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In the year of 1493 a strange occurrence happened inside of vault number 2 under Gringots bank, a ring appeared on a floating pillow in the middle of the vault. It was a strange looking ring, in the fact that the stone had inscribed upon it an A bisected with an M. It was the family ring to a very important man, who is worshiped in the wizarding world that he had left behind. The entire ring though, shown with a soft liquid light, like that of a pensive. It sat there for hundreds of years, until the year 2000, when the last heir of this vault finally found out that he had inherited it.

When Harry entered into his account manager's office he was very confused. He had never gotten anything from Gringots except for the few updates to his account. When he turned to the door though, it wasn't his account manager's face that greeted him, but that of the clan leaders. His eyebrows rose in surprise at this, for he had only met this goblin once before, and he had been stealing a horcrux from a vault at the time.

The well-dressed goblin smiled fiercely at him, also thinking of the last time this human had been in his eyesight. Though with a nod of his head, he accepted that the dept had been paid and the crime had been necessary for the war to end. Since then, the human had learned that if he had told the goblins about said horcrux, they would have destroyed it for him, without loosing the cup.

"Good morning Lord Potter, I appreciate you coming here on such short notice. Your account manager had been found stealing large amounts of gold from a few vaults, and keeping some vaults to himself. He has been dealt with, but it is my great shame to tell you that the oldest vault he had kept was one that belonged to you."

"Really now, well, I can't say as I've missed knowing of it, but why is it the oldest vault, who did it belong to?" Harry asked his curiosity piqued.

"Well, this vault is number 2 in all of Gringots. The previous owner died after the sinking of Atlantis, in what is now called South America, several hundred years ago. Your family didn't know it was even there, though not your father's side. Your mother's side, on the other hand, had just become squibs around the 1500's, the last wizard dying in the year 1490. When your mother came in to start her vault she should have been told of this account, but since it was held by said account manager, she never new."

Harry's eyebrows had slowly risen more and more, his expression becoming even more surprised. "So, what was the last name the account was under before coming under my name?"

The goblin grinned even more, hoping for ether to cause this young human to faint or fall over backwards in surprise, he didn't care which though. "Well, it was under the last name of Ambrose, though the man who first opened the vault was named Myrddin, or Merlin now." The goblin stated this matter-of-factly, still watching Harry carefully.

The shock on Harry's face was priceless, though he didn't fall backwards nor faint. He just sat there, his eyes wide and mouth dropped open, and then snapped it shut, and just looked at the goblin in front of him. "Why is it always me?" Harry whispered to himself, then nodding proceeded to ask his questions. "Honored Chief, why don't we go down to this vault and find out for sure that I am indeed the heir for it. After all, family's do tend to spread out a bit after that long of time."

"Indeed Lord Potter, let me fetch someone to take you down, I would but I am old for a goblin and the carts make my hips act up."

"Thank you for getting a hold of me and honoring me with your presence. May your vaults over flow with gold and your enemy's die a painful death." Harry stood, bowing to the goblin in front of him.

"It is only what any would do in my position. May yours as well Lord Potter. There will be a goblin waiting for you at the carts to take you down."

Upon arriving at the vault, Harry found himself staring at the most intricate door he had ever seen. It was an iron door, but carved to look like crisscrossing vines between two oak trees, the vines holding in the center a small gold ball. The goblin with him looked at the door, then back at him, with a weird smile on his face.

"It will only open if you stand between the oaks and place your dominant hand on the ball in the center. According to our records he made it that way so that only his heir could open it."

Harry, took a deep breath, squared his shoulders, and walked softly up to the door. Taking it all in, he slowly placed his hand on the orb in front of him and was startled by the almost instantaneous reaction to his touch.

The door began to glow with a soft and healthy green light. It grew brighter by the second; swallowing Harry up into its self-till he couldn't be seen. The next moment everything was back to normal, but now the vines upon the door were gone, leaving the vault open for the first time in ages.

Harry shook himself, and then looked back, smiling sheepishly at the goblin behind him. "I guess that means that I'm the heir then. Well, I'll be back out in a moment." Smiling again, he turned back to the entrance and stepped into the oldest vault to ever exist, save the first vault created by the goblins themselves.