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1: Arrival

Doctor Doom got tired of ruling over his own world so he decided that becoming a Pokemon Master would be a good way to spend a week or two.

However, what he did not know is that by the time he had gotten in on the craze almost every other Pokemon had been chosen already by the various other trainers.

Only two were left. A Chansey and a Magikarp. He stared deep into Chansey's eyes and saw nothing but perfectly stupid bliss staring back at him. He was not pleased. Then he stared into the eyes of Magikarp and it was there that he saw it. A rage that matched his own, a rage that empowered Magikarp to reach for great heights.

Doom picked Magikarp and asked Professor Oak what moves it knew. When Oak explained that it only knew splash, and then what splash was. Doom frowned harshly.

Oak would pay for this treachery.