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HorK 7 end


Ashes and rumbles were everywhere. Placing down a bouquet of flowers, Ichiru gazed over what used to be the vampires headquarter.

"Nii-san… Kana-nii… Koori…Hiroki… it's been a while."

It had been three years since the incident. Ren died in the fire and the vampire council lost their power since Ren was their main and only pillar. Shizuka was back into the council and it had been different ever since. Haruka and Juri were also back to fill the throne since Ren was not the only one perished in the fire.

Koori, Hiroki, Zero and Kaname were also lost in the fire. Their body were not found of course since they were pureblood but they didn't find Hiroki's. It was weird.

Shizuka and Touga blamed themselves. Ichiru was angry and if it was not for Yuki, he would already destroy Ren's clan. That man had been a pest since forever. However his other family members were innocent so there was no need to punish them for Ren's doing.

Talking about Yuki, she married Ichiru after a year since the fire. They were blessed with a baby girl who they name Sakura. They were happy and Ichiru was recently named the crown prince.

"Ichiru... It's time."

Ichiru snapped out of his little remises and turned to his beautiful wife. "Yuki-chan…" He approached her and headed for their car. "Em… let's go."

Ichiru opened the car door for Yuki and closed it after Yuki had gone in. Then as he opened his side of door, he glanced once again at the rumbles and just then he saw a glimpse of silver and brown hair.

Something in him beat painfully but as he was trying to get a better look, the wind blew hard at him causing him to close his eyes. When he opened it again, there was nothing out of ordinary except for the rumble.

Ichiru stared for a while longer.


Ichiru snapped out of it. "Ha—ah!" he smiled then lower his head, hiding his eyes under his bang. "Of course…" he whispered. "That could be it. It so like them to do this."

He then got into the car and started it.

"Do what?" Yuki asked.

But Ichiru just smiled. "Nothing." And he drove away.


Something caught in Hiroki's throat and he let it out as more tears streamed down his cheeks. Everyone was dead.


"Cough! Cough! Don't just—Cough—kill me off like that." A small voice snapped Hiroki out of his gloom and drew him to the bright lilac eyes looking up at him. "I'm still alive, you know."

"Koori! You're alive." Hiroki stuttered. "B—B—But you were—and then—you—" he didn't know what to say, just tears rolling down his eyes.

Koori sat up, looking a bit embarrassed. It was the first time he saw his brother cry. He then pouted. "Well sorry for being alive then."

Without warning the older boy glomp his brother, hard as if he was making sure it was not an illusion. "Don't say that. I'm so glad you're alive. I thought I was going to be alone again!" and he wailed.

Koori hugged him back and caressed his back. "Shush.. Don't worry. I'm not going to leave alone just yet and of course, Mom and Kana-chan won't leave you too."

Hiroki flinched. He bit his lips and pulled away. "About that Koori, Mom and Kaname-san... they..."Hiroki couldn't finished. It felt like his lips was so heavy.

Koori frowned. He stood up and pulled Hiroki with him. Hiroki yelped but regained his balance. "Stop this Nii-chan. They are not died. Not yet anyway."

Hiroki blinked. "What do you mean?"

"Don't you see? They are not disintegrating into light yet." Koori told matter of fact.

Hiroki whirled around and his eyes went round. He gapped "Wait a minute!" he finally realized. Something was wrong. He squint his eyes and gasped. "There's some magic matrix holding their soul down in their body." He rushed towards them and tried to read the magic circle. "This is..." he touched the circle.

It's an ancient spell. It's allowed the caster to fake death or actually experience death. It was a spell created by a pureblood prankster who like to see other reaction if he was to die. He also liked to use this spell to experience different kind of death and sometimes he would use it to escape a persistent enemy. He was one weird pureblood but the spell was actually something hard to learn.

If you make a mistake, you'll die. But if it the other way around then, they'll be awake in –Hiroki narrowed his eyes to read the time left on the spell— 2 second.

Lilac and wine orbs appeared behind the lids. They gasped and coughed, gaining their breath back.

"Ow... that was painful..." Zero whined, wipping the blood at the corner of his lips with his sleeves.

"Yeah and disgusting too." Kaname frowned at his mess up shirt.

"Mom, Kana-chan!"

"Mom, Kaname-san!"

The children tackled the adults, smiling happily from one ears to another. Kaname and Zero looked at each before exchanging smile and embraced the children.

"It's funny how I forgot Koori die once too..." Zero looked down, solemnly.

"Yeah... If it was not for his pureblood power was awakened at that time... he would really be a goner." Kaname agreed. He was surprised too when they woke up to see Koori was alive. He had a power to switch. He could switch an attack which was aimed to him to go back to its attacker.

"And thank god our plan work. We even got that bomb out of your system." After Ren activate the bomb, there was no more anti-vampire charm in Zero's system. The thing only worked once and after used, it's disappeared from the blood.

"Yeah... Also it's ok, you know. We don't need to tell other we're alive." Zero looked at his mate. "After all, we did decide to live in secret and leave all the pureblood business behind."


"Besides, I think Ichiru already know."

"About what?"

"About us being alive. He saw us just. If it's him I believe he'll put all the pieces together."

They stayed in silent before the kitchen was filled with Koori and Hiroki's squealed. Kaname and Zero exchanged a look and subconsciously smile. They are good as it is right now. No more pureblood bullshit, no more hatred but one happy normal family in a country side away from other.

"Come on guys; eat something. We are going out later."

Somewhere in a wide meadow, wind blew gently and the sun shone warmly. Two children ran, chasing one another, enjoying themselves under the smiling sun. Their laughter filled the air and nothing sound beautiful and comforting than that.

Also there under a tree in the middle of the meadow sat two adults, one possessed wine red wavy hair while other was long silver hair, watching their sons playing happily. They smiled at each other before Zero called after the two children while Kaname put down his books and glasses away.

"Koori, Hiroki, lunch is ready." He called and the two children stopped in their track and whirled.

"Ha'i!" they exclaimed, beaming joyfully before making their way towards their parents.