Title - Cleaning Time
Summary – Emmett helps his wife of 10 years clean their shower
Word Count - 447
Rating – M
Normal Disclaimer applies… I don't own anything but an imagination and desire to see Emmett naked.

Emmett ran in the bathroom in time to see his wife bent over in the shower, her rounded ass peeking out of her extremely short shorts. The groan he was holding in escaped when she turned and 'accidentally" squirted a stream of cold water down the front of her white wife beater. Her nipples darkened and pebbled at the shock, clearly visible through the now wet shirt. FUCK! No bra.

"Your home early," she stated.

"Yes, I knew you'd be cleaning today and thought I'd come and help you," he said in a huskier voice than usual.

"You're going to help me?" She asked him raising an inquiring eyebrow at her.

Instead of answering her verbally Emmett strode over and pushed her against the tiles of the shower stall. Claiming her mouth forcefully, his need and desire made him rougher than usual.

Rosalie moaned and raised her leg up to wrap it around his waist. Not needing any encouragement, Emmett picked her up, pressing his growing hard-on into the denim that was now dampening from her own arousal. Thankful she had left her panties off that morning, Rosalie ground against him. Reaching between them, she flicked open the button on his pant. He'd gone commando again that morning, and his rock-hard cock sprung free between them..

"Rosie baby I want you so bad. I'm going to fuck you hard do you understand?" Emmett ground out as she stroked his cock. .Dragging down her shorts and shoving up her shirt he quickly claimed her nipples in his mouth and buried his fingers into her hot wet pussy.

Emmett worked his fingers into her quickly, twisting and plunging. Rosalie wanted more and demanded, desperately, "Please... baby fuck me... NOW."

With one hard thrust, Emmett buried his hard cock into her. There was no sweetness or gentleness in what he was doing to her, it was pure, animal, carnal. Crossing her feet on his ass, she pulled him deeper. She panted and writhed on him, almost immediately he felt her walls constricting around him.

"Uggghhhh... Rose... I'm not going to last baby... cum for me now," he panted, rubbing his thumb over her throbbing clit. At his command she let go, her orgasm ripping through her from the sudden, forceful lovemaking. Two more strokes and she felt him swell and pulse into her as he hollered her name, finding his own release.

Setting her down slowly, he kissed her tenderly, "Thank you baby... wonderful." She smiled up at him without another word.

"Ok, now out! I will have to re-clean the walls." She pushed him out of the shower and he chuckled at how quickly his wife could change moods.

AN: A very special thank you to the beautiful lady who helped clean this up for me… You know who you are love… Thank you and my undying love forever.

Also a great big thank you to the ladies who are hosting this lovely contest who challenged me into writing something in such short amount of words. It was lots of fun and something I would love to do again.