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"Over here old friend," Megamind said with a devilish smile, suddenly appearing on the curved copper wall. "In case you haven't noticed, you've fallen right into my trap."

Another average predictable day was at hand. Megamind was particulary proud of his scheme today. It had been well constructed, and he felt that he had a fair chance in actually winning.

"You can't trap justice. It's an idea a believe!" Metro Man replied starting the back-and-forth babble.

"But even the most heart felt belief can be corroded over time. . ." Megamind said, rubbing his fingers together menacingly.

"Justice is a non-corrosive metal."

"But metals can be melted, by the heat of revaunge!" he said pointing his "gun" at Metro Man.

"It's revenge and it's best served cold."

"But it can easily be reheated in the microwave of evil!"

"Well I think your warranty is about to expire!"

"Maybe I got an extended warranty!"

"Warranties are invalid, if you don't use the product for it's intended purpose!"

Okay, this is getting really annoying. . . "Girls, girls, you're both pretty! Can I go home now?" Roxanne said, honestly wanting to leave.

"Of course! That is if Metro Man can withstand the full, concentrated power, of the sun!", Pause for a dramatic climax, and. . .!, "FIRE!"

The seconds slowly ticked away. Of course, something went wrong. Something always went wrong.

What the heck? Megamind thought, walking off the screen over to Minion.

"Minion! Fire?" he whispered hopefully.

"Uh, it's still warming up, Sir."

"Come again?"

"Warming up, Sir."

"Warming up? The sun is warming up?"

"One...second...more...and...just...tippy tappy, tippy tap, tap, tip, top more. . ."

"Honestly!" Megamind yelled hiding his face in his hands. Why couldn't it work? Just this once!

"And we are ready in just a few. . .Hang on. . . one second. . ."

The now furious Megamind, emitted a low fierce growl. This is embarrassing!

"I told you to have things ready, I told you countless times. . ."

"Why do you always blame me?" Minion asked defensively.

Damn that spyyiider! "My spider bite is acting up!" He whined, covering his face again with his leather glove.

Yes, his spider bite was being a nuisance to him; however, he was really hiding his face from Roxanne, as he was now blushing a deep lavender.

"Your plan is failing, just admit it," the reporter advised.

"Yeah, good look with that one," Minion causally replied.

"Who's side are you on?" Megamind asked, clearly feeling abandoned by his fishy friend.

"The losing side," Roxanne answered for his companion.

"Eh, thank you!"

"Um, could someone stamp my frequent kidnapping card?" she asked sarcastically.

"Ohohaho!" he marched over to his personal "temptress", his features tense, "You of all people know we discontinued that promotion."

"Well, I don't know how I would have guessed at this ending," she teased.

"I don't know how I would've guessed at thiiiis!" he replied in a mocking tone.

She had to admit, although he was painfully annoying, he was very charming in a way.


Out of no where, Metro Man's forcful punch knocked Megamind onto the wall.

Dammit! That hurts! Owhowoow!" Megamind moaned clutching his now purple jaw.

Quickly, Metro Man zapped away Roxanne's bands with his laser vision and pulled her into his arms.

"The game is over Megamind!" Metro Man said grabbing him by the collar of his cape and taking off into the sky.

Cheers were heard from the crowd as Metro Man gracefully lowered them down directly in front of the audience.

Roxanne clutched onto Metro Man's side and he pushed Megamind into the herd of police men waiting for him.

"This isn't over! I shall have my revaunge!" he yelled as he was being hand cuffed and pushed inside of the little police car.

"It's revenge! And not today my friend! Not today!" Metro Man yelled back making the crowd shout even louder.

Roxanne smiled and looked up into Metro Man's icy blue eyes, but she couldn't help but wishing that she could be looking into those brilliant green ones instead.


Click, Click, Click!

I flipped through the channels on my TV searching for the Metro 8 News channel. Ms. Ritchi would be beginning her report at any moment. I'm not stalking her or anything. . . She just. . .interests me. After all, isn't that what friends do? Don't they do things that verge on stalking to each other naturaly? Well you can hardly call us friends. Our relationship is strictly professional. None the less, I don't really have much of a choice of things to do.

I finally find the correct station right on time. She's just beginning to speak.

"- Thanks George. I'm reporting live from the new Metro Man Museum recently opened this morning. This fantastic celebration was spoiled by the cities villain, Megamind," It tickled my insides to hear her say my name, "Most of his past villainous acts have been rather harmless, but his goal this time was purely set on killing Metro Man."

"Harmless? HARMLESS! Oh sure! Blood thirsty alligators snapping at your feet is totally harmless! She is. . . She is impossible! This woman is out to ruin me!" I furiously screamed at the TV, though I know that she can't actually hear me.

"As usual his plan did not succeed," I slink into my chair irritatedly, "but it seems his games have gone to far this time. The public appears to be furious with his threat to terminate the city's hero because of his sheer jealousy."

"Jealousy? I am. . . I am not jealous!" Yes you are. . .

"I'm here with a few of the citizens that attended the event," She says pointing to three random citizens standing beside her. How on Earth did you choose out of all of those people, who you'd interview?

A woman spoke up,"I don't know who Megamind thinks he is," Megamind smarty, "but he doesn't have a right to ruin every bit of fun that we can get out of life. That museum was meant to be a moment of relief for Metro Man. A monument to thank him! But Megamind just had to ruin everything!"

Another guy stepped forward and took the mike from Roxanne, "The guy's a lunatic! I don't want this guy influencing my kids. I try to keep my kids away from all of the crazy things he's done but if he's going to to keep terrorizing celebrations and fun events like these, I'm not sure that I want to take my kids to things like this anymore. I was just asking a big guy in front of me if he could move out of the way so my kids could see, and he turns out to be this scary robot of Megamind's. My little toddler, Mike, has been extremely shy since."

"I really just hate that guy. What did anyone ever do to him? I used to have sympathy for him and all that, but now I see he really is a monster," the third person said, his comments, just as hurtful as the others.

"Has Megamind finally crossed the line? Here is a clip from an interview I had with Metro Man earlier today," Roxanne said.

The screen flashes to Roxanne and Metro Man sitting across from each other in a small room. "So Metro Man, how do you feel about your little visit with Megamind today?"

"Well, honestly, I'm surprised. He usually is well, rather predictable in his attempts to attack the city. Not to mention the fact that he tried to destroy me. It's kind of offensive, really, that he would go that far," Metro Man said.

The screen flashed back the Roxanne in the present.

"What kind of moster is attacking our city? Will Megamind's next act be more vile than this one? Only time will tell. Back to you George."

Wow. I was surprised at how badly the citizens really hated me. I mean I knew they hated me but this was an extent of what I had thought. They really wanted me gone. Maybe I was that monster they spoke about. But do I have a choice? It's destiny that chose this path, not me.

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