"Dear Black,

Hey kiddo! By the time you've read this, I'm probably on my way to the next town, I've start my pokemon journey. I didn't want to wake you up (you look so cute when you sleep by the way!) so I just left this note. I know its not the ideal goodbye, but I wanted to get started bright and early. Me and Tsutarja are a great pair, I'm so happy to finally have my own pokemon!

Anyways, I love you and I'll see you real soon. I wish that we can somehow avoid battling each other but still both be champions. I'm going to miss you, Black.

Well, I'm off! Shoot me a message?


Black skimmed through the note that he had found that morning and crushed it, shoving it into his pocket. White left already...? Without a goodbye or anything? Without giving it a second thought, he ran outside. If he wasn't going to be able to see her for a while, he at least needed to say goodbye (rather, that's what he told himself).

He ran towards Route 1, wearing only a pair of navy boxers and a white t-shirt, his hair disheveled. He ran for a couple of minutes, growing desperate until a a familiar brunette came into view.

"White!" The girl flipped around, her new pokemon relaxing on her shoulder.

"Black...?" She murmured as a grin took over her face. She knew she was a coward, making up excuses to why she couldn't say goodbye. But seeing Black running towards her illuminated her world, hence the irony.

When the male reached White, he pulled her into a hug, causing her to blush. Black was never much of a person who was into physical contact, or public displays of affection for that matter.

"Thanks for letting me see you off," He muttered into her hair; she just smiled.

"Sorry... I was kind of excited." White grinned at her own lie. This was how the duo usually conversed: White would say something, usually insulting Black. He would shake it off and mumble a witty come-back. It always ended with White dragging her best friend somewhere, unwillingly of course.

The two stood there for a few moments, just hugging and listening to each other's racing hearts. And even though neither would admit it- they wished that it would last forever.

Too bad forever had to end some time.

A/N: What the... what the hell?

While digging around on my computer, I came across this- a bit of a ChessShipping fic that I had written on September 20th, 2010.

The hell? Around September, the only things released were pictures of the player characters, Cheren, Bianca (known as Bel, at the time), N, and the starters. Nothing else. I was writing stories about Hilda and Hilbert already?

Huh, go figure. I'm going to point to Sincerely Vienna as the most probable inspiration of this- there's no doubt that Monochromatic Dreams didn't have some effect on me.
(Great story by the way- check it out!)

Uh, yes. Okay. After re-reading this, and editing a little, it's really not too bad (but don't hesitate to point out any errors). Hilda seems kind of... annoying, though.

I also chose to leave the original names (Black, White, Tsutarja) for the hell of it. (Well, not really. I'm just not ready to make them Hilda and Hilbert yet.)

And yes, I realize that the last line makes absolutely no sense (or can I pass that off as some weird contradiction?)