard but maybe that was the fog of beer making me think that. He rubbed his thumb against my skin gently before letting my hand fall away.

"Where you just dancing with Spike?"

"Oh." I looked away, something in his voice sounded almost betrayed, the comforting feel of his presence changed into something else...I don't know what.

"So I don't need new glasses, I was worried I had been given the wrong prescription."

We stood in silence for a moment, near touching, I have never felt quiet so awkward before. For some reason it now felt wrong what had happened between Spike and I. I pulled the last of the beer out of the bottle. Surely I must have made a face because Nubie's expression lightened.

"Why are you drinking? Don't you have try outs Thursday?"

"No I don't." I sighed heavily and pointed at my most recently broken arm.

He took it gently in his hands as if he could break it again and pushed up the thin black cotton hiding my skin from the world. He ran one hand up and down the skin, sending a shockingly warm feeling through me.

"It's healed pretty well." His words were soft and I had to lean in to hear him over the song.

"Better than the other one." I held up the other arm for inspection wanting his touch to last just a little longer. He took the bait and slid his hand along that one as well. Turning it carefully looking closely at the joints.

"Yeah, this was the first one he broke right?" It felt wrong for him to accuse Spike outright like that, really I shouldn't have gone for those last yards, I knew better and now everyone seemed to think that he had purposefully snapped my bone.

However I just nodded.

"Yeah you should have waited out the rest of the season...like I told you." His thumb rubbed the skin and I looked up into his eyes. They were a lot closer than I thought they'd be.

I shrugged, pulling my arms easily from his grip and stepping a little bit away, "They needed me to win state. I couldn't let something like a broken arm stop me, I'm the icebox."

The words came out hard and sharp and as soon as they had escaped I wanted to pull them back in and hide them. I was ashamed and I could tell that Nubie knew that for he just shook his head slowly and pulled down one of the sleeves of the cardigan, "maybe its for the best that you have to be Becky for awhile."

And with that he left me. His words echoed through the music, and his touch lingered on my skin. Did I even know how to be Becky anymore?

Things I didn't realize about Nubie until right now:

1) He got tall, almost a foot taller than me, a slender tower in a tie.

2) Ties are kinda cool. I've only really seen Dad or Uncle Kev in a tie before and dad just looks like dad and Uncle Kevin looks...well like a car salesman. Nubie however looks like he should be teaching at a college or editing a newspaper. Which as of now seems really cool.

3) His eyes are a ridiculous blue. Dazzling even, and they just radiate this powerful intelligence.

4) Something about the way his skin felt on mine felt right. A comforting slow burn I never would have associated with Nubie.

And I think most importantly,

5) That betrayal in his voice cut me.

"So we have two options I see?" Debbie grabbed my arm as she walked by. She dragged me through the house into the backyard before I could think of anything to say otherwise.

The backyard was light up by old christmas lights in the trees, creating oddly festive pools of light. In a rather green pool of light Susan was leaning against a tree apparently very "interested" in what Bryce Lesko had to say.

I noticed that Billy was standing in another pool of light with Junior looking very interested in putting his fist through Bryce's face. Bryce is Susan's almost boyfriend, I know this almost entirely because Billy loves to talk about how stupid this guy is.

I completely agree with Billy, Susan can do way better than this jackanape, so I don't feel the slightest hint of remorse when Debbie and I invade the pool of light.

"Leave." I tell him, and thankfully I still have enough credibility that this causes him to scamper away like a puppy.

"What's happening?" Susan asks completely unphased by Bryce's hasty exit, proving once more why he is not her boyfriend.

"Becky has two prospective suitors."

"Spike of course, but whose the other?" Susan asks and I have to wonder if she said Spike because she saw us inside or if perhaps this has been a long time coming and I was the only one who didn't know. Part of me hopes its the later.

"Nubie." Debbie tells Susan quietly as if its a secret.

Susan, who is pulling lightly on her hair nods as if she was silly to not have seen it.

"He made a move after Spike made his intentions known?" She whispers surprised, "that's impressive, I didn't think we'd get another on line."

"No kidding, but I didn't think we'd have use of another one but look at her." Debbie points at me and I have no idea why but Susan must because they share a knowing smile.

Girls have there own secret wordless language that I know nothing about.

This knowing smile and that movement of her hand apparently mean much more to Debbie than to me because Debbie nods excitedly in agreement to Susan's silent statement.

They look at me sharing a conversation in a language I don't understand for two whole minutes before a break down, "what is it!"

"You like Nubie." Susan says smiling.

"Of course I do," I shrug and even thou I know what they mean I pretend that I don't, "We've been friends forever."

