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In the darkness of room, a crystal ball sat brightly on a wooden table. A mass of colors blended together, swirling in the crystal ball forming images.

A figure emerged from a room recognized as the bathroom, still wet and fresh from a shower. He was topless with his hands working on drying his wet, dark brown hair with a white towel. Suddenly the door to his room burst open and jumped in a hyper, silver hair male.

"Kana-nii!" the silver boy called out before glomping the brown hair figure. Both of the males fell to the bed, dizziness hitting the brown haired male.

He groaned, "Zero!"

The silver male perked up at the call of his name and smile at the man. "Hello, nii-san. Welcome back." Zero said with a hyper tone.

The other male sighed. He wanted to scold Zero for the sudden attack but seeing the smile on the boy's face melted whatever protest he had. He smiled back at Zero. "Em, I'm back." he said, pulling the other into a kiss.

Zero moaned and half-heartedly tried to pull away. "Ah~ Wh- what're you- doing? The others are here too!"

Kaname smirked. "I miss you."

Zero blushed. "I- I miss you too"

Kaname's smirk grew and he pulled Zero into another kiss. The younger male didn't pull away this time, enjoying it when the door burst open and a voice similar to him entered his ears.

"Break it up guys, Juri-obasan is coming," Zero's twin told them.

The images of Zero scrabbled away and unsatisfied Kaname swirled into a mass of colors before another images of the boys appeared again in another location.

A loud shattering sound broke the silence followed by the sound of the window glasses smashed into million pieces under a certain silver hair pureblood's aura. Not long after, a loud voice could be heard across the room.

"No! I don't believe you!"

Kaname looked towards the screaming pureblood, concerned. "Zero, calm down, it's not what you think."

"No! It's exactly like what I think. You're marrying her, Yuki!" Zero retorted back with anger and this time successfully destroying more glass-made furniture.

"Zero, there's an explanation." Kaname tried to reason.

Zero quickly covered his ears and closed his eyes. "No! I don't want to hear it!"

"Zero-" Kaname pleaded, taking a step closer.

"No!" Zero screamed out before another blast of his aura went berserk.

Kaname gritted his teeth, holding up his arms for protection from Zero's aura and the flying broken glasses. Kaname was worried. If this situation dragged on any longer, Zero would likely lose control of his power and injured himself. He needed to stop Zero before that happen.

When the wave of pressure stopped coming towards him, Kaname closed in Zero and took both of Zero's wrists in his hands before pulling them apart from the boy's ears. "Listen, Zero!"

Zero still closed his eyes and tried to break away from the older vampire. Kaname felt a little dejected towards the younger vampire's rejection and it showed on his face.

"It was not my decision, Zero. The elders set it up, not me or my parents! I just knew about it a week ago." Now Kaname was breathing hard. It not always that he talk a lot in one time. "Please, just believe me." Kaname's voice slowly turned to whisper. "It was not my decision."

Silence wrapped around them as Kaname hope silently for Zero to open his eyes and look at him. Meanwhile as for Zero, he reluctantly opened his eyes but he didn't turn to Kaname yet. He was hesitating.

"Zero~" Kaname's pleading tone brushed against his hesitating heart. It was not often that he heard his proud lover plead and hearing it made him waver greatly. Finally, he couldn't bear it anymore. He sighed inwardly, hiding his eyes under his bangs.

"My wrists hurt," Zero mumbled, "Let go."

Kaname finally realized his hard grip on Zero's wrists and quickly let it go. "So-sorry," the pureblood apologized and looked down to his right.

Zero calmed down a bit and caressed his bruised wrists. Really, Kaname didn't know how to control his own strength sometimes.


"Promise me…"

At Zero's voice, Kaname perked up from his thought and turned to the younger pureblood. "What?" Zero was blushing.

"Promise me, you'll be mine only."

Kaname was overwhelmed with a lot of emotion that he couldn't even make out what it was and it showed on his face. Kaname was speechless.


Zero blushed harder. It was getting embarrassing and cliché. He wondered if he picked the wrong words to say.

"Come on, promise me!"

