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Summary: Mr schuester takes the glee kids on a camping trip to help them bond, but things go awry, they are met with the unexpected and some of them grow closer than they thought possible.

In this story, everything that has happened on the show with Finn and Rachel, has occured her too, they aren't together. Everything with Sam and Quinn has happened up until he gave her the promise ring, they didn't work out, so now she is single as well. There is no beth or lauren, they don't exsist here, and kurt is still with new directions. Brittany is with artie, her and santana aren't together (And won't be for this story.) I will have original characters in here, they are older then the glee kids by a few years..

Pairings: Eventual pezberry, Quinn/ofc

Warnings for whole story: Language, brief drug use, femslash, young adult/minor relationship. Mentions of brief and minor abuse in a later chapter, And at some point, sex.

Disclaimer: I don't own glee, only this story and my orgianl characters.

(Rachel's POV)

"I can't believe we're doing this, why couldn't we be bonding in a hotel or something?" Santana complains again as all of the glee clubbers plus Mr Schuester and Ms. Pillsbury exit the school bus.

"While I actually agree with you," I pipe up. "I'd rather be somewhere warm and with electricity too, Principal Figgins has us on low field trip budget due to the Cheerio's tanning trip to Cancun."

"No one asked you, Stubbles." She retorts rudely while pushing past me with her oversized black duffle bag. I frown, upset as always when she insults, slushies or disregards me.

Once at our somewhat idyllic destination, well away from the bus and into the woods near a frequented fishing pond, we start setting up the tents. The guys do most of the heavy work, and when they are done, seven tents have been erected. Two of the tents were Mr Schue's and Ms Pillsbury's and we were going to have to share the others, but I had to wonder if anyone would willingly want to share the tent that my dad and daddy had bought for me. I doubted it.

"Okay guys," Mr Schuester clapped his hands to get our attention. "Lets build a fire over there." He pointed to a small clearing. "It's a safe distance from our tents but not too far out. Finn and Puck go find some firewood and make sure to steer clear of anything that looks like poison ivy or oak. Oh, and whatever you do, don't eat anything growing wild." Mr Schue tells the guys and warns them. God forbid if any of us get poison ivy or oak, though even if someone did, I wouldn't have to worry, no one would touch me anyway.

Half an hour later, all of the guys attempts at sparking a light for the fire have failed as us girls watched on in amusement, and then in frustration It was starting to get cold out now that the sunlight was fading. I roll my eyes and walk over to where the boys were continuing their futile attempts. "Move over, please. I for one have had enough of watching you so called 'men' try to light a fire. Watch and learn how it's supposed to be done."

"Yeah, let's watch a real man do it." Santana quips and snickers from behind me. I hear chuckles and a high five accompany her cruel words and I feel my expression of irritation harden.

I jerk the sticks out of Finn's hand, throwing them into the firewood, and instead I grab a more suitable stick, a piece of small board that someone had found and some dry kindling. A minute later, sparks ignite and the fire is lit. I blow on it gently, watching it grow before lowering the board carefully into the firewood. "And that is how it's supposed to be done." I look at the others and say proudly.

"Good job Rachel." Mr Schue praises me with a warm smile before turning to speak to us as a whole. "Now, let's get everyone settled around the fire on chairs or logs. Anyone hungry?" Mr Schue questions even though he already knows the answer. Everyone answers with a very loud yes.

Everyone rushes for one of the folding chairs and I'm one of the unlucky five who gets to sit on a dirty log or rock. Santana had grabbed a chair for Brittany and scowled menacingly at Kurt, probably hoping that he'd give up his chair to her, but her intimidation failed because Kurt turned away to talk to Mercedes. I couldn't help but think it endearing that Santana still did these nice things for her friend, even though the blonde dancer was dating Artie, and I still think it was wrong that we had to leave Artie behind because the budget campsite isn't wheelchair friendly. He had been gracious though, saying that he was supposed to go visit his grandparents anyway. I still intend to write a formal letter of complaint to the school board regarding the unfair expenditure's of one Sue Sylvester though.

Everyone sets up their seat in a big circle, I watch on, gaze flicking over them, then to the pond up ahead, it's now dusk, and silent, except for the crackling fire. Sighing, I distractedly go to sit down on the flat rock that is behind me and end up landing in someone's lap. "Umph." Oh oh. Hands grip my sides, keeping me steady at first, but then I'm on the ground faster than I can stand, landing on my hands and knees with a grunt. I gape wide-eyed at the fire which I'm now much closer too.

"Seat's taken, midget." Santana's voice sounds from behind me.

"Santana! That was uncalled for." Mr Schue yells at her as Brittany helps me up. "Are you ok, Rachel?"

I couldn't help the tears that fill my eyes and spill over.

