The next morning, Harry woke up to the sound of the radio alarm on his clock. It was 8am, and his friends would be by around 9:30, so he had set his alarm to wake him up to make breakfast for everyone. It was really the only skill that he had learned from the Dursleys that he used and actually enjoyed. Taking a quick shower, he threw some clothing on and headed into the kitchen, thinking about what to make he turned his sound system on to continue listening to it as he set about cooking.

Cooking really gave him a chance to clear his head, and think about what exactly he was planning to do. So much information had been shown in those memories last night, but nothing about what had happened after the death of Joan. The ring had been lost to time, but hadn't been placed into the vault until what seemed to be Gwalchmai's death. So where was the ring until that point? Most likely it had been in France as part of the Saint Joan shrine in the holy church.

Thinking on the memories, Harry realized that they had confirmed something very profound. The Gods and Goddesses of old, and the One God of now, actually existed. Hell, even the Fey had existed at one point, and probably did if what they had witnessed was the actual escape to some other plane of existence.

Those butterflies actually being the Fey, and the song sung by that green Fey, Huon, that was a friend of Gwalchmai's. Harry couldn't remember now, what that seemingly small creature had sung. He needed to take the time and go back into the pensive to write those songs down, they had left all of them smiling and in tears as well. Shaking his head clear, he stopped thinking and just listened to his music, letting it flow through him as he worked. His friends would be there soon, and they would need to eat a full meal before diving into a debate about what to do.

He was listening to a full orchestral performance of Simple Gifts as he put the finishing touches to breakfast, putting places at the table for everyone. He had prepared the full English breakfast, but had added some new touches, like full orange and apple slices. Smiling, Harry turned his music off just in time to see all his friends popping in.

"Hey guys just go ahead and sit down and dig in. I thought, what with the debating that will be going on today, we should eat first." Harry said with a soft laugh as he sat down. Everyone smiled and laughed as well, sitting down and digging in like they'd been told to. There were appreciative sighs and moans abounding this morning, as everyone exclaimed at the excellent food Harry had made, and how it was almost, just barely, as good as Molly Weasley's cooking. He smiled and just kept eating, enjoying the compliments, but knowing that no one could cook like Mrs. Weasley.

"So everyone, the last tally that we had was three for, three against, and three maybes. Were any of you wanting to change your vote, or are we still on the same page?" Harry asked, look at all of them as they finished eating.

"Well, from looking at Luna's maps last night, her and I figured out that we'll have to go to what is now the Welsh Dragon Preserve. The ministry took over the island after the English American war and put it under all kinds of wards to make it invisible to all muggles. The muggle maps don't even show that it's there." Neville said as he spread out the map he had brought with him. "So Luna and I talked it out, and our vote is now in the going bracket."

"Gred and I say let's go have another adventure."

"Forge is right, we both are getting bored."

"Harry, you've spoiled us so with,"

"All of the adventures and fighting,"

"We've done with you."

"I still say that we should research everything about it, but I can get a pass from the ministry to explore the island so long as we swear we're not there to hunt the dragons." Hermione said, shaking her head slightly at the lack of research excitement.

"I say we go mate, so long as you do the cooking." Ron said, laughing a bit at his own joke, "You know I'll go wherever you lead."

"I'm with Hermione, but I say we should plan to go within a week or so, just to get everything ready to go." Ginny put her two cents in, smiling at Hermione to let her know that she wasn't alone in her thinking.

"So, we're all agreed then. We should do this, go and find his tomb and awaken King Arthur?" Harry looked at his friends in turn, gauging their reactions.

"Yes." They all said at once, nodding.

"Right then, well, we'll have to all divvy up the jobs to get us ready to go. We only know the general area of where to tomb is located so it might take us a while to find it. We'll need a couple tents, some camping gear, food, drinks, lots of water as well. Probably a healers kit, as well as some muggle bandages and medicine where magic ones won't work." Harry stated, as he began to write up some lists.

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Songs of Houn (not all of them though, you'll have to read the book for those) ((songs for Joan))

She was a little strange, but dear

Voices she heard, we could not hear

The Saints she saw, we could not see

We did not mock her piety

When Voices told her what to do

We knew that what they said was true

We loved but a single mother

she had two, France was the other

As we passed beneath Rheims' trees

There like living fleur-de-lis

Butterflies in merry dance

Clustered round the flag of France

The Dauphin is crowned. The battles are won

All the Voices said she would do, is done

Never a trumpet... never a drum...

The rescuing army... when will it come?

Before this country can be truly free

Must there be another Gethsemane?

People in high places, we common folk despise,

And they believe that what we think is nothing much to


But I know what I saw and I saw it with these eyes...

A Princess of God's Kingdom, going home to Paradise

Now the man who rests on velvet can bleed like other


And peasants are not oxen, though they wear an unseen


And I for one, do think it time an angry voice be heard

to find out why our Saint did die.. without a saving word