Kaname smiled in relief. "I promise. You've my word."

Zero glanced at the other, curious to what face the other was making. "G-good then."

Kaname got closer and pulled Zero towards him, resting his hands on Zero's hips.

"And you'll be mine too?"

Zero blushed again and nodded. Kaname smiled again and kissed Zero's forehead. "I love you."

Zero gave Kaname a look. "You won't marry Yuki?" he asked.

"Nope," Kaname shook his head.

Zero smiled and gave Kaname a quick kiss. "I love you too."

The images of the purebloods making out whirled and mixed into a mass of colors before shaping into a mass of red fluid.

The Hiou castle was suddenly alarmed by a certain brunette panicked voice. The butler, a guy with dark blue hair, a patch, and blue eyes, appeared at the door, running into the living room to investigate the problem. As soon as he arrived, he saw Kaname was kneeling down on the floor, holding his master's bloody body in his arms. His alarm went off and quickly he went to their side.

His master was pale, paler than usual and was coughing blood. Not far from the two purebloods, a box of chocolate lay with some of the chocolates scattered on the floor. The butler immediately got the situation.

"Touga!" the call of the other pureblood snapped the butler from his thought. "Go call Dr. Shou, quickly!"

Touga nodded and left. Kaname's attention went back to Zero. "Hang on, Zero. The doctor is on the way." Kaname tried to reassure his lover, though it sounded more for himself.

Zero coughed again, sputtering blood all over himself and Kaname. He winced in pain and gripped Kaname's sleeve.

Kaname leaned down, rocking him to calm him. "It's going to be ok, Zero. Please, don't leave me yet. Please!"

Zero's coughing and Kaname's panic voice died out and the images swirled again and shaped into a figure of Kaname waiting anxiously outside of Zero's room. Silence hung uncomfortably around him and his anxiousness was not doing any good to his mood.

Suddenly he heard the rice paper door of Zero's room sledded open. His eyes met with the doctor's empty black eyes. Kaname approached the doctor.

"How is he doing?" Kaname asked.

"Not so good but his life is out of danger" the doctor replied monotone.

Kaname sighed in relief. "But doctor, what happened? He was really dying and his life force was really weak."

"He was poisoned." The doctor replied short.

"Poisoned? But Zero is immune against all poisons."

"Not this poison. I managed to extract it out of Zero-sama's system before it done anymore damage to his body and found out there was a lot of magic charms on it. I don't know how one could combine magic charms and poison together but it was really deadly to vampires. I came at the right time and managed to get almost all the poison out, but still some of it had cause damage to Zero-sama's body"

Kaname felt something was wrong. "Is there something that I need to know, sensei?"

"Yes… actually, though I said he was out of danger…. He's in a coma." The doctor announced.

Kaname's heart skipped a beat and he paled. He moved to the door and slid it open. Zero's pale feature greeted his vision and Kaname thought Zero almost looked like he was going to fly to the heaven. Kaname asked without turning to the doctor. "Is he going to wake up any time soon?"

Doctor Shou shook his head. "There's no guarantee, Kaname-sama. I'm sorry."

Kaname fell to his knees, beside Zero's futon. His eyes never left the silver pureblood's face. "You can leave now. I want to be alone with Zero."

Doctor Shou was silence as he watched the brunette pureblood. "Yes, Kaname-sama," He obeyed and left.

Kaname's guilty frown twirled and darkness fill the crystal ball. There was not much light in the room but one could see that Kaname was sitting beside Zero, holding the younger man's hand.

"Zero…it's already a month. When are you going to wake up? Please, open your eyes." Kaname pleaded, looking directly at Zero's pale face, hoping for the silver vampire to open his eyes, to show his bright, shinning lilac eyes again.

But alas, that hope never came true. Silence lingered around them before Kaname started to chuckle. "Ha, I wonder if this is my punishment for tainting you…" There was a moment of quiet as Kaname caressed Zero's cheek.

A lone tear fell down his cheek, onto Zero's hand, which he was holding. Kaname leaned up and kissed Zero's temple. He smiled. "I'm going to make things right now. Don't worry, you'll wake up soon."

