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I know this is real short but leaving the last chapter where I did felt right, so I hope that's okay.


Obi-Wan found himself feeling like a padawan indeed when he explained what the result of his vacation was to Qui-Gon and then to Yoda. Qui-Gon laughed and Obi-Wan's embarrassment turned into a glower at remembering how Qui-Gon left out some things. Yoda leaned thoughtfully on his stick and his ears went up.

"Will of the force it is. Approve I do."

With those approvals, he couldn't care less what anyone else said. If there were any signs of disapproval he didn't encounter them. He had a feeling Anakin's protectiveness and Asajj's ready-to-beat anyone who looked at her edgewise mien might have had something to do with it.

He showed her the temple. She decided she might want to be a Jedi someday, but only after Rattatak was fully up and running.

"I feel something here. It calls to me."

"Let the force guide you my darling."

"Don't even start my Obi-Wan."

Soon they stood before Qui-Gon exactly as Obi-Wan's vision had foreseen. They made vows to themselves and to the force. Then Obi-Wan swept his beloved off her feet because he felt like and ran for his ship.

Thanks to Asajj he had hope for the future.