AN: I never intended to write a companion to Sensible, but this popped into my head and refused to leave me alone. You don't have to have read Sensible, but if you want to anyway that would make the author very happy!

The first two bits are seasons 5 and 6, and the second two bits are season 7. Let me know what you think?



Loving you is the maddest thing I've ever done. Except for thinking you might love me back (Drag me round in circles, I'll take it all and more).

Post-Smashed, Pre-As You Were

You're driving me insane. Your skin, your hair, your lips, you. You say one thing and do another, and for the fist time I can't figure you out. But I won't stop trying (darling, baby, sweetheart, you'll break me clean in two).


You're here but you're not, you give and you take, and that's not you walking towards me but it is. In my mind or out of it, you're all I ever see (Touch me, touch me, touch me, don't you ever let me go).

Post-Lies My Parents Told Me

The world is going crazy, and maybe you went with it, because you say you need me and I think I believe you. You touch me, and it feels like love, and it looks like love, but it isn't. Not yet (our lives are lived in somedays).