Kaname released Zero's hand and stood up. "I'm sorry, Zero. Good bye," he said, glancing at Zero one more time before opening the door and slide it close behind him. He paused, hesitating with his decision before he started out of the castle, leaving his beautiful silver lover behind. Not known to the other, the silver beauty's finger twitched to life for an instant as if to reach out to his leaving beloved.

The crystal ball was painted with darkness again but this time it was darker. Zero's figure appeared and he seemed lost.

Zero glanced around him, it was really dark. He tried calling for Kaname but no one answered him back. So he called for Ichiru, then his mom and then his butler, Touga. Every call he made, there was no answer.

So he sat in the darkness, crying. Usually he won't be crying like a baby but darkness scared the hell out of him no matter how much he had grown. Darkness always reminded him of loneliness. The one feeling he disliked the most.

"Kana-nii, where are you? Please, I'm scare." Zero sobbed.

"Zero…" suddenly a familiar voice called out. Warm wrapped around Zero and a finger wiped his tears away.

Zero looked up in hope and his face brightened up. He was overjoyed and hugged the figure in front of him.


Zero felt Kaname's hand caressing his back. Warm enveloped him and his sadness faded away with each comfort he received. Zero looked up at Kaname.

"Where were you? I was really lonely." Zero pouted.

Kaname helped Zero up. "I'm sorry."

Zero smiled. "It's ok since you are here."

Zero was sure that Kaname would smile back at him and he was right but there was something wrong with his smile. He looked sad. Zero began to worry.


Still with the sad expression on his face, Kaname released his hold on Zero and stepped backward, putting some distance between them. "I'm going, Zero."

"Going? What are you talking about Kana-nii?" Zero's voice began to waver.

"I'm sorry." He said. There it was, the sad smile, again. Zero's heart thumped loudly against his chest. Kaname turned away and began walking away from him.

"Kana-nii?" Zero called meekly. The older vampire didn't respond. He called the older vampire again but he didn't gain any reply at all. Zero's legs began to work and he ran after the brunette pureblood.

"Wait, Kana-nii! Where are you going? Don't leave me here…" Zero called out as Kaname got further away. Panic and desperation began to show on his face. His paces started to pick up however no matter how fast he was running, Kaname kept getting further and unreachable.

"Wait, Kana-nii! Wa- Kaname!" he reached out for Kaname.

Kaname disappeared from his sight and darkness turned to brightness. His room wall filled his vision while the sound of his own hard breathing entered his ears. Zero's eyes wandered around the room confusedly before his ears picked up another sound, the sound of footsteps running towards his room. The rice door to his room slide open rather roughly and Ichiru's frantic face greeted Zero.

Ichiru hugged Zero. "Nii-san, you're finally wake up!"

Zero blankly stared at his twin. He was confused. Suddenly, a women with long straight peach hair appeared at the door. "Zero, you're awake!" the women hugged him. "I'm so glad!" the pink eyed women said in relief.

Zero touched his twin's arm, "Ichiru," and then the pink vampire's arm. "Mom, what's going on? Why are you two acting so weird?"

Ichiru and Shizuka released Zero. "You were in a coma for one full month."


"Em," Shizuka agreed. "We were so scared that you won't wake up at all" then she turned to Touga, who had been standing at the door, watching the Hious interact.

"Touga, could you call Dr. Shou."

"Hai" Touga obeyed and he left.

Zero turned to his twin while his mom busy with the butler. "Ichiru, is Kana-nii here?"

"He's not here? Is he busy?"

Ichiru hesitated. "No, he isn't"

Zero didn't notice how uncomfortable his family members were when he asked about Kaname. He was too busy thinking about the dream he had just had.

"Can I go see him?" Ichiru stayed quiet.

"Zero, you just regain your conscious. You need a check up first." Shizuka interrupted. She looked angry for some reason.

"I'll get one when I see him. Please…" Zero asked again.


"No!" Shizuka barked. Anger was clearly presence in her voice.

