You and Her

A Doctor and Donna FanFic

You see her and the TARDIS fall to their demise. An image of the TARDIS dying pops up in front of you. Your teeth clench as anger races your body. A hand slips into yours and you look to see that's its Rose. She's trying her best to console you, but she doesn't understand your loss, nor will she ever. You love Donna and as her and the TARDIS disappear you feel cold, lost, alone, and angry.

You hear Davros verbally attacking Rose and you want to stop him, but you don't have the will. You barely have the will to try to save the Earth, because frankly you don't care about the Earth or Rose. You care that Donnas' dead and she's not coming back. Protecting the planet that has become a second home to you is the farthest thing from your mind.

She ran from the TARDIS. Your heats start to beat again. She's alive, she's breathing, and that stupid single heart, that single heart that lulled you to sleep so many nights after the Library and Midnight, is beating. Then you see her go flying and she falls lifeless to the floor. Everything stops.

"Donna!" Her name fly's form your lips before you realize that you said them. "You alright Donna?" You try to call out to her, but she doesn't answer. Suddenly the world is about to end, but the transmission ends. You look around before settling on a smiling face. Her smiling face.

You grab her shoulders to keep her from moving away from you once again, but you mainly do it to keep her from falling over. She looks deep into your eyes trying to silently plead for her life. Her hair sticks to her sweaty forehead. You could feel the heat radiating off of her.

"We had the best of times." You find yourself saying. She smiles at you, but the tears continue to fall. You lean forward and kiss her lips for the last time. You feel her burning up as she moans in pain against your lips. She's dying and you must stop it.

The kiss breaks and you slide your fingers to her temples. Donna swats them away glaring at you.

"Oi!" She barked. A spark of hope ignites within you. The thought that she'll pull through, that this won't be necessary, but then she wavers and cries out in pain. So you grab her arms softly.

Your worst fear is coming true. You slide your fingers to her temples again, she's too tired to fight this time.

"I Love You." You whisper. "…goodbye…"

"NO!" she screams as you take her memories away from her, killing the person that you love and the person that she has become. She collapses into your arms, and you hold her for awhile letting silent tears stream down your cheeks. You know that this is the last time that you will ever hold her again.

So in the end Donna Noble was killed, she was killed by the person she trusted the most and you feel some solace in knowing that you were the one to do it, than someone else. You and Her were never going to be, and you knew all along, but it was fantastic while it lasted.