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Hiroki closed the back door quietly after he entered.

"Where did you go?"

Hiroki almost jumped out his skin, startled before he whirled around to see his little brother standing behind him, innocently staring up at him.

"Koori!" he said almost shouting, his heart was still beating so loud. He didn't sense Koori sneaked behind him just now. "What are you doing still up? And why are you out of bed? You're sick." Hiroki asked, lowering his tone.

"I was waiting for you." Koori said, tilting his head. He looked so cute and innocent. "You were gone for so long and it was late in the night so I got worry."

"You were waiting for me?" Hiroki was touched though no one was supposed to know about him going out late.

Koori nodded. "Em."

"So cute!" Hiroki hugged his little brother and ruffled the boy's hair. Koori giggled but soon caught his older brother's hand and tilted his head. "But where did you go?" Koori asked almost pouting but still serious.

There was a moment of silence before Hiroki smiled and gave a peak on Koori's cheek. "A good boy should go to sleep now. You're injured. You need sleep to heal you all up so we can go out again." The older boy swiftly changed the subject.

"I can go out?!" Koori asked in surprise, already forgot about the curiosity as to where his brother had gone a while ago. Hiroki smiled wider and slipped his arm around his brother's shoulder before leading him to bed.

"I'll tell you about it tomorrow so get well quick."

Ichiru came into Zero's office without knocking and threw a pile of newspaper on top of Zero's desk. Zero didn't even lift his head from his work as Ichiru spread the newspaper all over Zero's desk, knocking Zero's work away.

Zero looked up at his twin annoyed. "I was working on that." He grumbled.

Ichiru picked up the fallen paper work and scanned it over before throwing it over his shoulder. "Not important." He said in bored tone. "Here, look at the headline. It's all over the paper."

Zero threw Ichiru a glare before slowly eyed the newspaper. There was some vampire tabloid and human tabloid and the headline was all about the big break up of the Kuran couple.

Zero's eyes widen and he gaped. "Kaname and Yuki are getting a divorce?!"

"That's not all, read the human tabloid." Ichiru told him.

Zero chose randomly from the pile and read quietly before he shouted. "What?!" he slammed the newspaper to his desk. "The reason of their break up is because Kaname has a love child?!"

Zero was freaking out and to make matter worse, Ichiru held up a newspaper to Zero's face. "Also, they got Koori's and Hiroki's picture as candidates to Kana-nii's love child."

"Oh, no." Zero grabbed the newspaper from Ichiru. "This is bad."

The Vampire Council

"This is outrages. The Kuran's couple can't split up!" an old man burst out, slamming the newspaper he was reading just now to the round table.

"I agree. They haven't even conceived an heir yet." Another person, a beautiful blond responded.

"…" the third person with black hair and sharped red eyes stared hard at the newspaper in front of him.

"Besides, who is this Koori? I haven't seen him before. I know all other kids in here are not Kaname-sama's." The old man spoke again.

"True and he looked so much like Kaname-sama too with that curse twins' heritage." The blonde women spat in disgust.

"Oh, yeah… now that you said it…"

Suddenly the air in the dark room felt heavy and it was hard to breath. The two turned to their dark haired leader. His sharp eyes were even narrower and he was frowning.

"Find this kid and look up his background." He said before standing up and left the room but before he left completely, he spoke. "The Kuran couple can't divorce now after all the hard work in getting them together."

"Nii-chan, Nii-chan, wake up." Hiroki groaned sleepily, feeling someone shook him to wake.

"What is it Koori? I'm sleepy."

Koori ignored his brother whine and pulled at his arm. "Come one. You have to see this. There a lot of people outside the house."

Hiroki nodded sleepily and complied with Koori's persistence tug. They went to the window and the light out, blinded Hiroki's sight. "Urgh… too bright..." he groaned before his eyes adjusted and saw the mass of people trying to get through the castle's gate.

"What's going on? Who are they?" Hiroki asked, now totally awake.

"Don't know. They had been here since early in the morning and making so many noise." Koori frowned since the noise had disturbed his sleep.

Hiroki looked around a little more before it drowned in him. Quickly, he pulled Koori away from the window and closed the curtain. Koori gasped when he was suddenly pulled away.

"What was that for?" he asked.

Hiroki didn't let anything slipped from his expression. "Is mommy home?" he asked.

"No, mommy went to work before dawn. Why do you ask?"

Hiroki shook his head. "Nothing… but Koori, don't get too close to the windows ok? Also make sure they don't see you."

"Why?" Koori tilted his head.