"Mom?" Zero was confused while Ichiru could understand her mom's rage, "Mom~!"

"You can't see him anymore"-the twins' mother got up and walked to the door-"and that final." Thus she left the room.

"Ichiru, did something happen? Mom looked really annoyed." Zero asked.

"…." Ichiru took a hold of Zero's hand in his and eyed him. "Zero… Kana-nii, he got married…."

Zero felt a painful thump against his chest. "

Ichiru hesitated. His concern for his older brother was clearly visible on his face. He continued, "… to Yuki-chan."

Zero's world crumbled and the images mushed into a bundle of color before it shaped into a crowd of people and vampires in some kind ball or party. The crystal ball came to a focus of Kaname's bored face.

The people around him were congratulating him on his marriage but he had long tuned them out and let Yuki do the talking. His eyes roamed around the place in search for a refuge. All of sudden his eyes met a familiar lilac cat like eyes.

Kaname flinched and blinked. He thought his eyes was playing with him but no matter how much he blink, he still saw that lilac eyes belonged to his silver beauty.

"Ze-!" he intent to call out for Zero but as soon as he opened his mouth, Zero broke their eye contact and strode away.

Kaname jerked forward, swiftly excusing himself before leaving the other. He heard Yuki call from behind but he tuned it out since his attention was fully on Zero alone. He chased after Zero through the crowd, then through a corridor, up a flight of stairs and finally into a room.

Closing the door behind him, the brunette pureblood eyed Zero in some mixed feeling of glad and worry. He was relief that Zero was out of coma but he was still concerned for the silver pureblood since he was paler now. He looked as if he hadn't sleep for days.

"Zero… you're awake."

"…." Zero was silence. His back was on Kaname.

Kaname shifted uncomfortably. It's kind of rare that Zero ignored him. He was not used to it. And at the same time he doesn't know what to say though there were a lot of things he needed to explain.

Then he remembered. If he was to explained to Zero about the situation he was in, that would only made the boy guilty. Also, the deal was supposed to be a secret and Zero wasn't supposed to know about it. Otherwise, all his action now would be meaningless.

"I'm -" when he finally found his voice again, Zero cut in.

"Sorry?" he turned with disbelieving expression.

Kaname felt a stab to his heart. "I can explain." The words were out before he could stop himself since he really can't explain at all.

Zero folded his arms in front of his chest. "Then explain."

"I-" Kaname still couldn't find his word.

"What? Cat got your tongue?" Zero sneered.

His pain in his chest grew. He can't say anything nor did he wish to say anything about his marriage. "I'm-" Kaname looked down. "-sorry"

Zero flinched in rage when he heard the word and saw the look on Kaname's face. As fast as lightning, he slammed the older vampire into the wall, cracking it and used one of his arms to pin Kaname's neck to the wall.

"I'm sorry? I'm sorry?" Zero was hysterical. "Is that all you can say after all this time?"

Kaname somehow want to protest but in the end he sighed. "Yes… I'm so-"

"Don't say that word again! I hate it! I don't want to hear it anymore. Enough! I had enough!" Zero pulled away and hugged himself, facing his back towards Kaname.

It was really painful to see once a strong headed boy to break down like this. Kaname began to think he couldn't make his plan worked anymore and that he couldn't leave Zero.

"Ze-" He reached out for Zero only to be pushed away.

"Don't touch me!"


"Didn't I say I don't want to hear that word again?" Zero glared at Kaname.

Then everything went silent, neither of them having anything to say. The stillness went for a few minutes before it was broke by Zero's small voice.


Kaname was confused. "What?"

"Is it because I'm a guy? Is it because I can't give you a he-"

"No, it's not like that!"

It was the truth and Zero saw it. His lips trembled. He was so confused that he ended up crying and hitting on Kaname's chest, repeatedly. "Then, what is it about?" he sobbed as he cling on Kaname's suit. "You said you loved me and promised to be mine and yet you still married her. Why? Why did you have to do that? I don't get you at all!"

Kaname felt the tug to his bond increase, bringing him to the realization that his plan of staying away from Zero really going down the drain. He couldn't resist his instinct anymore.

