I don't own the Justice League. (Bleep!) If I did, well, then you guys would see stuff like this...

"(Bleep)!" Diana yelled from the kitchen.

Shayera sighed, "Sweetheart, just get another snack."

Diana shouted, "I don't want another snack. I want a pickle. I can't believe that I can't get the (bleep'in) jar open."

Shayera grinned, but then quickly hid it when Diana looked at her. "Try running some warm water on the lid. That usually loosens it up."

"Fine." Diana gritted. She walked over to the sink and turned on the hot water. She waited a few moments and then stuck her finger in the stream. "(BLEEP) it!" she yelled. "Who's been messing with the hot water heater again? Seriously, can't we have a normal heater like everyone else? Why does every gadget in this god-(bleep) tower have to be jerry rigged to be hi-tech? Sometimes a blow dryer should just be a blow dryer. It isn't necessary to arm it with (bleep'in) lasers too!"

Shayera giggled again, and tried unsuccessfully hide it with a cough. "Calm down Diana. Run the water over the lid and try to open the jar."

Diana did, but she still couldn't get the lid off.

"REALLY?" Diana's face was red.

"Diana, relax. You know what else you can do? Take a knife out of the drawer and tap the lid a few times. That's bound to get it."

Diana stood frozen in her spot with a disgusted look on her face. Shayera smiled and waved her hands towards the utensil drawer.

Diana mumbled, "Just tap it on top. That'll do it. This is (bleeping) retarded."

"I can hear you Diana."

Diana mumbled something less audible, and grabbed a knife out of the drawer. She grabbed the jar and tapped on the lid a few times agitatedly. She put the knife down and tried the lid again. It didn't budge.

"This is such bull(bleep)! I give up."

Shayera walked over to where Diana was standing. She reached out and hugged her companion. At first Diana didn't reciprocate. But then she sighed and gave in.

"Come on, let's get out of the kitchen." Shayera nudged Diana towards the door. Right as they reached the entranceway, Flash zoomed past them into the kitchen.

"Hey! Pickles!" He picked up the jar and opened it with no issue.

Diana heard the pop and her eyes went wide. She ran over to Flash and caught his hand before he put the pickle in his mouth.


Flash's jaw dropped and he let go of the prickly green snack. Diana caught it before it hit the ground, and violently bit it in half. She turned on her heels and stomped out of the kitchen.

Flash mumbled, "Geez, wonder what crawled up her (bleep) and died?"

A/N: And the silly antics begin! This will be an on-going series of one shots. Hope this one made you laugh. (Bleep) skippy there's more coming!