A/N: This comes from Bowser II, which is a Mario adaptation of the play Richard III, by William Shakespeare. Most of the play follows the members of the royal court, but there are also two "chorus" scenes, to give the average Joe a voice about what was going on in politics. For this first one, Act II. Scene iii, I simply threw in some characters from some Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, but after I did a couple more Shakespeare adaptations, I found myself dwelling on that early decision and decided I could do better. So I eventually went back and redid the scene with the generic Hammer Bro. twins that I already used for the second "chorus" scene, and who appear in the main plot as well. I think using the twins makes the entire thing feel much more interconnected, whereas the random insertion of one-off TTYD characters reeked of poor planning.


"Ahoy Ms. Mowz! Tell me, what be the news abroad?" called Admiral Bobbery, the sea-dog bob-omb.

"If I knew I would tell you sweetie," responded the badge-collecting Mowser bandit, "it's all so jumbled up, what have you heard?"

"That King Roy is dead, mere days after inheriting the crown," said Bobbery.

"It was such a shame; he may have been a Dragon-Koopa, and he may have helped his father kill our dear friend Mario and invade out home, but did he really deserve to die?" asked Ms. Mowz, "I don't know if I should be happy or sad about the news."

"You should be, like, both!" called Goombella, the perky Goomba gal.

"Both lassy?" asked Bobbery.

"Yeah, Roy and all the rest of those Dark Land Koopas are totally bad, and should, like, die," explained Goombella, "but now that we need a new king all sorts of problems are going to spring up."

"But honey, I've heard that Iggy Koopa is going to take over; he's a University Professor isn't he? You should be happy about that," said Ms. Mowz.

"I know. He would be an okay king, I guess; but his little brother Bowser Jr. is sure to interfere, and he'd totally lead us into the ground if he were King: all he cares about is himself," stated Goombella.

"They're all scalawags if ye ask me," huffed Bobbery, "did you here about how Roy had his own brother murdered?"

"Oh, I heard it was an accident; the poor King was sick after all," said Ms. Mowz, not wanting to speak ill of the dead.

"I'm willing ta bet that Bowser Jr. had, like, something to do with it," scowled Goombella.

"That may be true, but I'm sure that Iggy fellow will be too clever to let his urchin of a brother tangle his lines," said Bobbery.

"Whatever, I'm gonna go back to Professor Frankley's to watch TV – see what's going on, ya now? Later!" said Goombella, turning and leaving.

"I best be off too – prepare me ship to set sail; we're heading to the Beanbean Kingdom to explore the Gwarhar Lagoon," announced Bobbery.

"Oh, have fun sweetie," said Ms. Mowz, still unsure of what to think of the political situation.

"Farewell m'dear," said Bobbery before turning and leaving the badge thief to her troubled thoughts.