Slowly his arms embraced the younger vampire bringing him closer to him and bury his nose in Zero's hair. He inhaled Zero's scent. Then slowly he leaned down, kissing Zero's temple, eye, cheek and chin. Meanwhile Zero relaxed and moved along the kisses.

Finally Kaname moved his lips too, touching it lightly with his. He hesitated a little and when Zero was kissing him back, he began sucking on Zero's lower lip. Zero moaned, giving a chance for the older vampire to slip his tongue in and deepening the kiss.

Zero felt dizzy from the kiss, maybe because lack of air or that he was overwhelmed with emotion and not long after, his knee buckled and the kiss ended. They were breathing hard, only pulling away slightly. They could still feel the touch of other lips on theirs.

Zero lowered his head a little and punched Kaname's shoulder lightly.

"I hate you." He breathed out.

Kaname smirked. "I know."

The continuous of Kaname's advance against Zero swirled into buddle of colors and finally it slowly ceased into white cloud which was disappearing into nothing. The crystal ball switched off into darkness.

The present-somewhere in a forest

"Hiroki-niichan, I'm tired. Let's rest for a second." A boy with short wavy silver hair said tiredly. His pink lips were panting and one of his lilac eyes was close.

Hiroki, a boy with short dark brown hair turned towards his brother. "We stopped just a minute ago, Koori. Come on, we're almost there" the blue eyed boy stated before continued walking again.

"Alright, alright," The boy named Koori followed reluctantly. "Anyway where are we going to?"

"Kaname-san's house," Hiroki answered short.

"Who's he?"

"He's Mom's friend."

"Why are we going there?"

"We're going for a place to wait and to borrow a telephone."

"Why are we doing that?"

Somehow the question irritated Hiroki. "Because we don't have any money to make a phone call and we just missed our bus."

"Why don't you use your cell?"

"It's because of you!"

"What did I do?" Koori asked innocently.

Hiroki stopped dead in his trek and turned to Koori. "Stop asking questions. It's your fault that my cell ended up in the sea. Anyway, why did you hid in my bag? My professor and classmates almost found you out." Hiroki burst. For you information, Hiroki was 10 years old and he already attending a university. He's a genius. Today was supposed to be a perfect day for a research trip but half way there, he found his 8 years old brother in his bag.

"Just for fun," Koori replied with a smile.

Hiroki sighed. No use slashing at Koori. What happened already happened. "You know, we're going to be in a lot of trouble when we get home, right?"

"I know." Koori answered simply.

"Th-" his word was cut off when he caught the sound of the bushes in front of them rustled.

Hiroki eyed the bushes worriedly meanwhile Koori drew closer to him. "Nii-chan!"

Hiroki shifted his eyes to the sky and almost cursed. 'I forgot it almost dark' the forest is a dangerous place to be when it's dark. Many dangerous creatures lurked at this time in search for foods. That's included Level E, a human turned into a night creature after being bitten by a pureblood vampire.

Actually Hiroki was not only a 10 years old genius but he also a vampire hunter adopted by the Hiou household, a famous and ancient pureblood family.

"Koori, can you do something for me?" Hiroki asked as he made his stance.


"Stay." Hiroki said.

Before Koori could ask the reason, something shot out of the bushes and ambushed Hiroki. Koori yelped in surprise while Hiroki dodged the attack.

Their eyes fell to the creature and Koori grimaced while Hiroki frowned. The level E snarled at them and leaped towards Koori. It's claws sharp droving towards the boy.

Koori shielded his head and closed his eyes in instinct. He remembered seeing this creature out of his window before when Touga, the family butler hunted them down but never had he been so close to one of that vicious creature.

A gasp and a loud crack caught Koori's ears. He opened his eyes and saw that Hiroki was standing in front of him with his string in open (an anti-vampire string thought it's look like a normal silver string) while straight ahead; he saw the vampire unconscious under a cracked tree.

"Are you ok?" Hiroki asked.


"Good, 'cause here come his friends."

