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"Your name is Hiroki?"

Hiroki stared dazedly at the man and nodded.

"Hiroki… I like it. Nice to meet you. I'm Ichiru. Zero's ototo and this is Koori." The adult showed him a sleeping baby in the crib. "Since you're going to be his older brother, you have to protect him and take care of him, ok?"

Hiroki glanced at the baby. He was sleeping really soundly as if he was an angel. Hiroki kept staring as if he entranced by the purple orbs… purple orbs? Oh the baby woke up. Hiroki stared into the baby's eyes, feeling like he was being pulled into it. Suddenly the baby giggled and smile innocently which triggered something in Hiroki. Hiroki looked up to Ichiru and nodded again.

"And no matter what happened, you can't let other know Koori is Zero's son, understand?"

Hiroki blinked, weird by the statement but nodded anyway.


Hiroki's eyes fluttered open. Darkness greeted him and sluggishly he sat up. He looked around. He was still in the car and it was still moving at fast speed. But why was it so dark in here?

Hiroki glanced outside the window and realized they were in a tunnel. He became alarmed. 'What?! We're these close to the headquarter already?'

"Good morning Hiroki. Did you have a nice dream?" Yun's voice greeted him.

Hiroki turned around to the man who was sitting beside him with Koori sleeping in his arms. His eyes then travelled to the drive seat. Jae was driving.

Yun laughed. "Don't worry. Don't worry. Jae won't drive recklessly like he did last time." Yun told but Hiroki could hardly believe it.

"This is a kidnapping." Hiroki started. He can't let the elder meet Koori. They'll know right away.

"Yes, but no one can do anything about it, can they? Since this involved the elders." Yun chuckled.

"The king and the prince won't be happy about this."

Yun blinked and exchanged glances with Jae. He smirked. "Why would they?" he glanced at Hiroki, slyly. "Unless the rumour is true."

Hiroki bit back his tongue.

It was the fate of the day; Ichiru's car engine won't start. Becoming impatient by it, Zero used his vampire power and disappeared from the mansion followed by Kaname. Ichiru who was left alone raised his eyebrow in confusion.

Yuki came to his side. "Why were they so in hurry? Did something happen?"

Still in dazed, Ichiru replied. "Koori was summoned by the council…"

Yuki blinked. "Oh, just like Hiroki was last time… That's normal right? Why did they seem worried?"

Yes, why did they? Ichiru pondered. It was normal for Zero to worry since he knew the council would kill Koori right away if they found out Koori was both Zero's and Kaname's son but why was Kaname reacting the same as Zero.

Then his eyes widened. "Unless Kana-nii already figured it out…!"

As soon as his feet landed on the familiar floor of his mansion, Zero sought out his butler, Touga.


Touga appeared behind a door a second later. He bowed but was received by a slap later on and Kaname had arrived at that exact instant to witness it.

"I thought I told you to PROTECT HIM!" Zero screamed, losing his cool.

Touga bowed again. "I apologizes Zero-sama for disappointing you. I was not strong enough."

Touga's apology only made Zero's blood boil. It's not apology he wanted right now. Zero raised his hand again and just as he was to strike yet again, his wrist was caught by Kaname and instantly he was brought into embrace.

"Zero, relax. Take a deep breathe." The brunette whispered soothingly before continuing, "This is not the time to get angry."

Zero closed his eyes and tried to call upon himself again. He turned to Touga and apologized which the butler accepted without words or protest. The silverette then turned to the brunette as he got out of his embrace.


Kaname smiled in returned but one could still see the concern in his feature over the problem still arising. Then that time, Zero realized something. He didn't notice it just now since he was panicking over the news but just like him, Kaname was the same.

Now the question was why?

Zero studied the older pureblood, to understand him, to uncover the reason behind such expression. Then he remembered somewhere in the past Kaname had worn the same expression. The trouble face Kaname had been giving him for years now.

"Zero… you're awake"

"…." Zero was silence. His back was on Kaname.

Kaname shifted uncomfortably. "I'm -"

"Sorry?" he turned with disbelieve expression.

"I can explain."

Zero folded his arms in front of his chest. "Then explain."


"What? Cat got your tongue?" Zero sneered.

"I'm-" Kaname looked down. "-sorry"

Zero flinched in rage when he heard the word and saw the look on Kaname's face. As fast as lightning, he slammed the older vampire into the wall, cracking it and used one of his arms to pin Kaname's neck to the wall.

"I'm sorry? I'M SORRY?!" Zero was hysterical. "Is that all you can say after all this time?!"

Kaname sighed. "Yes… I'm so-"

"Don't say that word again! I hate it! I don't want to hear it anymore. ENOUGH! I HAD ENOUGH!" Zero pulled away and hugged himself, facing his back towards Kaname.

"Ze-" He reached out for Zero only to be pushed away.




Then everything went silence. Either of them have anything to say. The stillness went for a few minutes before it was broke by Zero's small voice.