"Because they'll take you away." Hiroki told the boy before he left his room to find Touga. Koori felt a bit scare but he snapped out of it and quickly followed his brother and at the same time avoids the windows.

"But why?" he whispered.

"Alright, Touga. I got it. Make sure Koori is out of sight ok? Ok… bye…" Zero pulled his cell phone away from his ear and slipped it into his pocket.

He was in his car with Ichiru, on the way to Kaname and Yuki's mansion. The mansion was already in sight and so did the crowd of reporter outside.

"Ichiru drives to the back door."


When they arrived, they glanced around and when they were sure no one was in sight, they got out of the car and jumped over the gate before sneaking in the house. Being a pureblood really have it advantage since they didn't need to worry about high gate or vampire charm.

Ichiru closed the door behind him and followed his brother to the living room where they felt Kaname and Yuki's presences were. When they arrived at the room, they came to sight of Yuki sitting opposite from Kaname, both staring at a divorce paper on the table.

"This is awkward. What are you both doing staring at the divorce paper? I thought there would at least been some screaming and shouting." Zero's sarcastic voice snapped them out of their thoughts as both brown eyes snapped at him.

They seemed surprised. "Zero… what are you doing here?" Kaname asked as he stood up meanwhile Yuki stayed mute, studying Zero. She seemed like she liked to say something.

"We're here to ask if what they say in the papers about you two getting a divorce is true or not and since you didn't answer the phone, we came here." Ichiru answered.

Zero took a seat at an empty couch while Ichiru just stood by his brother. "So why the hell did you two want a divorce?" he asked, crossing his leg above the other.

"Nii-san… we haven't confirm if it true or not."

Zero frowned at his twin. Since when did his twin become stupid? "Don't you see the divorce paper on the table? Of course they are getting divorce." Then his attention went back to his cousins. "So, why and who asked for the divorce?"

"Yuki did and I'm still trying to get the reason out of her." Kaname replied.

Zero blinked confusedly and so did Ichiru. Yuki was the one who asked for divorce? That was a surprise.

"You did, Yuki-chan? But I thought you were in love with Kana-nii?" Ichiru exclaimed.

Yuki's shoulder shook and she was trembling before a salty scent could be smell in the air. Yuki was crying and they knew it. Ichiru was going to comfort her when suddenly she leap up and cling to Zero's pants, crying.




"What got into you?" Zero raised an eyebrow.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't know. I'm so sorry I was so stupid and didn't realize it!" she was bawling.

A frown was added to his face. "What are you talking about? You're not making any sense." Zero asked. He looked at Kaname but the older pureblood just raised his shoulder and when he looked at Ichiru, his brother shook his head indicating that he didn't know anything.

Yuki wiped away her tears and sniffed. "You and Nii-sama are lovers right?"

Zero's eyes widen and so did the other two.

Hiroki found Touga in the hallway, near the house phone. "Touga." He called.

"Yes, Hiroki-sama?" the butler turned at him.

"Is everything under control?" he asked regarding the uninvited visitors outside.

Touga nodded. "Yes, everything is under control for now."

Hiroki nodded in respond. Then he looked up to the butler. "Where is granny? I can't find her."

Touga apologized. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier but Shizuka-sama left for work yesterday night."

"Eh?! Granny already left…" Koori pouted. "And she said she'll be staying longer this time too…"

Hiroki patted Koori's head. "It can't be help, Koori. Granny is a busy business women after all." Hiroki tried to cheer up his brother.

"Yeah…" Koori took Hiroki's hand. "But she promised…"

Hiroki bit his lips. Koori looked so sad. His brother always at home but the other family members were seldom at home since they were busy at work. Also Koori couldn't always play with the butler since the butler also had works to do.

When Hiroki was about to say something, Touga knelled down, looking up to Koori. "Don't worry, Koori-sama. Shizuka-sama will be back tonight or sometime early in the morning."

Koori beamed. "Really?"

"Yes." The butler replied and stood up. "Anyway, Koori-sama, would you like some snack?" he swiftly changed the subject.

Koori nodded his head. "Yes, please!"

"Alright, I'll bring it to your room. In the meantime, Koori-sama can go take a bath." The butler said. Koori beamed and left skipping towards his room while at the same time, avoiding the windows.

Both Hiroki and Touga watched the boy left before Hiroki opened his mouth when he was sure Koori was out of hearing range. "So, I take it granny heard about the divorce thing too?"

"Yes, it seemed so." Touga replied.

"She must be worry if 'they' will come… " Hiroki looked up to the adult. "Is there any suspicious people out there?"

