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It was a normal boring paper work day at the BAU and Reid was bored. He'd read through his case files already and consulted on a few cases where the cops needed a little push. He was working on a rubix cube now because he was really tired of working. Everyone else was thinking the same thing. It was a sad, sad thing when one could feel the entire team silently wishing for a case. Anything to spark some excitement would have been nice. Then God seemingly answered their prayers. Reid didn't know what made him look up but he was happy he did. She was a vision, and at first all he saw was her profile. Curly raven hair falling just past her shoulders, creamy pale skin, long shapely legs, full breasts, and a nice round…wait she looked familiar. Something about the way she looked felt familiar but he didn't know why. Reid had no doubt in his mind that he'd remember her, she was wearing a skin tight pair of dark denim jeans, a black t-shirt that hugged her body, stiletto boots equipped with chains, and there was a dark leather jacket in her hands. She had a messenger bag just like he always did. She turned to look at him and smiled. That was a dangerous smile. Her t-shirt was cut low in a deep v that revealed a lot of cleavage and a tiny heart tattoo on her left breast. She walked over to him and his eyes shot back down to what he'd been doing before she walked in. He was trying to find an escape route but it was too late she was already there. He looked up to find her leaning over his desk her cleavage unavoidable now. Her t-shirt was bunched around her midsection revealing a line of smooth skin just above her jeans. He told himself to look at her face but it was hard to do so. He looked up into her big doe eyes and his stomach rolled in a way that wasn't entirely unpleasant. Her eyes were gorgeous, they a shade of brown so pale they looked grey in the light.

"Hey sexy, I'm looking for someone. Can you tell me where I can find Emily Prentiss?" he opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out at first.

"She's…uh…in a meeting." She nodded and looked around. Morgan came around the corner and Reid caught sight of the look on his face. He was staring at her ass. "Is she…is she expecting you?"

"No, she isn't. I'm a surprise, as always." She bit her nail and looked around before she suddenly smacked herself in the forehead and extending her hand to him. "I'm Michaela Prentiss, but you can call me Ella. I'm Emily's sister." Reid reached out and shook her hand ignoring the warmth spreading through his body and the horror that he was drooling over Emily's sister. "If I had to guess I would say you are the brilliant Dr. Spencer Reid and the guy behind me staring at my ass is Derek Morgan."

"Yes, you're right." He said blushing and laughing at the idea of Derek getting caught. He was about to say something when Emily came out of Hotch's office and saw her.

"Ella?" Ella turned around with a bright smile on her face. Emily came flying down and pulled her sister into a tight hug.

"In the flesh, I missed you Emmy." Morgan looked at Reid and mouthed Emmy and Reid just shrugged.

"What are you doing here? Last I heard you were in Vegas." Emily asked when she pulled away from her sister. Reid had to admit not only had he been looking at Ella's ass but he noticed she had another tattoo on her lower back and it wasn't in English.

"Well I came back to finish my last degree. Since Vegas I've been to Seattle, Alaska, New Orleans, and New York. I'm still taking pictures and working for different magazines. Mom nearly blew a gasket when she found out I was coming back. I told dad, he told her."

"Of course, that's usually the case. Have you met the boys?"

"Only one, you didn't tell me he was so cute." Ella said looking back of her shoulder at Reid. He tried to hide his blush and his smile but Emily saw it. She raised an eyebrow at him and that look frightened him a little.

"Yes he's adorable, and this is Derek Morgan." She said propelling her sister forward. Ella reached out her hand and Derek stood up to shake her hand. Reid rolled his eyes, of course he was flirting. After all, he is Morgan.

"Nice to meet you Derek Morgan, did you enjoy the view?" Reid snorted and then blushed because everyone looked at him.

"Not as much as Pretty Boy." Reid choked on the coffee he was trying to swallow when he heard Morgan. Ella looked back at him and the look was unbelievably sultry. Before she looked away she looked down and a small smile appeared.

"So you're Derek, she said you were hot." Prentiss blushed and put her hand over her sister's mouth.

"Really, is that so?" Ella nodded but Emily pulled her away.

"I wanna take you to lunch and catch up. Can they come?" Prentiss shook her head and pulled her sister away. Reid smiled when Ella turned to throw him a wink and a wave goodbye.

"She will eat you alive." Morgan said looking at his friend. Reid looked at him and rolled his eyes.

"What are you talking about?"