Kaname was confused. "What?"

"Is it because I'm a guy? Is it because I can't give you an he-"

"No! It's not like that"

It was the truth and Zero saw it. His lips trembled. He was so confused that he ended up crying and hitting on Kaname's chest, repeatedly. "Then, what is it about?" he sobbed as he clinging on Kaname's suit. "You said you love me and promised to be mine and yet you still married her. Why? Why you have to do that?! I don't get you at all!"

Their bond was screaming at them and slowly Kaname's arms embraced the younger vampire bringing him closer to him and bury his nose in Zero's hair. He inhaled Zero's scent. Then slowly he leaned down, kissing Zero's temple, eye, cheek and chin. Meanwhile Zero relaxed and moved along the kisses.

Finally Kaname moved too his lips, touching it lightly with his. He hesitated a little and when Zero was kissing him back, he began sucking on Zero's lover lip. Zero moaned, giving a chance for the older vampire to slip his tongue in and deepening the kiss.

Zero felt dizzy from the kiss, maybe because lack of air or that he was overwhelmed with emotion and not long after, his knee buckled and the kiss ended. They were breathing hard, only pulling away slightly. They could still feel the touch of other lips on theirs.

Zero lower his head a little and punched Kaname's shoulder lightly.

"I hate you." He breathed out.

Kaname smirked. "I know."

'Kana-nii's first troubled face which he couldn't hide.'

Zero's mind started to wind more images. After Kaname's marriage, every time they met, every time they fought and every time they touched each other. Kaname would seem trouble by something. Even though he tried to hide it, Zero still caught a glimpse of it from time to time.

He was puzzled at first but he was too angry at his cousin to care and now he noticed it again. Just like a few minutes ago.

Someone cleared his throat.

"Erm… I don't want to interrupt this happy made up but I can't sign the paper." Kaname said.

Yuki stood abruptly and turned to her brother. "Why?!" she almost screamed while Zero looked shocked.

"I just can't." Kaname retorted making other flinched.

The atmosphere in the room turned heavy and none was brave enough to speak. Zero got up, bang covering his eyes again.

"Ichiru, Yuki, can you two leave us alone for a minute?" Zero asked.

Yuki was about to protest but when she saw Zero's expression, she left without a word. Ichiru turned around.

"He has a reason Nii-san." Ichiru whispered and left the room too.

The sound of the door closed echoed in the room and for a few more second they stayed in silence.

"Ne, Kaname… Do you love me?"

"Don't you hate me, Zero?

"I asked you first." Zero retorted.

"I love you. Always been and always will." Kaname replied.

Zero snapped his gazed at the brunette pureblood. "Then?!"

Kaname clenched his hand. He opened his mouth and then bit back his word. Kaname was going to spill something but the sound of the door slamming stopped him.

What is it? What is the thing troubling his cousin?

"He has a reason Nii-san."

Reason? What kind of reason?

Zero lifted his gaze to the brunette again. He got some idea to the reason Kaname was trouble but which was it? Was it the same as his? Or is it a bit different?

"Kana-nii…" he called which startled the older pureblood since it been awhile since he was called that by the silverette.


Zero eyes were set on the pureblood, watching his every reaction. "Why did you get marry to Yuki even though you promised me you won't?" he asked.

And Kaname flinched slightly which confirmed Zero that something was really behind the brunette action for the past few years.

"Tell me. I want to know… and if you tell me, I'll tell a secret that I had been hiding from you."

Kaname stared at him. He gave a weak smile. "If you're telling me Koori is our child… I already knew."

Zero's eyes almost budged. "Since when?"

"Since a while ago…"

Hiroki looked around for escape but before he could think of anything, the car stopped abruptly and Hiroki was thrown forward by the force.

He grunted painfully as his head had hit the side of the door and rubbed at it.

Yun pat Hiroki head, trying to comfort him. "Sorry, buddy." He then turned to check on Koori who was protected in his large arms. Relief the child was ok; meaning not crying because of the shock; Yun turned to Jae.

"Jae!" he scolded. "I thought I told you to drive carefully."

However Jae was not fazed. He opened his mouth and said monotonously. "We have arrived."

"Oh really?" Yun said brightly as he looked up and saw the one building which he recognized right away. "We have arrived!"

And Hiroki gulped. He cursed lightly under his breath.

"How?!" Zero exclaimed then paused before narrowing his eyes at the brunette. "Did Ichiru tell you?"

Kaname shook his head. "No he didn't but we can talk about this later. Now we have to go get the boys. We can't let Koori met him." Kaname pulled Zero with him as he made his way out of the house.

"Him?" Zero tilted his head confusedly. By 'him' does Kaname meant the council or someone else?

"I meant…" Kaname glanced at him. "Ren."

The pureblood uttered in which Zero flinched and they vanished from the compound.

Hiou Shizuka tapped her nails impatiently on the aeroplane chair's hand rest. For some reason they couldn't land the plane on the destined airport lane because of the weather.