As soon as the words drown in Koori's head, about 4 more Level E appeared. They were surrounded and he heard Hiroki mumbled irritated. He rarely saw Hiroki fight before but he knew that his brother really good at it, though he still can't beat his master, Touga.

The wind blew and none of us moved a muscle. But as soon the wind stopped, two vampires made their move and came from front and back towards Hiroki with their claws eager to rip some fresh meat.

Hiroki jumped; successfully dodging the vampires as well as making them collided with each other. As the two got dizzy, another vampire leaped and slashed towards Hiroki who was still in the air.

Hiroki's lips twitched. He couldn't move in the air. The vampire was too quick for him to avoid. The vampire smirked as he landed a direct hit, causing massive bleeding. Hiroki hissed and fell to the ground, rolling to his side in time to avoid another attack from the fourth vampire.

The older boy scrambled to his feet and quickly took his stance. He winced, realized now that he was bleeding seriously from his left shoulder to his right ribs.

"Are you ok, nii-chan?"

"Yeah," Hiroki breathed out. "I can still manage somehow."

Hiroki eyed the vampires one by one. Not to his surprise, their eyes were bright red, tempted by the smell of his blood.

Hiroki smirked. 'Good, now they won't go for Koori.' The boy thought before springing towards the nearest vampires and kicked the said creature off the ground. At the same time, he curled around his string weapon around the vampire in one swift hand movement thus immobilize the vampire.

His instinct kicked in and the vampire struggled. As soon as he did, he was dead. The string was wrapped so tight that even a small movement can cause a massive wound.

Hiroki extracted his weapon away from the vampire (which was turning into dust in seconds) before releasing it again towards another vampire that was unconscious under the tree.

The same happened to the vampire. Relief filled Hiroki as there only three vampire left and less danger. Hiroki charged towards them with his weapon ready. However half way there, his head swung and his vision blurred.

That mistake had led a victory for the vampires since their blows hit directly against their prey. Claws penetrated Hiroki's left ribs while another two slashed his thighs. Blood sprayed out furiously and Hiroki fell to the dirt in his pool of blood.

He helplessly tried to get to his feet but the injuries were too grave and he had lost too much blood. Hiroki gasped as one of the level Es pinned him to the ground with its claws digging deep into his shoulders.

He winced painfully as consciousness rapidly slipped away from him. Hiroki fought to stay conscious but the effect of losing too much blood was too strong. He didn't think he could stay awake anymore; the sound of Koori's scream was fading though he could still see the other two level Es approaching Koori.

With his last strength, Hiroki moved his fingers and tugged at his string, making it as if it came alive and killed the two vampires near Koori instantly before his hand fell lifeless to his side.

His strength was leaving him, so did his conscious. Hiroki pulled his eyes towards the predator above him and saw it hideous face and fangs. His mom was a vampire too but he never seemed so hideous before. Hiroki wondered if it had something to do with their status.

He was snapped out of his amuse thought when he felt the vampire's breath against his neck. He shuddered. It felt so disgusting and never would he think he was going to die like this.

Hiroki brace himself for the up coming bite but as he wait, it didn't come at all. Hiroki opened his eyes and saw the level E had left him.

Wildly he searched for the creature; fear consumed him as worst thought ever entered his mind. His eyes fell on Koori and he was proven right.

Koori had cut himself with something sharp and using his special blood to lure the vampire away from him.

Hiroki panicked. He couldn't move and there was no way in hell he could reach Koori in time to protect him from the level E. He cursed.

'Why did Koori have to do that? Didn't he know the vampire would like his blood more than mine? Of course he knew, if not why he would injure himself purposely to get the vampire away from me.'

Feeling angry at himself, Hiroki tried to summon his strength, what's left of it. It was useless. It turned out that he didn't have any strength anymore in him. He had used the last of it when he killed the other two vampires.

Hiroki's eyes never left Koori and his mouth worked to warn Koori but it seemed his state was worst that he thought because he didn't even have the energy to let a little voice out.

Hiroki felt hopeless as Koori's scream filled his ears and he could only pray that someone would come and save his brother.