"Oh, Rachel. Are you hurt? Don't cry. I'll make it better. I have band aids with little duckies on them." Brittany says softly, pulling me into her, hugging me tightly.

I sniffle and hug back.

"You need to apologize, Santana." Ms. Pillsbury scolds her. "There was no need for you to push her like that. It was an honest mistake. She didn't realise that you'd taken that particular spot."

I pull away, wiping at my tears, not meeting anyone's eyes.

"Sorry, Berry." Santana mumbles quietly.

I turn and look at her with hurt filled eyes. "No, you aren't."

"Okay. Rachel, Santana, since you two seem to have a problem between you, I want you to sit together to try and talk it out." Mr Schue tells us sternly, sounding disappointed.

"No. No way. I don't do talk, it's not my style and I said I was sorry." Santana argues quickly, making me want to cry again.

"Fine." He sighs out, giving up and sitting back down. "Just sit together and try and be civil."

Yeah right, like that will happen. I think as I hesitantly walk back to the rock, not looking at her.

"Whatever." She grumbles, moving over. I sit down warily.

Finally, Mercedes brings over the goodies to make smores and everyone cheers excitedly. The treats are devoured quickly and after eating, Puck brings out his guitar. The next hour is spent taking it in turns to sing a favourite song, before finishing with a group song.

"That was great guys. Does anyone want to do anything else? Maybe tell ghost stories if you know any?" Mr Schue grins like a child as he asks, looking around at us.

Mike raises his hand. "I've got a story."

"Great, go ahead, we're listening."

Sometime during the lame scary story I hear noises in the distance, like twigs snapping, making me startle.

"Did anyone hear that?" Sam asks as he looks over towards the woods like I do.

"It's probably a critter. Don't panic yet, I'm only halfway through the story." Mike says, laughing, then continues on.

I'm still searching the perimeter of the woods with my eyes, but see and hear nothing unusual.

Once Mike is done with his 'tale of terror', most of us agree to call it a night. Puck, Mike and Sam chose to stay by the fire longer, claiming that they're just not tired enough to turn in.

"All of you pair up, you are going to have to share the tents." Mr Schue announces the obvious.

"We three can use mine, it's big enough." Sam says, pointing to himself, Puck and mike. The others nod in acceptance.

"Tina can share with me." Mercedes adds in, throwing an arm around her friend as they smile at each other.

"Finn, mine's a two person tent?" Kurt asks him, hopeful.

"Sureā€¦" He agrees slowly.

"Guess that leaves us three." Santana says, looking at Quinn and Brittany.

I'm not surprised at all but it doesn't hurt any less that no one wants to share with me.

"I think one of you should share with Rachel. She'll be alone, and none of you girls should be alone out here." Mr Schuester points out. His eyes land on Santana.

"No, not happening."

"Yes, Santana." He interrupts Santana's refusal. "The only way to start mending the rift between you two is by spending time with each other."

"With all due respect, Mr Schue, I don't think that that's a good idea. San, hates me. You will be sentencing me to a night of torture. She pushed me down in front of the whole group, what do you think she'll do once we're alone?" The shortened version of her name slips out and I hope no one notices as I voice my possibly, very real fears.

"Berry, you're being overly dramatic as always. The worst I would do is slap some tape across your big mouth and tie you up." She rolls her eyes and chuckles.

I glare at her.

"Just go with it, Rachel. If she really bothers you then fetch me and I'll switch her out with someone else."

His words make my heart sink and my body fill with dread. "Very well, but if she so much as lays a hand on me, I won't hesitate to report her to the proper authorities once we get home. Goodnight fellow glee clubbers." I give in reluctantly and tempt a glance at Santana. She's staring off into the darkness, her arms crossed and jaw clenched.

I turn and walk towards my tent. I unzip it and climb in before I start preparing for sleep. I pull out my pj's, stripping down to change into them but startle when a duffle bag lands beside me. I then turn sharply when the zipper sounds on the tent. Santana's surprised eyes meet mine. "Turn around!" I yell at her, trying to cover my bra and panty clad body.

"Like you have anything I want to see." She scoffs out but complies anyway. She moves to the other side of the tent, her eyes cast away. "Why didn't you zip up the tent, Yoshi?" She asks, busying herself as I throw on my clothes.

"I don't know. I'm not used to sharing accommodation so it slipped my mind, I guess." I answer sheepishly, blushing.

"Yeah, well, thanks for blinding me. I'm scarred for life now." She replies, cutting me down yet again.

Tears prick my eyes, and I wonder if I am really that ugly? Apparently so if all the taunting is true. I lay out my sleeping bag and lie down without replying.

"I'm switching the lantern off." She announces as if she didn't just insult me.

I say nothing, tears streaming down my cheeks. Darkness fills the tent and she lies down. All goes silent.