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Author's Note: For a Challenge. You have to use the words Defy, Skitter, Temper and Develish.


I try not to defy my boss, but sometimes it's hard to do. Especially when he's being too hard on the team, or he's too hard on Abby. I have to make sure that everyone is okay and that's why I stand up to him when he's like that. Sometimes I don't like to do it because sometimes he's mean. I know he doesn't mean it, but it doesn't mean it doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt. I try not to show it, but sometimes my mask that I carefully crafted slides. That's the time that I just leave before anything else is said.

Sometimes I feel like I'm defying my own father, but I could never do that. My father was too mean to do that and plus I hardly ever seen him because of the camps and boarding school. I wonder if I would have would it of changed their relationship. He would never know.

I remember when we went fishing. That was the only time that we spent together. I had been sitting there with the fishing pole in my hands and then watched as my father cast the line. The bait on the hook would skitter over the water before it sunk. He loved the time together before he was once again taken to boarding school.

I always knew that I had a temper and boy did I show it. My Dad had to come to my boarding school and deal with it. It was the only time I saw him. He was always too busy to come see me. Maybe that's why I showed my temper all the time just to see my Dad. I was always trying to get attention even if it was the negative kind.

I had been right about the latest case. I had told Gibbs and my teammates that the wife had killed her husband. They all looked at me and shook their heads. They had been hearing that for a while, but this time I was right. When it was done and the reports were turned it I smiled an almost devilish smile and then looked at my computer as I turned it off.

The End