This is will be a multi-chapter fic, I promise it will not be as long as Despise ;) . This was inspired by a story called "Lyin' Eyes" by ff nets own Wrestlefan4.

"Don't start that shit again."

In the darkness, Shawn's breath caught and his eyes pinched tight. Slowly, not turning around, he inched backwards across the bed. Hunter's broad arms enfolded, groping at him, pulling him in to spoon against Helmsley's chest.

Shawn yielded to the motion, but the stiffness, the resistance remained.

"Still trying to pretend you don't want it?"

Shawn's jaw tightened and he flinched against the words, against the increasingly intimate touch. Hunter's humorless laughter vibrated against his head and neck, then the familiar hardness ground against him.

Shawn knew he was going to come again. Unbiden, the tears sprang to his eyes.

Hunter's lips traced their acidic trails as his hands passed over Shawn's cock.

"Does crying work for you at home?"

Shawn's fury was lost in his shame and desire.

Suddenly, the world was falling away.

John let them slip, his hand could no longer feel them. They parted, showering like small pieces of glass, face up, face down, overlapping, fragmented images, like his own memories once flawless, now forever changed.

Shawn and Hunter in front of a hotel.

Kissing in a doorframe.


The images wavered and his vision blurred.

Days nights kisses laughing love

"I didn't mean to bring this to you."

The other John's voice was fading away but some, last proud piece of Cena's champions' heart could not let him fall apart in front of this man. He stood, waivering,
a wounded combatant, silently begging his conquerer to dispatch him.

Turn around, for God's sake, don't look at me this..

"I knew how you would feel."

Then, the proud warrior fell into John Bradshaw Layfield's arms.