Title: What I See
Summary: Can Edward see what is in front of him before it's too late?
Pairing: Edward/Jasper
Word Count: 500
Rating: T
Disclaimer: S. Meyer owns all Twilight characters, I just like playing with the boys.

I sat back, watching him surreptitiously. Rose and Em were already attending UW, so when Alice, Jazz and I decided to attend they set out to find a place that could accommodate all of us. Luckily we had gotten a rental house instead of having to stay on campus.

Alices' weekend meet-n-greet was in full swing but my head was full of the boy sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of our couch. Head hung forward, he held his ipod loosely between his fingers. Or so it seemed.

To an outside observer he was totally immersed in the music coming from the buds wedged in his ears. I knew the difference though. I knew his heart was tearing apart, just a matter of time before he gave in, and gave up. He wouldn't be here tonight if Rosalie hadn't threatened him with the untimely death of his favorite books.

I ignored the brunette bimbo clinging to my side. I didn't like her back home so I sure as hell didn't want to see her skanky ass here. I failed to comprehend why Alice insisted on inviting them into our home. Like vampires, once you invite them inside, they never leave.

His shoulders began shaking and for an insane moment I thought he was laughing. Lifting his head, his eyes automatically found mine. Trembling lips, red eyes, a single tear rolled down his cheek, splashing across the instrument gripped tightly between his fingers. That one lone tear broke me.

I reached up, prying away the talons wrapped tightly around my arm. Sliding off of the stool I was oblivious to everything that wasn't him. Crawling across the floor, never breaking eye contact, I straddled his now straight legs settling myself on his lap.

His breath hitched, unshed tears spilling over. I gently wiped them away with the pads of my thumbs still maintaining eye contact. He searched my face for some indication that this may have been a cruel joke. It wasn't!

My fingers slid further back, through his soft, silky hair. He groaned, leaning into my hand, his stormy-blue eyes never leaving mine. Turning he kissed my palm, dragging a moan from the very depths of my soul. Ignoring the deafening silence surrounding us, words locked inside me since the day we had met flowed freely from my heart now.

"I love you, Jasper." Gasps and whispers of shock faded in the light of his smile. My heart swelled with joy. How had I resisted him for so long? We were meant to be. Nothing rivaled the elation I felt knowing I had brought that smile to his lips. Once again my assumptions were wrong. His fingers wove through my hair, slowly pulling me forward.

"I love you too, Edward," he whispered. His eyes drifted closed, breaking eye contact seconds before his mouth captured mine in a searing kiss. He tasted of strawberries and cheap beer.

He was intelligent, romantic, sweet and sexy but above all… he was mine!