As if God had heard his prayer, Koori's scream stopped and was replaced by a shriek of the level E. Hiroki opened his eyes though only half-lid and glanced towards Koori.

He was sobbing in his rescuer's arms but not seemed to be injured. Hiroki breathed out a relief and finally submitted into the darkness of unconsciousness.

A few minutes later Koori woke up with a start. The unfamiliar surrounding triggered a scare in his heart and the first thing he did was to cry. A child usually cried when they were too surprise in a new environment.

"Uwah~" he wailed.

The door opened and came in a man with wavy dark hair. He rushed to Koori and picked the boy up, rocking back and forth while comforting the boy. Koori's cry slowly ceased to sob and eventually he fell asleep.

Another man came into the room and this time it's a man with long peach hair and glasses.

"Kaname-sama?" he called.


The long hair man shut his mouth and walked slowly towards Kaname. "You called me?" he asked.

"Yes, have you called Zero?" the master asked.

"I did."

"What did he say?"

"He'll be here in 30 minutes."

"Alright, how is Hiroki doing?"

"He's unconscious but everything is fine. He has an incredible healing ability for a human."

"He's a growing boy." Kaname told before turning quiet and lost in stroking the boy's hair in his arms.

The butler stared at the boy. Then to his master who looked absorbed in coaxing the boy to sleep. It rare to see his master like that since the day he got married. He glad his master could still care for someone like that.

The butler was back to staring at the boy. He never saw that boy before. He wondered if the child had anything to do to with Zero. He was with Hiroki too.

"What is it?" Kaname asked, obviously feeling the stare.

"I'm just wondering if he another one of Zero-sama's adopted children. Hiroki-sama doesn't have any friends of his age because of his brain so I don't think he's Hiroki-sama's friend except if he's a genius too."

"Maybe, he was calling Hiroki his nii-chan earlier."

"I wonder why Zero-sama adopted them."

"… I wonder it too, Cross. I wonder it too."

Zero was in a hurry. His hands were quickly tidying his desk, arranging important document and switching off his laptop. His movement may seem calm but actually he was panicking. First, it was because the call he received from Cross, the Kurans' butler saying that Hiroki injured himself gravely from fighting with some level E and also that there was another child with him though he was not wounded.

Cross seemed to not know the other child but he did give a description on the boy. To his most surprise it was Koori. He called home earlier and it seemed Koori had sneaked out. This was the first time Koori did it and Zero was lost to his reason.

In his hurry, Zero accidentally knocked down a small vase from his desk. He reached out to capture it but it slipped away from his grasp and continued to fall into a pale palm. Zero's eyes travelled up the arm to the captor's pale face. His visitor sighed tiredly.

"Would you calm down? You'll only hurt yourself if you keep this up." Ichiru, his twin reminded as he placed the vase back on the desk.

"Thank you, Ichiru." Zero thanked. His move movement was now more slowly as he took a deep breath.

"Nii-san, it's going to be ok. Hiroki won't die that easily and there no way in the world Kana-nii would know."

"But still!" Zero tried to retort but Ichiru seized his arms and shook him.

"Remember nii-san, men don't get pregnant."

Zero was silent.

Ichiru rubbed his brother's arms. "It's going to be alright. He would never have the slightness idea."

Zero was quiet, thinking about it before sighing. "Yeah, you're right." Zero went to gather his briefcase and his coat. "Well, I'll be going now. See you at home."

"Em, good luck."

"Thanks." The older twin said and left.

Half an hour later Zero arrived at Kuran mansion. As soon as he was out of the car, Cross opened the front door and invited him in.

"Good evening, Zero-sama."

"Good evening, Cross."

"Kanme-sama is expecting your arrival. If you would kindly follow me, I'll bring you to Hiroki-sama."

Zero jus nodded and followed Cross afterward. They went upstairs and then along a long corridor before they entered a room.

"I'll leave you to your accord. I'll go informed Kaname-sama." Cross said before leaving Zero alone in the room.

Zero walked slowly to the bed and sat on it. His hand reached out to caress Hiroki's cheek, silently felt relief to feel the warm of the child's skin. After, he checked Hiroki's bandaged wounds.

