Set nowhere in particular and the Land of Departure.

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I will be writing hundred-word one shots for each theme. Sound familiar? Hahaha!
The two themes per Chapter are a pair of opposites.

At the moment, I haven't written anything else for this, but I already have a list of words I want to use.
So how about I estimate the number of Chapters for this at five, for now?

Also, I'd appreciate it if you could suggest a pair of themes every now and then.
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Vanitas' days used to be ruled by boredom. He constantly had to search for some form of havoc he could wreak in some hapless world.

That changed when he met Aqua. She was like a shiny, expensive toy with a sign saying, "Look, but don't touch!"

And starting from the day he first saw her, he's been feeling like a little boy saving up all his change to buy that shiny new toy. But he didn't do well with restrictions. So until then, he'd just have to steal glances and touches, the kind that made her eyes flare with disgust.


"No, not like that," Aqua said, helping Ven train. "You should use the momentum from your first strike to strengthen your next one. Gather that potential to power your finishing move. Understand?"

"Not really…" Ven mumbled.

Aqua smiled patiently, summoning her Keyblade. "I'll show you."

Ven watched her execute a flawless combo. And his mouth fell open a little bit, because it looked as though she was dancing, her movements so graceful, so sinuous…

"Got it?" she asked at the end.

Ven grinned. "Not really."

Aqua laughed a little. "Again?"

"Please?" Ven said, his sudden eagerness making Aqua blush slightly.

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