Chuck turned to see what made the clatter sound in the ally way. His face turned white with horror as he realised his fate. The calm night air suddenly was disturbed by the loud explosion of gun powder. The silver, shiny bullet whizzed through the air at the speed of light. Chuck felt an intense burning pain to his left shoulder, and bright red blood spurted from the wound like a fountain. As he fell to the ground all he could see was the face of a person he had admired but now has betrayed him. Darkness surrounded him like a blanket as he lay in the cold night, hurt and alone, his eyes slowly shutting. The taxi stopped at the end of the alley way and Blair got out. She was about to go up to Chucks hotel when she heard a moaning sound coming from the alley way. Blair cautiously walked to where the sound was coming from. She looked in horror when she saw Chuck's body on the ground, she kneeled down by his side grabbed onto him with two hands she shook him as hard and fierce as she could, screaming with sadness as tears poured down her face falling onto his cheeks. She had little hope left that chuck would wake up. Blair rested her head on his chest, listening closely she herd his heartbeat, it was faint and slow but still there. With more faith in her now she ran over to the car and grabbed her purse. Pulling out her phone she dialled for an ambulance as she went back over to chuck. Still crying she lay down with him waiting, wondering if he would be okay. She could hear the blaring sirens in the distance. Fear started to cloud her thoughts. Blair started thinking of all the possible people that could have done this to him. An awful thought hit her mind, Blair herself would probably be put up for being a suspect of this horrible situation. Chuck and herself had had a massive fight before the accident. This incident kept playing over and over in her mind. Blair went into panic mode and gently placed Chucks head on the ground and quickly fled from the scene. She left poor Chucks damaged body bleeding on the lonely road. The ambulance appeared as Blair dashed around the corner. The paramedics found a faint pulse and immediately commenced CPR. Chucks vital signs were very weak.

Chuck slowly awakens in the hospital and is in a very confused state. He has a burning pain in his left shoulder and his head feels like a tone of bricks. As his mind clears the realisation of what has happened becomes apparent. Chuck hears a noise in the corner of the darkened room, he turns to see Serena sitting patiently in the chair. Her face is full of concern and worry. Chuck still in shock describs the events of the previous night but avoiding telling Serena who shot him. He still has to come to terms with that himself. Chuck does not want to involve anyone else because he feels it is his problem to solve. As chuck is talking to Serena, two police officers walk into the room. They want to question Chuck about the shooting. Chuck looks alarmed and does not want to tell them the true facts of the night. Serena comes to chucks side and gently holds his hand, hile the officers begin to question him.

By Brooke Emblin