She growled lightly. She just got the news her grandsons were in trouble and weather dare have the nerve to interfere with her plan to go back to Cross city. She was annoyed and could no longer hold to her patient.

She stood up and ignoring the flight attendant's protest, she pulled open the exit door. The wind hit her strong but she stood still against it.

"Madam please, returns to our seat!"

Shizuka ignored her and jumped out unexpectedly.

'Stupid technology making me forgot I can still use my power.'

Drag, Hiroki stood still for a second at the creepy—mental—institute like building in front of him. Holding his hand was Koori who had just woken up and was rubbing his sleepy eye with his free hand.

"Hiro-nii?" Koori called obviously because of Hiroki's sweating and cold hand.

Hiroki turned to Koori and gave him a reassuring smile. "I'm ok." He squeezed Koori's hand lightly, showing how he meant it.

Koori although wasn't convince, gave a bright smile to his brother and chirped. "Ok." Then he looked around. "Anyway, where are we?"

Grimly, Hiroki replied. "Well, Koori this could be our last stop."

Koori frowned. He could sense his brother uneasiness and it made him nervous too of what the other had in store for them.

And a thunder struck, startling them more.

A thunder struck in the dark sky, illuminating a dark room, showing a little glimpse of a certain pair of red jewel orbs which reflect naught but stone cold heart. His eyes bore into the dark as he sat there in his big chair, waiting, quietly.

"Ren-sama, they are here." a servant told and Ren glanced at him.

"Bring him here."

"Yes, Ren-sama." The servant said and left.

He was left alone again the dark room. Another thunder struck and showed his sharp glare blazing in red.

'Blub' 'Blub" 'Blub'

"He's here. He's here!" someone whispered just outside Aidou's laboratory. The urgency in their voice took Aidou's attention away from his little experiment and he peeked out of his little room. Upon opening the door, Aidou saw a group of his co-worker gathering around a window which leaded to the main gate.

Curiosity bubbling up, Aidou approached them and stood on his toes to see what was so interesting while picking up on some of the conversation going on among the crowd.

"He looked like him."

"Yeah, really like him"

"No. He looked like both of them."

"But how was it possible? Only Hiou's blood inherited the silver hair."

"The cursed twins."

"The cursed twins."

"Is it true he's Kuran Kaname's son?"

"Huh? But I heard he's Hiou Zero-sama's son."

"The cursed twins."

"The cursed twins."

Aidou raised an eyebrow. 'What did they say? Kaname-sama and Zero-sama's son? Kaname-sama and Zero-sama had a son together? How is that possible? But… I had read about this somewhere before in t—'

All of sudden, someone accidentally pushed him forward. Aidou stumbled and fell forward where he unfortunately hit the window glass—since everyone avoid colliding with him—face first.


The blonde noble groaned before his blue eyes caught a pair of soft purple orbs staring up at him. Aidou's felt like someone stole his breath and he was speechless as he couldn't pull his eyes away.

A child, a perfect replica of Kaname-sama and Zero-sama was there in front of his eyes, with Kaname-sama's gorgeous feature and Zero's unique colour and complexion. He couldn't believe it and although he wanted to blink to confirm it, he couldn't. He was afraid, afraid that if he looked away for just a second, the little child would disappear from his sight.

Suddenly again, his phone rang and snapped him out of his revenuer. Clumsily he fished out his cell phone and answered it even without looking at the caller ID before glancing back at the window where the boy just stood.

To his disappointment though, he was no longer there and for second there, he could swear he saw Hiroki tagging around.

"Aidou, are you there?"

"Huh?" Blurred, Aidou blinked a few times. Somehow, the voice sounded familiar. He then pulled away from the gadget before glancing at the caller ID. His blue orbs budged and quickly he apologized to the caller.

Hiroki noticed that Koori had stopped walking and was looking at something. He looked at the same direction and saw a group of vampires trying to get a glance at Koori.

"Do you felt uncomfortable?"

Koori shook his head and pointed. "There was a weird blonde kissing the window."

Hiroki raised an eyebrow and looked again. There was no blonde anywhere but rather judging eyes looking down at them. Hiroki pulled Koori away. No need to look at Koori liked that. He's innocent.

Better get Koori away before Koori realized the dirty look.

"Here it is." Jae suddenly spoke as he open a door to a room for them. Both Hiroki and Koori didn't move from their spot as they stared into the dark room. The eeriness caught on them and none of them wanted to move into the room. By instinct only, Koori already knew by entering the room, something bad going to happen and Hiroki who had past experience knew exactly what it meant to enter the room.

"Yun." Jae instructed since the children weren't getting in.

Yun grabbed both of the children and Jae approached them before making Koori fall asleep and took him into the room. Hiroki struggled.


However the door closed at him and Yun pulled him away.

"Let me go, Yun-san!" he hit the big man but it didn't even effect the man. He laughed in returned and continued to carry Hiroki away.

To be Continued...

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