"I saw that goofy look on your face. She will eat you alive but she's not the thing you should worry about." Reid frowned and waited for Morgan to finish. Morgan walked over and leaned over Reid's desk. "Emily will kill you if you go near her sister." He said simply as he clapped him on his shoulder. Reid knew Morgan was right so he tried to forget the way she smiled at him. It was a couple of weeks before he saw her again. Morgan whistled when she walked in, she was filling out a pair of wide leg black slacks like nothing he'd ever seen. She was wearing a purple lace tube top that didn't quite reach the top of her pants and a pair of red stilettos that made Reid and Morgan just about drool. Seaver turned to look at her and rolled her eyes. The two men were drooling. Sure she was pretty but she was also Emily's sister. Emily was enough, now she had an uninhibited mini doppelganger. Ella smiled and went straight for Reid's desk and his mouth went dry. He met Seaver's eyes before turning back to look at her. Her hair was thick and full like Emily's but it was longer and curlier. It made her look like a model of some sort. She was vivacious and he really needed to stop staring at her. Morgan just about fell out of his chair when she walked by and Seaver just rolled her eyes.

"Hey handsome, how are you?" she asked hopping up on his desk looking at him through her thick dark lashes. Her eyes were hypnotic; it was unbelievably difficult to look away. She put her jacket and bag down next to his desk crossing her legs and placing her hands on either side of her.

"Good," He squeaked, that didn't come out like it was supposed to. He cleared his throat before he tried again. "I'm good, how are you?" She smiled and it was that sultry one he'd seen before. Morgan was right, Reid was pretty sure she could eat him alive.

"Tired, but other than that I'm absolutely wonderful. So something tells me that you guys didn't know that Em had sisters?" Did she just say sisters?

"No, she has more than just you?"

"Yeah, I have a twin named Isabella. Everyone calls her Isla. She looks more like Em than me but I was born about 3 minutes before her. She's got short hair though and she's practicing to be a surgeon."

"What do you do?" she smiled like she enjoyed answering that question.

"I do a little bit of everything; I have degrees in journalism and literature. I'm going to school to get one in psychology. I'm a book editor by day and a photographer by night. I baby a lot of authors and models so I figure psychology would help." Reid nodded looking interested. "Interesting."

"What's that?" she leaned forward a little and her eyes looked almost silver in the light as she appraised him with interest.

"Most men, I tell them I have a twin and they ask if we take showers together and have lingerie pillow fights. You seem more interested in my occupation. That's not something I see everyday Dr. Reid. It's actually kind of hot." Reid felt his cheeks heat up before he looked up to see Morgan watching him.

"I don't see a logical reason for the two of you to shower together." He was serious but it made her laugh.

"You know Dr. Reid, neither do I. I think it's a playboy, penthouse forum kind of thing. Dear Penthouse forum, I met a pair of hot twins today and they invited me into their dorm room." Reid looked confused and she cocked her head to the side. "You do know what Penthouse Forum is, right?" Reid thought for a moment frowning in way Ella found adorable before shaking his head now. "My God, you are adorable." She reached out and touched his hair. Reid had to clear his throat again before he could speak.

"So is that why you travel so much, because of your job?"

"Yeah, I was in Vegas and I met this author named Peyton VanHolt. He was big time and I told him I was a fan. I was taking pictures of weddings and parties at night and working at this small publishing company by day. It didn't bother me; it wasn't really like I needed the money.
He proclaimed, after spending a few weeks with me, that I was his muse. I thought it was a load of shit simply for the chance to get into my pants. I edited his book for him and helped him reword as he wrote. He talked to his agent and got me a job at a big publishing company. They loved me there; I was always really good with authors and the name Prentiss didn't hurt. Then I went where my authors needed me. That's why I've been all over the place. I took pictures of places where natural disasters hit, I was there to photograph the oil spill recently. New Years I spent in New York taking pictures of the snow."

"That must have been interesting."

"I enjoyed it. I got to go to Strawberry Fields, I'd never seen it. I was always so busy in New York whenever I was there. I took pictures of it after the snow was cleared away. I was actually there to sell some of my tornado pictures but that one was important to me." His eyes widened when he heard what she said.

"Did you say tornado pictures?" She nodded smiling at his expression.

"I joined a group of storm chasers and followed them for three weeks. I wanted pictures and I got them." Reid leaned forward intrigued. "My mom fussed for hours about how Emily and I seem intent on putting out lives in danger. I just wanted to live. I learned anything and everything I could from, belly dancing to bartending. I even go-go danced at a club for months when I was in college. My mom hated that, it was fun for me. Ughh, enough about me McDreamy, I want to learn about you. What do you do when you aren't fighting crime with my sister and Casanova over there?" She asked motioning with her head to Morgan.