Something about what Nubie had said to me makes me want to keep the whole transaction a secret. The whole party doesn't need to know that I think the team can't do a thing without me. Debbie especially, having her know I don't know how to just be myself anymore seems devastating.

"You know we don't mean like that." Debbie's voice is stern and straight. She saw right through me, I don't know why I bother, I mean even Jr can see right through me now. Am I really that much of an open book?

"So which boy do you want?" Susan asks and suddenly I feel like I can't breath. She says the question like it's as simple as asking if I want a drink or not.

I need an escape, a way out anything. I lock eyes with Junior over Debbie's shoulder. If I'm such an open book he should be able to tell I need him.

All he does is smile and wave before turning back to his conversation with Patterson.

You've got to be kidding me! He's supposed to be my brother, he's supposed to have my back. What happened to him knowing me so well I can't lie to him? What use is a brother if he's not going to rescue you!

"Becky?" Susan asks waving a hand in front of my face, "What's that matter?"

"Nothing's wrong with her she's trying to get out of this conversation." Debbie deadpan's.

Sure she gets it right away.

And that's when I see it. Behind them Patterson has launched himself at Bryce.

"No look." I point, smiling more than I should.

They turn around and I can hear Susan's sharp intake of breath.

In no time at all some of Bryce's friends enters the scuffle, one punching Junior right in the gut, the other holding him.

Well that's it isn't it? I pull Debbie's girly cardigan off and drape it over her shoulder. There's no way I can let my brother fight TWO guys.

Top Three Reason I'm in this fight:

3) Junior is my brother and friend, this means there are certain obligations such as covering for him when he's in trouble and of course coming to his aid in an unfair fight. Even if he didn't come to mine.

2) I really prefer Patterson to Bryce. Bryce is a jerk and Susan deserves much better.

And of course the number one reason I'm punching Jamie Foster in the liver is;

1) It stops the conversation about if I like Nubie...that way. Something I don't know and don't want to talk about.

"Becky!" I hear Susan and Debbie yelling from the sideline's as almost everyone in the backyard gets pulled into the fight. It is easy to ignore there concerned yells when Orson Tanner has his hand wrapped in my hair. This is the very reason I never have my hair down. I don't care if it looks cuter down, it's a liability.

"COPS!" Someone yells as another person joins the fray.

Total panic breaks out and Orson quickly pulls his hand from my hair so he can runaway like a coward. Then again the last place I'd want my police officer father to find me is in a fight with a girl, completely hammered. It's almost as if the fight explodes, everyone involved seems to burst away from the centre like there lifes depend on it.

"Icebox come on!" Someone yells and pulls me away from the fight my fist hitting the air in front of Bryce's nose.

The flashing red and blue fill up the backyard as the person who has me by the collar pushes me over the back fence.

We run four blocks before I turn to see who had pulled me out of the fight.

It's Patterson and Briggs.

"Billy?" I slow down, there are no sign of any cops, the siren and the flashes long gone. I rest a moment hands on knees watching the blood drip from my knuckles onto the sidewalk, wondering briefly if it's mine or if it belongs to someone else

"That a good enough distraction for you Icebox?" Briggs laughs.

"What?" I straighten up looking at them closely.

"Junior said you needed a distraction and well Billy was looking for an excuse to punch Lesko's lights out all night...so..." Briggs stretched lazily looking from one to the other before shrugging, "My house is just over there, I'll see you guys tomorrow." He started to walk off towards his house but before he disappeared completely from view he turned and yelled back, "Nice job getting the assistant couch job Icebox!"

Hmm maybe Briggs and Patterson weren't that bad after all. I mean they did get in a huge fight just so I could delay a conversation with Debbie, and they pulled me out so I wouldn't get in trouble.

"How does he know I got the assistant couch job?" I asked Patterson as we started walking back toward my house.

Billy shrugged, "The whole team knows...except Spike we like watching him squirm."


"Well yeah." Billy told me around his fingers, I'm pretty sure his saliva wasn't going to bring down that swelling. He stopped and looked at her, "he's totally in love with you, you knew that right?"

"Oh." My face is hot and I can't breath, "Yeah I totally knew that." I am lying and even the cat that just wandered out of the Baker's yard knows it.

"Oh shit." Billy's face is flushed in embarrassment, "I thought you knew that. We all thought you knew. I thought you just didn't like him."

I have no idea what to say, until very VERY recently that was probably true, but would it have stayed true if I had known all this time that he 'loved' me? Wait a second? How long has he loved me? Did he break my arms out of love? I think not.

"Boys are confusing." I muttered.

Billy sighed heavily, "Girls are confusing." He returned and frankly I couldn't disagree I mean I was a girl and even I didn't understand what was going on half the time.

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