"None yet but 'they' are on the move, Shizuka-sama told." The butler replied, looking out of the window.

Hiroki started towards the hallway Koori left. "Ok… I'll be in Koori's room if you need me."

The butler eyed him. "Yes, Hiroki-sama…"

"KAWAII!" a man in his twenties squealed upon a picture. He was a tall salary man with childish feature and black hair. His dark blue eyes beamed at the picture in his hand.

Suddenly a smaller blond smacked him across the head. His electrical orange eyes glared at the tall salary man. "Quit it, Yun. People are looking at us now."

Yun, the salary man laughed speechlessly as he rubbed his nape and bowed apologetically to the crowd. The other man huffed and left the grinning Yun, totally in bad mood.

"Jae, wait for me." Yun called as he ran after the blonde man. Jae didn't slow down his pace at all before he was abruptly pulled by the taller man.

"Jae, I'm sorry. Ok. Don't be mad at me." Yun asked.

Jae eyed the other before sighing and snatched the picture out of Yun's grasp. "Is he really that cute?" Jae pulled Koori's picture next to his face, pouting. "I'm cuter."

Yun chuckled. "Jae, you shouldn't be jealous of our target. He's just a child."

Jae pouted some more before he sighed. "Alright, let's get our work done. I don't want to get involved with possible curse child."

"Ha, ha Jae. Don't judge. He's only a child."

Zero was trembling. "What the fuck?! What are you apologizing for?! Don't pretend you don't know. Don't pretend you don't know Kaname and I was an item!"

Yuki clenched on Zero's pants. "I really didn't know Zero! Please believe me!" Yuki pulled away her hands and clenched her dress. "I thought the closeness between you two was normal. I thought it was only brotherly love between you two because you two been so close since birth." Yuki snapped her gaze at Zero. "If I know…. If I had known, I wouldn't have agreed to married Nii-sama even."

Yuki was serious. Zero could see it in the girl's eyes. He looked away, hiding his expression under his bang. "So what you are saying my hatred towards you just a mistake?" 'That you're really dense.'

"Maybe…" Yuki sniffed. "If you hate me because you think I steal Nii-sama from you even though I know you two are an item."

Zero flinched and there was a moment of silence.

Yuki stood up. "Zero… I'm sorry… I'll make it right." She then turned. "Nii-sama. Please, sign the divorce paper. We—"

"… Yuki…" a soft whispered cut Yuki's word.

Yuki's eyes were wide as she turned to her cousin, Zero as her eye begun to tear up again. "Wh—what did you call me?" she stuttered.

Zero looked up to her, his eyes looking straight into Yuki's. "Yuki." Then slowly a smile formed on the silver pureblood's lips.

The tears ran down Yuki's and she hugged Zero. "Zero! You call me name. It's been years since I last heard one."

Zero hugged the petite back. "I'm sorry Yuki. I was being stupid."

Yuki looked at him. "No. it was my fault. You don't need to be sorry."

"But, you were hurt right when I was cold to you."

"But you're the same when you saw me with Kaname right?"

There was silent. Both feeling they were the most at fault before they burst into laugh.

"I guess we both are at fault."

"Yeah. Friend?" Yuki asked.

"Friend." Zero smiled.

They hugged and Ichiru sighed in relief. Finally everything is going to be peaceful again. However someone disagreed as he cleared his throat.

"Erm… I don't want to interrupt this happy made up but I can't sign the paper."

Yuki stood abruptly and turned to her brother. "Why?!" she almost screamed while Zero looked shocked.

"I just can't." Kaname retorted making other flinched except Ichiru who already knew the reason.

Hiroki entered Koori's room and went straight into the bathroom attached to the room. "Koori, are you in?"

"Yes…" Hiroki raised an eye brow. Koori sounded trouble. The older boy entered the shower area and saw Koori in a tub half full with water and his bathing toys. He was sitting in the tub with his legs drawn up and his chin on his knees.

"What's the matter?" The older brother asked.

"I don't know. I feel like something bad going to happen soon." Koori mumbled.

Hiroki sat next to Koori on the bath tub. "Don't worry mommy and Kaname-san will protects you so no harm will come to you." Hiroki reassured the boy.

Koori blinked up to his brother. "Mommy and Kana-chan will?" he asked.

"Yeah." Hiroki rustled Koori's head. "And Hi-chan and Granny an—"

"And Hiroki-Nii!" Koori cheered.

Hiroki was a little surprise by Koori's outburst. Then he chuckled. "Yeah, and I will protect you too."

