Disclaimer: I don't own the Mario series. I got the compilation-of-deleted-scenes idea from DVDs. It's not a blooper reel, so it's not against the rules.

Author's Notes: Like most writers, I edit my stories like mad. A few times, I've changed entire scenes around, and sometimes, I have to remove them entirely. Generally, it's because they sucked and I never look back, but a couple times, I had to remove something I did like, for one reason or another, and that's what these "deleted scenes" are. I highly recommend that you read the stories they came from before the scenes themselves, as they contain spoilers and will probably be confusing without any context.

This first scene was part of The Queen of the Koopas for the first few years that it was published. It started out featuring a random Koopatrol, who I then changed to Spiky Tom to knit things together a bit more, but during a recent re-reading, I decided to take the scene out entirely. I was young and really awkward when it came to writing about romance when I first did QotK, and I've since tried to eliminate the really cringe-worthy bits, and this entire exchange was one of them. I was going overboard in my attempt to be really light hearted about how Bowser and Bowselta were about to sleep together, and now the preceding scene simply ends with Bowser dropping the blueprints, with a more clever "hormone" reference than you see here.


Spiky Tom the Koopatrol ambled through the corridor. The castle was abuzz with the news of Bowselta Parakay's performance in the peace talk. Most people had had their doubts about her at first, but by now almost everyone had eaten their words. Some were even second-guessing themselves about Bowser: if he had found a girl that amazing, he couldn't be totally clueless.

Suddenly the door to the nearest room opened. Spiky Tom jumped and turned around as Bowser stuck his head out of Bowselta's room. Speak of the Devil, thought the Koopatrol.

Bowser caught sight of him. "Hey you!"

"Yes, Your Highness?" responded Tom, trotting up to Bowser.

"Here," said the Koopa Prince, thrusting a package into the guard's hands. "Take this to the shops downstairs. Show it to the Head, and make sure he gives the plans a nice longlook. Tell him construction on the planes will start tomorrow, and that Bowselta will be supervising. They're her designs, so he can't change anything without her say-so."

"Yes sir."

"Good, and I don't want to see you back up here for at least half an hour. I want you to do a thorough job," ordered Bowser.

"But sire, I'm the only guard in this wing, should I send for a replacement?" asked Tom: being the Chief of Home Defense, he would be held accountable for a hole in the defenses. "I know Johnson's not on duty tonight…"

"No, no, don't worry about it. We're not gonna be attacked by anyone. We just signed a huge deal with Sarasaland, our only militarily active opponent," insisted Bowser.

"Oh, right sir. I see your point," said Spiky Tom apologetically.

"You better. Now scram!" ordered Bowser. The guard bowed low and scuttled off without a backwards glance. Bowser grinned and retreated back into the room. He was about to learn why Bowselta was such a big fan of hormones.