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Day 7 - Flowers and Dolls

Jemima peered down and winked at Pouncival, who cringed into Tumblebrutus' ready arms. The Jellicles had almost finished gathering around Deuteronomy, who sat in his place of honor atop his tire.

Apparently, it wasn't a tradition, as Electra had said it was. She had gone to Deuteronomy herself and told him that they had a dance to present to him.

And so it was that Tumblebrutus remembered, with a roll of his eyes, that Electra had promised that she would "make things work" for he and Pouncival. So, this whole thing was just to set up a relationship. Great, really great…

Though, maybe he should thank her… she'd gone to great lengths to do this. And, Tumblebrutus realized, a grin working its way onto his lips, she was single.

Well, not for long. Tumblebrutus would have his revenge.

"What are you getting all smiley about?" Pouncival muttered in an irritable way.

"Oh, you'll see," Tumblebrutus smirked, humming indecisively in his throat.

What Electra had set up was, to be honest, a little bit strange. But Tumblebrutus could see that she'd put a lot of effort into it and to be fair, it was pretty. She must've asked Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer for assistance, because there was no way that she could've found such large amounts of coloured glass flowers in such a small amount of time lying around the Junkyard.

"Evening all," the cat herself said cheerily, moving to the front of the small group of dancers, Admetus in tow. "Glad you came. This is… a dance to celebrate the springtime and the flowers and the new growth and… and such. Enjoy?" She laughed as all her friends groaned and pulled Admetus back into the midst of the dancers.

The Jellicles clapped politely, glancing at each other with curiosity written all over their faces. There was a moment of silence before gentle piano music tinkled on from some old stereo that Electra had dug up. The dancers swayed to and fro and then Jemima opened her mouth and began to sing.

Tumblebrutus let his eyes droop to slits. Everything around him – the flowers, their coloured glass glow shimmering across the last of the snow, the other dancers, the girls in their flowing skirts of pastel pinks and blues, the audience, the graying blaze of orange that was the day descending into night, Pouncival's wide brown eyes… everyone blurred together.

A beautiful world, it was.

Especially with Pouncival, little, frightened, smiling Pouncival there, moving in sync to him, rich springtime colours painted on his face and wearing a dress of his own.

"Doll," Tumblebrutus murmured teasingly, lowering Pouncival into a dip.

"Flower-lover," Pouncival retorted quietly, shivering happily.

"Flower," Tumblebrutus answered with ease, sighing as they began to twirl and leap in time, taking care not to step on Electra's glass décor.

Though maybe, the brightness of newly spilt blood would only add to the colour around them.

The dance only became more and more complex, Jemima's voice rising, and Tumblebrutus had to forget the world and instead become a part of it. He was just one tiny piece of everything, so small he was almost nothing, but nothing was everything and the joy of being so at one with his partner, his Pouncival, was perhaps everything in his tiny reality.

The Jellicles were lucky. Not many learned to dance like they did – not many were brought up to understand.

Tumblebrutus was lucky. Not many cats like Pouncival existed.

His flower, his coloured glass flowers sprinkled in the melting snow and casting colours into the night as the moon shone through them.

And as the dance winded down to a halt, Tumblebrutus wheezed the cold-warm hair and grinned. Pouncival's mouth was parted, his fur damp with exertion. The Jellicles were clapping wildly, perhaps at the extravagant, complicated movement that Victoria and Mistoffelees had just pulled off.

Pouncival's heaved a sigh and leant his head on Tumblebrutus' shoulder. He was tired and he had every right. Tumblebrutus could almost feel the colours from Pouncival's face rubbing on his shoulder.

"Well?" That was Electra, right by his ear, panting heavily as well.

"It's okay to be frightened," Tumblebrutus said after a while. "Thanks, Electra," he called after her as she rushed to pull everyone into a line so that they could all bow together.

"Thanks," Pouncival said, his voice a little muffled.

The world was beautiful tonight.