"I read mostly. I go out with the team every now and then and I have friends that drag me out sometimes. Other than that, this is all I do."

"You need to get out more, love. Em says you're a full on Doogie Houser?" he frowned at her and she smiled. "Doogie was a genius teenaged doctor on TV."

"I don't like labels but I read 20,000 words a minute, I have an eidetic memory, and I have an IQ of 187." She grinned at him as he finished his sentence.

"So long story short, you're a genius." He nodded and she snorted. "That must be interesting on a date." Reid was about to answer when Emily came in and interrupted.

"El, get away from him. I will not have you corrupting poor unsuspecting Reid. He's innocent." Reid met Ella's eyes before falling to her lips as she bit the bottom one.

"He doesn't look all that innocent to me." Reid swallowed audibly. She was purring at him again.

"That's because your boobs are in his face." Emily said as she dragged her little sister off of Reid's desk.

"You don't mind seeing my boobs, do you Spencer?" Reid sputtered and stuttered but nothing was coming out. What was he supposed to say? Hell no. "It's okay Spencer. I don't bite, unless you ask me really nice." She purred leaning over his desk. Reid gulped and blushed but didn't say a word. Morgan was laughing so hard there were tears forming in his eyes but Emily looked mortified.

"WE are going out for drinks with Garcia and JJ. Do you guys wanna come?" Emily asked once again pulling Ella away from Reid. Morgan agreed immediately.

"Come on Doogie, you know you wanna come." Reid did his best not to blush at the double meaning but from the smile on Ella's face he'd failed miserably. He wanted to say no, that was the logical thing to do. She freaked him out, and it was entirely a bad thing. He should…no he would say no.

Why didn't he say no? He would forever ask himself that question. His eyes barely left her as she danced with her friend, Aubrey. Aubrey was strawberry blonde, leggy, and model tall. Her eyes were a shade of blue that Reid wasn't sure existed in nature. The two of them were a party all to themselves. The more she danced the more her top rode up. He liked the tattoos; so far he'd seen three: the heart with the arrow through it on her breast, the words on her lower back that he hadn't tried to read, and what looked like a small sword across her wrist with roman numerals under it. She mentioned going to the bar and getting another drink for herself, Emily, and Aubrey. Reid finally tore his eyes away while Morgan mentioned trying to get him laid. They moved back to her and there was a guy standing next to her trying to talk her up. She didn't look interested but the guy wasn't taking no for an answer.

"Go rescue her, pretty boy. You know you want to. Just walk up, put your hands on the bar around her and ask if she needs help carrying drinks." Reid didn't know what made him get up. Before he knew it he was at the bar. He did exactly what he said only he got closer than Morgan told him to.

"You need help with those?" she pressed her hips back against him leaning her head on his shoulder. He wasn't expecting what she did next. She turned around and kissed him. This wasn't a soft I want to get rid of old tall, dark, and irritating kind of kiss. Her hands slid up his chest and into his hair as she molded her body to his. Her tongue swept over his lip before he opened his mouth so she could roll it against his. His arms wrapped around her like a vice and she gasped when he pressed her to the bar. Reid was pretty sure the guy was long gone but she didn't pull away and neither did he. His hand rested on the skin between her pants and her top and his fingers brushed the bottom of her top. She finally pulled away and he was breathless. Her lips were a little swollen and her cheeks were flushed bright pink.

"Mmm doc, you taste good." She was about to say something when Aubrey appeared next to them but Ella was still locking eyes with Reid.

"I hate to break up this moment but Louis Drake says he needs you. He is in the writing house in Miami. There is a ticket for us at the airport." She broke eye contact finally and looked at Aubrey nodding. Reid wasn't sure but she looked disappointed. She stepped forward reaching in his pocket and digging until she dug out a business card. She grabbed a pen off the bar and wrote something down on it.

"You better call, my phone is never off. Ever." She gave Aubrey a pointed look and she had the decency to look apologetic. Ella turned back to him before she dug for another card and smiled when he shuddered. She was way too close to something that hadn't had attention in a while. "Don't stop thinking what you're thinking right now." She leaned up and kissed him on the cheek before she ducked under his arm. He turned around and watched as she said goodnight to the team and kissed Emily on the cheek and then she was gone.