"Thank goodness you're ok, Hiroki." Zero mumbled as he leaned down and kissed Hiroki's temple. Hiroki twitched but didn't wake up.

Suddenly, the door was open and came in Kaname. Zero knew just by Kaname's aura however he didn't turn to greet the pureblood.

"You came, Zero." Kaname smirked.

Zero's lips twitched in irritation. "I'm not here for you."

"Yes, though you are not here for me but you still entered the house that you swore you never going to enter again." Kaname continued to smirk.

"SHUT U-" Zero turned but abruptly shut his mouth.

"Shh~, he's sleeping." Kaname whispered, using his free hand to put a finger to his lips.

Zero frowned.

"It seemed like they are really important to you, Zero."

"They are." His eyes narrowed, piercing Kaname with his gaze. "Give me Koori back." Zero demanded as he reached out his hands.

Kaname wanted to provoke Zero more but Zero didn't seem like he was in the mood. So, he moved to give Koori back but stopped when he felt pain. "Ouch."

Zero raised an eyebrow, peering at Koori's hand. He rounded up behind Kaname and noticed that Koori was holding tight on Kaname's long hair. He tugged at Koori's fingers to release the hair but Koori was not letting go.

"Ouch! Stop that!" Kaname whispered.

Zero glanced at Koori who was sleeping deeply and comfortable in Kaname's arms. Zero sighed. It's Koori's bad habit again. He tended to clutch on something in his sleep, never letting go as if someone going to steal it from him.

Zero turned to Hiroki. "I'll let you hold him for awhile." Zero said, carefully picking Hiroki up. "I'm going home.' He said as he headed for the door.

"Already?" Kaname followed.

"Yes, I don't want to be in the house any longer. It reeks of Yuki and your smell. Besides, I don't want to see Yuki." Zero said swiftly without a care that he was showing his hate in his words.

Kaname continued as if he hadn't heard what Zero had said. "Is Koori the new addiction to your made-up family?" he asked.

Zero glared at the older vampire. "It's not a made-up family." Zero pressured.


Zero turned and they continued down the stairs.

"Zero~ is there a reason for you to be adopting these children?"

"I don't want to talk about it, especially with y-"

The door to the mansion opened and Yuki appeared at the doorway. Zero stopped in his tracks and so did Kaname.

Yuki was surprise but quickly it turned to a smile. "Ah, Zero! What are you doing here?"

Zero continued down the stairs. "I'm leaving." He said without looking at Yuki and went by pass her. He opened the door to his car and put in Hiroki.

"Leaving already? Come on, stay for awhile. It's been ages since you visit." Yuki asked.

Zero got in again. "Can't, I'm busy." Zero replied short. He approached Kaname and yanked Kaname's hair from Koori's hand.

Yuki finally noticed the new face. "Who's this?"

Zero didn't answer; he was too absorbed trying to get the hair out of Koori's grip.

"Koori, he's another one of Zero's adopted son." Kaname took the silence to answer. Yuki didn't know that Zero 'secretly' hated her. She was so dense sometimes.


"Got it," Zero announced before taking Koori into his arms.

Koori stirred. There's too many movement for him to continue his sleep. "Nn…"

"Sh… Go back to sleep…"

Zero's fatherly side (or is it motherly side?) was shown full force and both of the Kurans were a little shock to see it. Of course they always saw it when Zero interacted with Hiroki but when they interacted there seemed to be an invisible line drawn between them. However with Koori, there was none. Zero was letting his guard down completely.

Zero turned to the Kuran couple, snapping them from their thoughts. "I'll be leaving now. Excuse me." He said and headed to the door.

"Bye~," Yuki voiced, disappointed.

Koori stirred from sleep and blinked a few times. He focused his vision and met with Kaname's wine orbs. He smiled. "Bye-bye" he mumbled as he clenched unclenched his little palm at Kaname. The wind suddenly blew, carrying an extraordinary scent, a scent that Kaname had a hard time pin-pointing.

To be continued…

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