Yun whistled. "That's a lot of reporters in front of the Hiou castle."

Jae grumbled, already feeling troublesome. "What do you expect? The Hiou is famous after all and the Kuran after all is related to the Hiou. Not to mention it widely known that only the Hiou's clan possessed silver hair."

Yun clapped his hands childishly. "Wow… Jae! You're so smart." Yun said with a big smile.

Jae smacked the other. "Are you mocking me?"

The taller vampire rubbed his head. "Aw… Jae. Why did you hit me? I was telling the truth." The other whined.

Jae rolled his eyes. "Whatever. We're wasting time here. Hold my hand, Yun. I don't want you to fell asleep too." Jae said as he held his hand out.

The black hair vampire took the blond hand and immediately the blonde released his vampire power making everyone in his range fell asleep. By everyone, I mean the reporters and the resident of the Hiou castle.

"Hahaha. You're power always amazed me Jae." Yun spoke, totally enjoyed it when he saw the reporters fell one by one to the ground, snoring.

Jae let Yun's hand go. "Whatever. Let's go." The smaller vampire said as he started towards the castle. Quickly the other followed him like a dog.

Hiroki looked up to the door. Someone was coming.

Koori tugged at his brother shirt. "Nii-chan?" he called when his brother attention had shifted from their play.

"Koori, stay behind me." Hiroki said without pulling his eyes away from the door.

Koori quickly got up and ran behind his brother, grasping the other sleeve. When he did, the door burst opened and stood two adult at the door.

"Oh, they aren't asleep."

"Oh, your power didn't work Jae."

Jae tsk and pointed. "Well look who is with him."

Yun blinked and beamed. "Hiro-tan!" Yun rushed over and glomp the poor child.

"Yun-san?! Stop it. I can't breathe!" Hiroki whined, trying to separate the adult vampire from him. It didn't work so the let the adult do whatever with him before Jae stomped over and pulled Yun harshly from Hiroki.

"Stop getting familiar with our ex-target, YUN!" Jae scolded then shifted his attention to Hiroki.

"Hi, Jae-san. Still working for the council?" Hiroki greeted.

"Though I hated to admit it but yes I still am."

Hiroki bit his inner cheek. This is bad. While Jae's power had no effect on him, Yun's power was a different story. Why he knew all this? Well it was Jae and Yun who caught him a few years ago to be question by the vampire council. Also the two were really hardcore while doing their job, digging the truth by mind torture and sometimes physical. And Hiroki couldn't win against them.

Tugging of his sleeve by his concern brother snapped Hiroki out of his thought. "What are you two doing here?" he asked.

Yun got up. "Oh, I totally forgot. We are here to take that cute boy behind you to the council."

Hiroki shield his brother. "I won't let you."

"Well…" Yun was still smiling, his hand shoot up to tap at Hiroki's temple. "We still have too." Yun finished as he caught the unconscious boy in his arm.

"Nii-chan!" Koori gasped, rushing to his brother. He shook Hiroki but the other won't wake up. Then he looked up to Yun.

"What did you do to Nii-chan? Is he going to be ok?" he asked, totally panicking.

Yun grinned. "Of course he's going to be ok."

Koori sighed relief before Jae suddenly came close to him, covering Koori's eyes with his palm. "Good Night, Kid." Jae spoke and slowly Koori's body fell into his arms.

"Night? But… it …still… ear—" Koori fell asleep.

The atmosphere in the room was heavy and none was brave enough to speak. Zero got up, bang covering his eyes again.

"Ichiru, Yuki, can you two leave us alone for a minute?" Zero asked.

Yuki was about to protest but when she saw Zero's expression, she left without a word. Ichiru turned around.

"He has a reason Nii-san." Ichiru whispered and left the room too.

The sound of the door closed echoed in the room and for a few more second they stayed in silence.

"Ne, Kaname… Do you love me?"

"Don't you hate me, Zero?

"I asked you first." Zero retorted.

"I love you. Always been and always will." Kaname replied.

Zero snapped his gazed at the brunette pureblood. "Then?!"

Kaname clenched his hand. He opened his mouth and then bit back his word. He had to spill it or he'll lose Zero.


Suddenly the door was burst opened by Ichiru who was holding his cell phone. Zero glared at his brother, only to become concern when he saw how pale his brother had got.

"What is it?"

"Nii-san… they got Koori…" Ichiru stuttered.

Zero's eyes widen and he dashed out of the room followed by Kaname and Ichiru leaving the confused Yuki.

To be continued…

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